100,000 USD bitcoin and gold-backed Chinese crypto – Bitcoin – News 2020

Investor Max Kaiser predicts $ 100,000 Bitcoin and Chinese cryptocurrency backed by gold reserves

The famous American investor has economic predictions to share with the world!

In an interview, Max Keizer, among other considerations on the decay of the global economic situation and the irreversible disappearance of national fiat currencies, shared his 2 certainties in monetary matters:

  • Bitcoin will quickly reach 100,000 dollars
  • The future Chinese cryptocurrency will be guaranteed on the huge stocks of Chinese gold, which will propel China to the head of the world economy … at the expense of the dollar!

So, yet another attempt to predict Madame Crypto-Irma or simple observation concerning unavoidable phenomena that go beyond us? We take stock

Keizer’s predictions

It’s during a Halloween interview for the show Kitco News that the trader Max Keizer went wild, piling up economic considerations on the coming great storm, the resilience of the Bitcoin and Chinese strategy for its future cryptocurrency of state.

Bitcoin will reach and then exceed $ 100,000

A new prediction to write on a post-it on your fridge, next to those already more or less officially issued.

We will put it in a good place, in front of the projection of the German banks of a Bitcoin at $ 90,000 next year, but behind that of the billionaire Tim draper who for his part is betting on 250,000 USD for 2021. (it will be recalled that a special place is reserved in our hearts and near the medicine cabinet with the ambitions of John McAfee, and his Bitcoin at $ 1 million before the end of 2021and even 2020 all well thought out ! – or otherwise …. you know the issue).

Anyway, for Keizer, the digital currency queen will reach 100,000 dollars, and most likely more if the dollar collapses as the benchmark currency for international trade.

And for our new best friend, it’s only a matter of time as Bitcoin carries with it the seeds of a new world.

“Bitcoin was created in defiance of the global banking establishment … to fight central banks. “ Max Keizer

The future crypto-Yuan will be backed by the huge Chinese gold reserves

Evoking the future US financial crisis, which he said will come from American pension funds, the former economic journalist indicates that China is about to reveal that it owns in the 20,000 tonnes of gold.

More important, and still according to Keizer, this reserve would have vocation to backing up and guaranteeing the value and solidity of the imminent Chinese national crypto.

In doing so, Beijing would win on all fronts by triggering a phenomenon of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out, fear of missing) nothing less than general on precious metals and cryptoactive agents, safe haven values ​​par excellence for States and individuals. The value of gold and Bitcoin would be multiplied by it with an obvious victim: the Dollar!


“If China launches a gold-backed cryptocurrency, it could be the end of the world as we know it for the current global reserve currency that continues to devalue day by day. “ Max Keizer

Difficult to know where Keizer got his info. We will simply recall that, according to the Chinese Central Bank itself, national reserves amounted in January 2019 to just under 2,000 tonnes of gold, far from the 20,000 tonnes that the person concerned (placing it in 6th place of the most important world holders, the air of nothing).

By the way, who is Max Keizer?

Max Keizer is a sacred character. By turns banker, journalist, trader, film producer … he is also particularly known for being a “Investor-activist”, or a shareholder who will use the traditional rules of stock market investment to influence a listed company from the inside (rarely to reveal the best aspects, we suspect).

His biggest blow? Having managed to destabilize via its speculative fund KarmaBank, the giant’s share price Coca Cola by making it lose 16% of its value in 2005, in retaliation for its social policy in Colombia. Don’t look for it Max.

In other words, how well he knows the mysteries of modern capitalism, the abuses and wanderings of which he constantly denounces.

Besides, Keizer is not strictly speaking a blockchain boeotian. He was already in 2014 behind a cryptocurrency project originally named MaxCoin (forked with Bitcoin), which, if we cannot properly speak of success from the top of its $ 250,000 in capitalization today has the merit of having existed for 5 years.

As always, we will take these statements with all customary precautions. If it is possible that Max Keizer had access to sensitive information in “preview”, it should always be considered that this kind of announcement is likely to serve a calendar that eludes us largely.

However, it is difficult not to note that our chief activist-investor represents only the latest link in a chain of personalities denouncing the decay of the current system.

And you know what is the other common point of all these whistleblowers? They all see Bitcoin as the only alternative.

100,000 USD bitcoin and gold-backed Chinese crypto – Bitcoin – News 2020
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