1% of Bitcoin is enough to ridicule traditional heritage funds – Bitcoin – Cryptocurrency 2020

In his new video, Master Rakoon decided to show the distaffs. And he has a few reasons: our friendly and well-known teacher of Bitcoin, is fed up with Bitcoin bashing ! Not one from a part of the population who – lmost often due to ignorance – wary of Bitcoin. No, rather the one that emanates from large investment groups that are blowing their whistle on denouncing Bitcoin by deeming it “too volatile”, not suitable for an investment portfolio of “good family man”, and other courtesies… In parallel, these heritage giants are of course constantly praising their own investment products, described by them as “flexible”, “efficient” and so relevant to the small investor. “Bitcoin is just a fashion, judge us over time! He claims. Today Master Rakoon takes them at their word, demonstration in support. It’s about accounting time, and it’s not bright for the so-called heritage fund experts.

The lesson of the raccoon

Your simple presence on Bitcoin, or your impromptu landing on this article can have two main explanations: You typed “Raccoon – containment”On your favorite search engine, or – more likely – you are one of those who consider that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies embody a large part of the monetary future.

A better monetary future relevant , more ambitious and in any case more fair than the current value proposition.

Let’s get it right: Bitcoin has the potential to change the world, but since there is nothing outrageous about making some profits out of the operation, Bitcoin is also increasingly seen as an investment product almost “like the others”.

And that’s the rub, because Bitcoin thus finds itself in direct “competition” with a whole ecosystem of economic actors who feed on the wealth investments of a huge crowd of small investors.

The latter are attracted by promises of attractive returns, on flexible management funds, hybrid compound funds, and other marketing trinkets.

And these giants like Carmignac Patrimoine, Amundi, UFF Heritage to name a few, very frowned upon individuals decide to put a few coins on this strangeness that is Bitcoin …

Carmignac Patrimoine is not a fan of Bitcoin

Feeling the danger approaching, these finance dinosaurs have no choice but to blame the meteorite which Bitcoin embodies and which they see appearing in the heavens …


In his video of the day, Master Rakoon has therefore decided to put these investment funds before their responsibilities: the wealth management giants shouldn’t they sweep outside their door before criticizing Bitcoin?

So, going back from 2013 to the present day, our fur friend made a comparative formal between different investment strategies. You will thus discover in a moment the performance of complex and convoluted funds praised by the global “professionals” of wealth management, compared to the most basic portfolio, simply matched with 1 or 5% exposure to Bitcoin.

Did you enjoy the video ? Nothing unusual in that because behind “the Rakoon Initiative” are actually hiding big names in traditional and crypto trading, who decided to devote a little time to discover finance and the world of the stock market from a fun and educational angle.

So don’t hesitate to subscribe to the channel Youtube of the interested party, as well as going to invade his Facebook discussion group.

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1% of Bitcoin is enough to ridicule traditional heritage funds – Bitcoin – Cryptocurrency 2020
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