10 million dollars and a little motivation? find out how to acquire a Libra Knot! – Bitcoin – Cryptocurrency 2020

Tired of this old Bitcoin? You have 10 million dollars, immediately available and on reflection, EuroTunnel no longer seems so sexy as that? Have you just sold your start-up to Google and are you dreaming of a new adventure? Discover the good plan of the moment: the acquisition of a node of the future Libra network, powered by Facebook!

That’s good, the contract and the purchasing conditions have just fallen, but bad news: being rich may not be enough to get the precious sesame …

Libra, Calibra, et cetera

It is obviously doubtful that you missed the information of the week: the publication of the Libra Project White Paper June 18, and the simultaneous availability of a whole panel of colorful websites and many more or less technical documents whose objective is simple to summarize: to make you understand that you are going to speak and hear about Facebook, Libra and other Calibra to the hazy, exotic lands of the office coffee machine around 8:30 am Monday morning.

Rest assured ! As much for you beloved crypto-community, as for us, poor mothers of blockchain journalism, the subject is likely to remain central for an indefinite time!

We will obviously have the opportunity to talk about it again on The CoinTribune and you will find most of the news about the disrupting cryptocurrency project Mark Zuckerberg, in our pages, either because Libra has the potential to destroy 2/3 of the existing tokens, or because we see with fright that Facebook is mainly interested in 1.7 billion humans around the world who don’t have access to basic banking services.

You are also free to look back now on where, when and how to buy Libra. However, today we are talking about much more serious things: the acquisition of one of the 100 mythical first nodes of the network, to the wonderful entry ticket of $ 10 million.

You might as well be clear right away: you’ll have to line up a hell of a CV!

Draconian selection criteria

When the list of Libra’s first partner companies was revealed about ten days ago, it immediately became clear that the future consortium would not bring second knives from the sector: VISA, Master Card, Paypal… Just for international payment players. Without even mentioning Ebay, Booking.com or Uber or Free… Only leaders from their respective sectors seemed to be able to sit around the table of the Foundation created ex nihilo in Switzerland, to welcome “Founders”With enlarged powers, charged with the heavy task of ensuring the functioning of the future Libra blockchain.


Now, if this entire selection Darwinian only brings out commercial giants, not only because of a high entry premium, even in this context, but also because the candidates had to align a list of features to say the least impressive:

  • Commercial “weight”: Capital value established at more than one billion US dollars or customer balance greater than 500 million USD,
  • Customer base: more than 20 million people per year internationally,
  • Trademark precedence : ranking in the top 100 of industry leaders by an association or an independent media company. Basically, appear in the tablets of the Global 100, the Fortune 500, the S&P Global 1200 or listed on the FTSE Eurotop 300

Aware that with such conditions, newcomers to a relatively young sector would find it difficult to align themselves, Libra has cut a rib tailor-made for crypto players:

  • Company focused on cryptoactive managing more than a billion dollars (typically a company like Coinbase).
  • Blockchain companies (having to combine all of the following criteria):
    • more than 12 months prior;
    • major security, confidentiality and operational processes;
    • over $ 100 million in management.

Coinbase therefore volunteered, Binance pass his turn and CZ didn’t particularly hide his irony about Facebook’s entry into the blockchain …

“Facebook’s Libra token will not need KYC. They have so much more data on the 2 billion people. Not just the name, identity, address, phone number. They know your family, your friends, your travel history in real time, what you like … They know you better than yourself. And now they will know your wallet too. It’s the best AML there is! “Zhao Changpeng, CEO of the Binance Exchange.

Note that the statutes of the foundation provide that the total number of members related to cryptocurrency and blockchain should not exceed 1/3 of the association… draw the necessary conclusions about the spread of “ the crypto mindset “In the future Board of Directors.

10 million dollars and a little motivation? find out how to acquire a Libra Knot! – Bitcoin – Cryptocurrency 2020
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