+ 40% for Bitcoin (BTC). Thank you Xi Jinping and the Digital Silk Roads – Bitcoin – Cryptocurrency 2020

Bitcoin (BTC) has experienced one of its 3 biggest increases in the last 72 hours since its creation, almost a decade ago.

Difficult not to associate this soaring “To the Moon” with the statements a few hours earlier of Chinese President Xi Jinping formally announcing that, not only was China interested in blockchain but that in addition the Middle Empire was planning to become a leading nation on this subject (one more…)

Even though this position was formally the very first evocation of blockchain technologies, by the maximum leader Chinese (and that the interested party did not even mention Bitcoin), the signal seems to have been received 5 out of 5 by the market.

If this sudden increase surprised everyone by its intensity, it has been some time now that the “authorized circles” have well understood how blockchain and the crypto-economy have not only captured the attention of Beijing, but have even already included in a solid digital strategy. This strategy is itself part of the gigantic New Silk Roads project, a Sino-centered economic model that foreshadows the New World Order which is about to emerge.

After Black Thursday, Green Friday?

Except for a very big nap that started on Friday morning and which you would notice right away, you could hardly have missed the fast and brutal Flash bull run from the last 48 hours who saw the value of Bitcoin (BTC) increase by up to 42%, going in 24 hours from a low of 5 months to 6620 euros, at 9098 euros (and around 8300 euros at the time of this writing).

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The kind of artwork you like to hang in your living room

This sudden surge probably brought back some exhilarating memories to those who were there at the end of 2017, a period as blessed by the Gods as it was surreal during which records were smashed daily, even though double-digit price increases seemed to have become the norm.

However, the recent growth spurt of the Queen of cryptocurrencies is actually even more impressive than it seems! Indeed, it is squarely the 3rd largest increase in currency over 24 hours since its appearance, and in all cases of the largest since the 2010-2011 period.

“Great disbelief at all levels. The two times when this has happened, Bitcoin had recorded a daily gain of more than 40%, it was trading at $ 0.40 and $ 5.65. This 42% change in Bitcoin is the 3rd largest daily gain in price history. (…) Bitcoin is not dead and it was not an exit pump “.

Sell ​​Libra, buy China

I am one of those who consider it particularly dangerous to link a sudden change in a crypto value (up or down) to public news, was it of importance. Indeed, without falling into any variant of one of the many conspiracy theories involving occult killer whales, market manipulation and other considerations about people who “know”, I tend to consider that information at the time it is made public and available to all, is no longer profitable for the uninformed majority, but above all, that it has already generated most of its possible effects.

But like any great principle, this one knows some radical exceptions, and 2019 has two very beautiful illustrations in store for us.

Libra, hopes and disappointments

Back last June, precisely on the 18th. Facebook just officially announced the future launch of its currency project Libra (ex-GlobalCoin). This announcement perfectly coincides with what currently stands ATH from 2019: 11,426 euros, reached precisely 3 days later. It will be recalled that on this date, the price of BTC was multiplied by 3 from the zone of 3000 euros at the start of 2019, the latter strengthening steadily as the stablecoin of Facebook is becoming more tangible and imminent.

We know what happened and the many disappointments that the multinational social network has piled up since then. The culmination of these difficulties seems, moreover, with a certain irony, to have been reached precisely at the end of the crazy week which has just passed with what seemed very strongly to a exam of end of year missed by Mark zuckerberg before the US Senate.

In the East, something new

Because, in fact, on the other side of the world, the big boss of China, Xi Jinping made a historic statement, as new as it was shocking:

“The major countries are stepping up their efforts to plan the development of blockchain technology. Greater efforts must be made to strengthen basic research and boost the capacity for innovation in order to help China gain a head start in the theoretical, innovative and industrial aspects of this emerging field. ” Chinese President Xi Jinping, conference

Believe that China is “waking up” on the subject would be a fatal error of appreciation. As a reminder, it will be recalled that the Chinese Central Bank is working on a central digital currency based (notably, but not only) on the blockchain since at least 2014 and that, in general, this project is probably at the dawn of its unveiling (Xi Jinping’s statements are probably part of an already well-established calendar).

In addition, as of 2017, we learned that Chinese companies indicated that they were working – on the instruction of their central government – on blockchain solutions, particularly in the context of securing maritime access routes allowing the development of New Silk Roads Chinese, renamed (we could safely say “re-branded”) since in “One Belt One Road”.

Race to the Moon

For the well-known investor and crypto-evangelist Anthony Pompliano, things are obvious: China has just given the whistle of a race equivalent to that which we knew our grandparents in the 50s to conquer the Moon… .except that the star to reach this time- this will be of a very different nature. The expression ” To the moon »Could finally make sense!


