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If you like the apocalyptic atmosphere and the dramas associated with financial crises, against the backdrop of flashing red indicators, with lots of people shouting their anguish while eyeing the first window through which to rush, you are not – at all – at a good place. But we will agree, it is however true: Bitcoin and the crypto market, like the entire world of finance, have taken a very severe correction in the last 8 days. We are talking about a crash in the most stock market sense.

Small originality however: where nobody appears loudly to shout at the failure of the Forex, or the iniquity of the secondary markets, Bitcoin is entitled to a usual treatment of disadvantage. His usual Nemesis are already in the front row to cry out for his imminent demise, strong from the usual clichés (no value, Ponzi, etc.)

Yes but here it is, Bitcoin is in its 380th announcement of imminent death. And this one, no more than the hundreds of previous prophecies, will not change anything to the destiny of the queen of digital currencies.

Bitcoin has grown from nothing, to over $ 20,000 in just a few years. Bitcoin will experience future mind-boggling rises and other brutal falls. Bitcoin couldn’t care less about these ups and downs, and anyone who has started to understand the true value proposition also discerns how to benefit from them.

This is the purpose of the Tribune today. Bitcoin lost 50% in 1 month? that’s excellent news ! And the only question that this observation should inspire you is the following: how to best benefit from it? Here are 3 strategies to take advantage of this drop and increase your capital in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

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This article is offered to you in partnership with society Feel mining. Crypto investments are risky in nature, do your own research and invest only within the limits of your financial capacity. This article does not constitute an incentive to invest.


Strategies # 1: Invest Against the Current in Bitcoin Mining

Put just one euro into Bitcoin mining “right now” might seem like the WORST decision to make.

Indeed, all of the indicators are red – very literally.

  • With the fall of its price, the BTC is currently in the zone of 5400 dollars. Bitcoin lost 50% of its value this month, and more reported at its 2019 high of $ 12,000. Very direct consequence: bitcoin mined currently at a significantly lower value than bitcoin mined 2 months ago (in the event of an immediate resale of BTC production).
  • in 2 months, the halving of Bitcoin will halve the “block premium” (the number of new BTCs mined every 10 minutes or so). In other words, with equal energy and material, Bitcoin miners will see their productivity – and their profitability – also halved
  • It has never been so difficult to mine Bitcoin! The difficulty of mining was thus increased by 7% on March 9.

In summary : it has never been more difficult to mine a Bitcoin than today, even though its course has collapsed and that, worst of all: the mining operation will become mechanically and irretrievably twice less profitable in a few weeks

Under these conditions, who, roughly balanced, could well see the point of embarking on something so dangerous and uncertain?

Make the difference on Bitcoin during a crash

In fact, unless there is a big misunderstanding, if you browse these pages, it is because you perceive all the potentials for the future of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. And if you have not necessarily reached this stage of your reflections, the time will come to realize that the current price level, whether at 5, 10 or 15,000 euros, does not really matter in terms of Bitcoin’s growth potential and its future value (as estimated at 100,000 dollars or 1 million).

Buying a minor Bitcoin ASIC in March 2020 in the middle of a crash, a decision against the tide .... and perhaps a wonderful investment decision
Buy a Bitcoin ASIC miner on March 1, 2020, allegory

Warren Buffett doesn’t have Bitcoin in her heart, and that’s an understatement. However most investment advice from the Oracle of Omaha is absolutely universal, and in particular one of his most famous maxims:

“Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful. “

Waren Buffett

warren buffett will agree with this Bitcoin approach
To quote Warren Buffett to promote Bitcoin, it’s done

Does everyone tremble in dread? Now is the time to be greedy!

Crash chases competition, more Bitcoin for fewer players

Moreover, paradoxically enough, with more difficult mining, for a Bitcoin of lower value, many professional miners around the world risk having to unplugging machines and staff technical unemployment. We will think in particular of Chinese miners. However, this capitulation of part of the “competition” on the network will mechanically reduce the difficulty – the famous hash rate -, for the benefit of smaller pools around the world, less subject to heavy financial constraints.

