87,000 USD in 2020 – News 2020


The crypto community is fond of mysteries. From the founding act of the creation of Bitcoin by the enigmatic Satoshi to the wildest rumors that rustle regularly on social networks, the observation is crystal clear: the crypto-addict loves slightly twisted stories and likes to indulge in conspiratorial tendencies on occasion.

Today let’s talk about one of these stories that would not go wrong being told by the campfire to scare newbies on a moonless evening: Beating all the statistics, a 4Chan user would have predicted months to come. advances the price of bitcoin with supernatural precision!

Back to the future

On January 21, 2019, an anonymous member of the well-known forum 4Chan commits a post that still remains a mystery today.

This post is worded in these terms:

The bottom was reached on December 15, 2018. Just look at the charts. We are entering the bull market. We are currently in the last 3 months of the accumulation phase. After that, we will rise slowly and constantly. Then it’s the explosion.

The Market cap will be 1.5 trillion dollars and the dominance of Bitcoin will be only between 40 and 46%

The charts never lie

Anonymous member of the 4Chan forum, January 21, 2019

In support of this statement, all in all rather banal, our anonymous friend takes some risks and exposes his price forecasts:

  • April 2019: BTC at around $ 5,300
  • July 2019: BTC around $ 9,200
  • October 2019: BTC at around $ 16,000
  • February 2020: BTC at around $ 29,000
  • July 2020: BTC around $ 56,000
  • November 2020: BTC at around… $ 8,700 ! (probably a shell, the author probably wanting to write $ 87,000)

At the time of writing, this short message seems to pass masterfully unnoticed, drowned in the mass of daily information generated tirelessly by all trainee traders and other Madame Irma of crypto.


It will take until April for some to become aware of the obvious: the mysterious member of 4Chan was right, and correctly anticipated an increase in bitcoin, so to speak, in dollars ready! (more precisely, at 30 dollars ready, bitcoin reaching 5277 USD on April 30).

Stroke of luck ! exclaims analysts. Despite everything, the performance remains honorable and everyone suddenly takes the modest message a little more seriously …

Once it’s ok, twice….

Time goes by, everyone starts going about their business while welcoming this little bull run who sees Bitcoin grow in value for several months. Arrives in July and there, the astonishment begins to give way to disbelief: Our unknown had predicted 9200 USD, it will finally be reached in June and July will close at $ 9,500!

Amazement in specialized circles! If technical analysis, like History, is very strong to explain a posteriori why things happened as they happened, demonstrating such precision twice seems to be divination …

Clairvoyance, time travel or huge stroke of luck?

It is useful to start by noting that I found myself quite unable to get my hands on the original post on 4Chan, in particular because of the very particular structure of this forum. That said, indirect evidence strongly supports the existence and date of the post.

On Reddit, it didn’t take long to bring this little story closer to that of the forum member who, in 2013, claimed to land from 2025 and described a world where the only two sources of wealth would have become land and Bitcoin! Even if the comparison quickly finds its limit (our time traveler seems not to have the light on all the floors), a part of the community nevertheless begins to wonder if the anonymous poster would not have understood something that would have escaped everybody :

“Is it ridiculous? If Anon’s prediction of prices on specific dates was correct 3 times in a row, then is it unreasonable to think that they might know what they are talking about? 2 of 2 is already impressive, but in my opinion, it is in the margin of luck. 3 out of 3 and I pass bullish. 4 out of 4 and I mortgage my house lol ” . Member johnsom3 on the Reddit discussion thread dedicated

So, what’s your opinion ? A stroke of luck defying the statistics? Improbable Chartist Skills? Parallel quantum dimension? We will be fixed in a few weeks if the 3rd forecast of our mysterious oracle (BTC at 16,000 USD) turns out to be correct again!

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87,000 USD in 2020 – News 2020
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