50x.com, the trading revolution – Bitcoin – Bitcoin 2020

50x.com, the trading revolution: Incredible technology is changing the way we think about trading.

50x.com, the trading revolution: Incredible technology is changing the way we think about trading.

The world’s first and only cryptocurrency exchange with Any2Any technology has successfully completed the beta test of the third version of the quantum trading kernel, with an integrated cash flow that will completely change the concept of stock trading.

Surprisingly, all modern stock exchanges, as hundreds of years ago, still use fixed trading pairs, which are by no means related to the level of the trading nucleus and the order matching system. Each order book only contains orders placed in a specific pair. Although hundreds of cryptocurrencies have appeared, you will not be able to trade directly against each other on an exchange, where the prices are set by the users themselves – you will first need to change it in one of the two or three “base currencies” supported by the exchange, then transfer it to another, or use the services of the exchangers, arbitrations, thus having to pay additional costs.

The result of three years of development by the 50x.com team has been an innovative trading core based on cloud technology and quantum principles for combining orders: although the concepts of a trading pair are preserved at user level and that the interface is completely identical to a regular exchange. All orders within the nucleus exist in a single space and do not have a firm connection between a seller and a buyer, combining the maximum number of orders for all trading assets simultaneously.

According to the developers themselves, it is impossible to confidently predict the execution progress after adding a new order, because any new order adds liquidity to a part of the system, thus modifying its state and its topology. The same effect is observed in quantum physics, where the presence of an observer modifies the results of an experiment. Users benefit only to the extent that the system often finds more profitable options when executing another order.

The advantages of the new Any2Any technology are immediately visible: an order in a trading pair immediately creates the same liquidity in all trading pairs containing this token. That is, one user can place a buy order for DASH for Bitcoins, while everyone else can sell DASH for one of the listed currencies.

The old technology of separate “markets” was constantly coming up against traditional problems noticeable even on national stock exchanges, namely the lack of liquidity of most instruments and its concentration in “blue chips”, which led to a decrease in negotiation opportunities. Cross-trading with more often observable and strong movements on which one can quickly earn money, was reserved for advanced arbitrations having their own trading robots. There were also infra-structural restrictions, which made it economically impossible to support a large number of order books.

The 50x.com stock market offers a completely different approach to trading, where hundreds and thousands of cross quotes are available for each user directly in the terminal. With Any2Any cash overflow technology, you can choose and trade any pair from the available assets on the stock market. However, orders placed, for example, in the DASH / QTUM order book, will automatically appear in all other DASH / * * / DASH and QTUM / * * / QTUM order books. And that will lead to the fact that even the most exotic order book will collect all the liquidity for the coins in this trading pair.


What are the advantages for trading?

The first obvious advantage is the ability to make direct exchanges between coins, without paying double commissions. If you want to switch from DASH to QTUM, you just need to place an order in a DASH / QTUM order book. It’s much faster than selling DASH first and then buying QTUM. Most importantly, you only place one order and therefore pay the trade commission only once.

The second advantage is the possibility to view order books and charts in exotic pairs and, consequently, a large number of new trading tools, the rates of which are often disseminated through wider channels than the main instruments. This means that they have greater profit potential.

The third advantage is a multiple increase in liquidity for each coin. Since the total liquidity of the trade is added up on all of the coins, regardless of which pair the orders are in, liquidity will also be available on other pairs. This makes manipulating rates much more difficult.

How is it possible ?

The fact is that the 50x.com stock exchange has developed a trading architecture with a unique architecture that works with whole transaction charts, rather than single orders. This allows you to reduce hundreds and thousands of cross orders in different currencies within a single transaction and create cross orders.

Why are there not on other scholarships?

The Any2Any kernel architecture is fundamentally different from standard commercial kernels and required many innovative solutions when it was created. Regular trading cannot move to Any to Any technology without completely changing the very foundation – the heart of trading.

Other large exchanges have also attempted to create the Any2Any technology, but only one development team managed to create a truly functional product today.

You can try trading with new technology on 50x.com now – no need for KYC.

50x.com, the trading revolution – Bitcoin – Bitcoin 2020
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