It’s here all the elegance of Bitcoin blockchain architecture, its ability to adapt to any configuration, while continuing to function optimally.

Thus, a drop in price should only send you one type of information: it’s time to accumulate more Bitcoin for less!


And to accumulate Bitcoin, on a daily basis and without depending on the vagaries of the market, nothing better than having your own mining machines, and do them host in a territory that will guarantee you inexpensive energy, an adapted environment, and professional support.

This is precisely what offers Feel Mining. Whether in the Alps in France, in the Canadian cold or in the ice of Siberia, Feel Mining proposes to manage your BTC miners by “All inclusive”, so as to guarantee you an income stable and daily in Bitcoin, increasing your wealth day after day, effortlessly.

Bitcoin crash won't stop ASICs from spinning

Strategy # 2: Buy Bitcoin by following the DCA rule

You may only learn the acronym and yet, God knows how much this simple and effective strategy will do for the health of your wallet and the quality of your nights. than any trading formation in the world.

The approach Cost Averaging Dollars (DCA) very basically consists of a spread over time of your investment, which should always be the same, at fixed intervals, over a long period of time. It is a calm optimism strategy because it involves:

  • That you consider that the market will be fundamentally bullish in the long term
  • that you will only devote a few minutes a week / month to your piloting
  • that you agree to “miss” very bullish moments in return for the certainty of putting the statistics on your side.

As such, it is more of a holder approach than a trader. You might feel like you might miss out on opportunities but be sure: over time, this strategy despite its simplicity is impressively effective. You get it, the idea is to smooth your average entry price on Bitcoin, so as to limit the impact of its fluctuations.

Current Bitcoin Price Presents a unique opportunity to start implementing a DCA strategy (as well as the other crypto-assets for the rest).

Another advantage is that you can set up your investment plan, even with a few tens of euros a month. It is sometimes said that the real talent is to last. The key to successfully completing your Bitcoin investment plan will be to be regular, against wind and tides. In a few years, you will probably be surprised by your performance, compared to that of apprentice traders.

Note that some platforms like Coinbase allow you to set up recurring transfers to buy Bitcoin. In addition, to buy you acquire the queen of digital currencies, go to our article dedicated to how to buy Bitcoin.

And if you prefer to use the Masternode method to recover Bitcoin, the moment is perhaps perfectly chosen! In its great goodness, the market has made certain projects that you may have seemed a little too expensive a few weeks ago have now become accessible!

Sale on Masternodes! Recover Bitcoin with advantageous conversions

We were talking about it two weeks ago, the French company specialized in mining Feel mining offers to acquire Masternodes, in whole or in the form of units.

Besides that at this very moment, it is thus possible to subscribe to its first shares of Masternodes for rates as low as 30 euros at the time of writing these lines (Sinovate), it will be recalled that it is possible to convert the dividends immediately obtained into BTC, directly in your customer area.

Sales we told you!

The advantage – and the earning potential – is therefore double:

  • Not only are Masternodes priced defying any competitione (check out the prices for such solid projects as HORIZEN or ENERGI, It’s worth the detour)
  • However, the interest (reward) of your MN will be convertible at your convenience to Bitcoin (Nothing prevents you from having a DCA type approach, by converting your earnings only on the 1st of each month for example.

In other words, if the prices of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have undeniably suffered a severe crash, investment mechanics remain as relevant as ever, especially for those who can see beyond the current circumstances. Indeed, the current exceptional situation will necessarily normalize, allowing currently highly impacted assets to regain their legitimate valuation.

Promoting the purchase of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies while the market is still steaming from an unprecedented crash may seem somewhat ironic, if not provocative. However, if the future is never written in advance, the only question of funds that matters is incredibly simple:

Who gets rich – or meets success – by doing “like everyone else”?

Everyone ”will tell you right now that you have to be crazy to keep believing in Bitcoin. Only your intimate and informed answer to this question will guide your decisions.

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Before the rebound, 3 strategies to get rich with the Bitcoin crash – Bitcoin – News 2020
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