Bitcoin aims to build a better future for your children – News 2020

Known as an ultra profitable financial investment, a safe haven in times of crisis, or a bulwark against currency devaluations, Bitcoin is probably much more than that. Bitcoin is a multifaceted revolution that also aims to build a better future for your children.

Give Life, Anticipate Death

The life of a man or a woman changes completely the day of the birth of a first child. Until then, it was easy to stay focused on yourself and think only of the present. Once your first child is born, you wonder a lot.

Something we never thought about, death becomes something we start to value. The parent of a newborn child then wonders what would become of his child if he disappeared. He also hopes to be able to live long enough to take full advantage of his child’s development.

In order to maximize his chances of achieving his goals, the new parent will start to eat better. No more burgers and pizzas at all meals, it’s time to eat a balanced diet to give your child the best possible start in life, but also to extend their own.

Ecology and Bitcoin, two parameters to value for the future of our descendants

Ecology which used to be just an uninteresting topic becomes something to think about. Indeed, as a parent of a child, we start to think beyond our own lives, and we want to preserve the world of tomorrow.

The economic question becomes essential

On the plan economic also, the parent of a newborn baby begins to think. If your parents are Baby Boomers, like mine, you understand that you get fewer benefits in life than they do.

If they have trouble understanding the value of Bitcoin, you can try to rely on a 3-step explanation that will speak to Baby Boomers :

  1. Bitcoin is similar to gold
  2. The Bitcoin system can be compared to the operation of emails
  3. Bitcoin combined the properties of gold and how emails work

With this approach, you will maximize your chances of raising awareness among members of this golden generation of the importance of Bitcoin for them too.

And when I speak of golden generation, I weigh my words.

Everything was given to the Baby Boomers, and today it is up to us to pay the price.

Even worse, decisions made over the past 20 years by central banks and governments pose a major risk to the future of our children.

If the currency devaluations induced by the annoying tendency to print always more money by the Federal Reserve and other central banks are devaluing what you own, another topic should worry you even more.

This topic is the public debt of the country in which you live.

This debt continues to increase, which jeopardizes the future of future generations. Before you were a parent, it clearly left you in the dark. Once parent, you would like your children to live better than you, or at least as well.

Unfortunately, everything that is happening now seems to indicate that your children will be worse off than you.

The debt of the main economic powers is now well beyond the 100%. This debt of the United States has even reached the $ 24T, while the world debt is beyond $ 70T.

Successive economic crises are never resolved properly. The gaps are closed so as to postpone the moment when the problems will have to be really dealt with.

The evils of the economy are never dealt with at the root

Take the financial and banking crisis of 2008. Rather than dealing with the root of the problem, central banks and governments have taken the easiest option, namely monetary stimulus.

Central banks, such as the Fed or the European central bank, have injected hundreds of billions of dollars to save the system.

The governments of the main economic powers have meanwhile outrageously increased the public debt of their country in order to put in place stimulus plans.

These decisions made it possible to hide the weaknesses of the current monetary and financial system at a given time at the cost of a currency devaluation that impacted the poorest as always.

However, the unresolved problem of 2008 is the one who resurfaces in 2020. Although it was triggered by the coronavirus crisis, the 2020 economic crisis has its roots in the 2008 crisis that has not been resolved and in the quantitative easing policies that have been pursued since then.

Quantitative easing is the technical word used by central bankers when they decide to print fiat currency as they see fit.

The worst thing is that these central bankers are not elected by anyone. They are simply appointed to make arbitrary decisions that harm a majority of people. It is at this price that the fiat system can continue to survive.

However, this monetary and financial system that you currently know is not inevitable.

This is an experiment launched, temporarily at the time, by Richard Nixon when he ended the convertibility of the American dollar into gold during the month of August 1971. This temporary system that has been going on for 49 years was ultimately legitimized by the Jamaica Accords in January 1976.

The current monetary and financial system no longer works properly

The more time passes, the more we realize that this system does not that increase the disparities between the rich and the poor. In short, this system benefits only a minority. To save it, you need to print more and more money.

While the breach resulting from the 2008 crisis could have been filled with a few hundred billion dollars, the breach in the ship resulting from the 2020 crisis will have to be closed with tens of trillion dollars.

At the rate things are going, I’m willing to bet that during the next economic crisis in 10 or 15 years, central banks will have to move to the next higher unit: the quadrillion.

In the future, quadrillion dollars will surely be necessary to fill the breaches of the ship of the fiat system.