“Chinese President Xi Jinping has just given public support for blockchain technology across the whole of China. It will be the space race of our generation. America must embrace this technology, including Bitcoin, otherwise we risk being left behind. “

The New Silk Roadsand more precisely the declination digital of these roads -, here is the line of flight where the will for Chinese hegemony, blockchain technologies, Digital Currencies of Central Banks… and the value of Bitcoin meet!

Has Bitcoin just taken the Digital Silk Roads route?

This is the question we are entitled to ask as the correlation between this dazzling bullish movement and the official Chinese announcement seems obvious.

The New World Order seen by Beijing

The Silk Roads historically constitute a trade route which is over 2000 years old and which has enabled constant economic exchanges between Europe and the East. If it is considered that this path was opened by the Chinese general Zhang Qian in the second century, these are the stories of the most emblematic explorers and merchants, among which Marco Polo that history has remembered most precisely.

These ancient trade routes point to the eyes of China at an era of prosperity and power making it all the more difficult to digest most of the modern era since the middle of the 19th century, which saw China isolate itself and impoverish itself for the benefit of Western nations.

This was how the concept of New Silk Roads under the impulsion of Xi Jinping, project now renamed One Belt One Road (OBOR, “The Road and the Belt”). This colossal project to more than 1000 billion dollars is very complex but its final ambition is simple: to put China back in the right place which it deems right for it: that of the center of gravity of world economic and geopolitical functioning (for the greatest pleasure we suspect a certain country with a star banner).

If the Chinese strategy is carried out in multiple fields, with all the rigor and the sense of strategy all Confucianist of a power old of 5000 years, the purpose of this article is not to discuss investment in roads and infrastructure crossed by OBOR, or the takeover of ports, airports and other security of new sources of energy or food supply.

The “Digital Silk Road”

No, this is not a revival of a certain market place in Dark web, but of the digital and technological declination of OBOR.

The Digital Silk Road (or ” Digital Silk Road “)) Represents one of the strategic facets of the whole project, particularly from a cultural point of view and what is called” Soft Power “. Soft Power represents the ability for a power to impose its reading grid smoothly, often by cultural vectors, or by an ability to subtly orient consumption in particular.

Indeed, except for some hawks (in one word), most modern powers and leaders have perfectly understood that to impose a system, brute force is rarely the most effective vector unlike slow infusion and manipulation of the social and business environment.

When Crypto-China Awakens … Bitcoin Will Soar?

The digital side of the Silk Roads, beyond the mere aspect of its infrastructures (data centers, deployment of optical fiber, submarine cables, etc.) therefore pursues objectives no less than societal:

  • Firstly, the propagation – on a much larger scale than “simple” Mainland China – the use of digital innovations in order to manage large populations and make them conform to a Chinese vision of the world (the Social Credit and the disappearance of privacy, for the benefit of an authoritarian and ultra-centralized state, that speaks to you?)
  • And on the other hand, even closer to our favorite subjects, the Digital Silk Road will also aim to create the conditions for the development of the future crypto-Yuan, or Crypto-Renminbi , at the scale of nothing less than the 120 countries and territories who have already signed cooperation agreements with Beijing under OBOR.

The goal is biblically simple: unbolt the dollar god from his throne, which you can’t remember enough that he’s only occupied since the middle of the 20th century, yesterday from a historical point of view. A Chinese state cryptocurrency will thus aim to become the reference currency of a large area corresponding more or less to what we still qualified two decades ago as a “Third World Country”, which could potentially bring together 2/3 of Humanity.

In this company, the Chinese president has just launched a strong message on the blockchain and recognized hollow, and without naming it formally, the value and relevance of Bitcoin’s legacy. The analysis of cold purchase orders will perhaps reveal that the meteoric rise in BTC was notably due to a phenomenon of FOMO on the part of those (whether Chinese nationals or others) who were waiting for a strong signal like this to buy massively.

Can we deduce that the rise of a strong Chinese cryptocurrency will be beneficial to Bitcoin who will then appear as the only solid alternative? More worrying: has China just demonstrated that it can have a profound influence on the price (and fate) of Bitcoin? The next few months promise to be exciting!

Seen from Beijing, the current dissensions around the Libra project and the trial and error of various Central Banks around the world on the concepts of centralized stablecoins must seem very childish and characteristic of a West incapable of coordination and devoid of civilizational vision.

As such, David Marcus, CEO of the Libra Foundation and Marc Zuckerberg make no mistake about the enemy, recalling that to hinder Libra is to leave the field open to China and its next hegemonic currency. However, the stake is so fundamental that it will have to be agreed that it is probably not a private company, and even less one that is among the least trustworthy, to lead the next economic struggle.

+ 40% for Bitcoin (BTC). Thank you Xi Jinping and the Digital Silk Roads – Bitcoin – Cryptocurrency 2020
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