This is the problem of quantitative easing used unreasonably. The effects are less and less tangible over time, and above all, when the next crisis appears, its magnitude is even stronger than the previous one.


As a parent, you obviously don’t want to leave a world like this to your children.

As you start to think about the future, you are looking for alternatives that could allow you to offer a better world to your children.

After some research, you quickly understand that the alternative to the current monetary and financial system has already emerged after the previous crisis of 2008. This alternative is called Bitcoin, and it is also an incredible opportunity for your children.

Bitcoin education can start early

Bitcoin is the alternative to the fiat system

Bitcoin is a payment system Peer to peer totally decentralized which aims to restore power to its users. The first evidence for this claim is that the Bitcoin has no leader. With Bitcoin, each user has the same weight.

No one can stop you from becoming a network node if you want to. You do not need any permission for this. Likewise, no one can censor your Bitcoin transactions.

By freeing yourself from the surveillance and pressures of the powerful fiat system, Bitcoin gives you your freedom of speech. Many people seem to overlook this aspect of Bitcoin, yet Bitcoin plays a key role in protecting human rights.

By supporting Bitcoin, you are already helping to build a world where your children will have essential rights preserved:

  1. Private life
  2. Access to uncensored banking services
  3. Security via encryption
  4. Freedom of speech
  5. Right to save

This last point is essential. With Bitcoin, you make the choice to make saving money useful for you now, and for your children tomorrow.

With the fiat system, this is absolutely useless because of the quantitative easing policies that are carried out and that devalue what you have in cash.

This system pushes you to spend your money or risk losing its value. If you can afford to invest in assets like gold, real estate, or the equity market, you can better offset the effects of currency devaluation.

If you cannot, you are doomed.

Bitcoin monetary policy protects you

You are doomed if you do not consciously choose the Bitcoin option. Bitcoin’s monetary policy is clearly unique:

  • A maximum offer fixed at 21 million of units.
  • A maximum offer that will never change.
  • A inflation of Bitcoin supply that tends to zero over time.

Even better, Bitcoin monetary policy is programmatic. Everything is written in the source code of Bitcoin. The reduction in the inflation of new Bitcoins is carried out automatically every 210,000 blocks added to his Blockchain.

No arbitrary human decision can change this behavior.

Whatever happens, during the month of may 2020, the daily production of new Bitcoins will increase from 1800 to 900. This is the advantage of basing monetary policy on an algorithm.

It’s relentless, but most of all, it’s predictable. You can predict Bitcoin’s future inflation. This is a fundamental difference from the fiat system.

Whatever, you can start predicting US dollar inflation since the Fed has announced that it has an unlimited amount available. It would seem that Jerome Powell, who heads the Fed, has adopted Buzz the Lightning’s currency for the money supply of the United States dollar:

“U.S. dollar, to infinity and beyond. ”

The policy of Bitcoin is the antithesis of that of the United States dollar and other fiat currencies.

While the fiat system is saved via quantitative easing policies, Bitcoin follows a quantitative hardening policy. The virtues of such a monetary policy are highlighted by Bitcoin, which has been constantly increasing in value since its launch at the beginning of the year 2009.

Concretely, quantitative hardening consists in reducing the liquidity injected into a market over time by reducing the daily supply available.

In this way, each unit in this market gains in value over time. This is exactly what is happening with Bitcoin, and what makes it an incredible asset for your children’s future.

Every Halving, the daily supply available in the Bitcoin market is halved. Over time, each unit of Bitcoin will therefore gain in value.

Choosing Bitcoin is choosing to build a better world for your children

By making the decision to buy even a Bitcoin today, and sheltering it, you make a great gesture for the future of your children. You assure them that they can be in charge of something whose value grows over time.

In addition to the traditional savings books on which you would put a little money each month for your children, you should consider buying a small amount of Bitcoin from them each month.

Personally, I will even opt for a replacement of the savings book by a hardware wallet fed monthly.

Offer a Ledger to your children to store their Bitcoin
The new look of Booklet A

But it’s only my humble opinion of Bitcoiner that speaks here.

The day your children are of age, you can then give them this hardware wallet explaining to them how Bitcoin works. In the meantime, you may be giving them something worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. If we still talk in dollars by then …

Your children can then say thank you for the better future that you will have fought to assure them thanks to Bitcoin. In the future, stop seeing Bitcoin as a simple financial instrument, and start to see the many facets of the revolution it constitutes.

Bitcoin aims to build a better future for your children – News 2020
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