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As a loyal reader of the Mining Tribune, you have already learned to understand masternodes, and Bitcoin mining. Mining BTC (with your own equipment or via “The cloud”) is starting to hold so much of a secret for you that it would become – almost – too easy.

Yes but here you are, you have piled up BTC, ETH, Litecoin, accumulated dividends from various masternodes in a whole bunch of cryptocurrencies and you are now at the head of a small portfolio which is starting to look good, in all its diversity.

But life being thus made (and the rent and other bills being still complex to pay in crypto), you may feel the need or the desire to recover the fruit of this activity, in euro, directly on your account in bank.

Rejoice: this option, generally reserved for users of certain large international platforms, is now available directly on the Feel Mining website. The young company is thus closing the loop by offering you a simple and ergonomic tool (as usual), accessible from the “Gold” level of its platform.

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This article is offered to you in partnership with society Feel mining. Crypto investments are risky by nature, do your own research and invest only within the limits of your financial capacity. This article does not constitute an incentive to invest.

Bringing Bitcoin and crypto back to a bank account: not so simple

Dozens of companies around the world are working hard to allow as many people as possible to acquire Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, with the help of’a wide range of payment methods : bank card, transfers, Paypal, prepaid cards …. In short, transforming fiat into cryptocurrency is within everyone’s reach, even from the greatest of beginners.

The reverse process turns out however often more complicated.

Indeed, as much as most international players in the ecosystem are comfortable handling large quantities of cryptoactive assets without flinching, the atmosphere is rarely the same when it comes to managing large sums in dollars, euros or any other fiat national currency.

And it is also worth pointing out that the day when you will receive substantial and / or regular euro transfers to your savings account in the nearby town, you may have to reply some awkward questions. And if these transfers are issued by an exotic and distant entity, nestled in a Fiscal paradise any questions could be asked even more insistent.

All that to tell you that in such a situation, nothing will ever replace the comfort and the security to deal with a French actor, operating in the same financial and regulatory context as its customers.

I have great news : this player exists, and has just opened this service to its French, but also European, customers. This actor is Feel mining which not only allows you to invest in Bitcoin and masternodes, but now also allows you to repatriate your earnings in euros, directly to your bank account!


Step 1: Invest in Bitcoin and masternodes, and generate income

Okay, to recover dividends, the first step is…to invest !

With this valiantly broken open door, the occasion is good to recall that Feel mining offers to invest in Bitcoin and the masternodes of 4 different ways.

Cloud Mining (BTC, ZEC, ETC, LTC)

Note : cloud mining places Litecoin (LTC) and Ethereum (ETH) have all been subscribed, and are not available at the time of writing.

The principle :

You subscribe for 1 year Cloud Mining contract with Feel Mining. Concretely, the company gives you part of its mining power, and you get the benefits every day.


Cloud mining by Feel Mining

Main advantages:

  • Started at once after payment
  • No constraints on installation, maintenance or management of BTC miners
  • Bitcoin “without thinking about it” that accumulates every day


  • Not the most profitable approach
  • You do not have “your” mining equipment

Prices :

  • From 112.50 euros/ years (ZEC) and 225 euros/ year (BTC)

Purchase of RIG mining machine (ETH, ZEC)

The principle :

You acquire one of the machines on the Feel Mining site RIG dedicated to mining of Ethereum or from ZEC Coin.

The different RIGs to mine ZEC and ETH on the Feel Mining site

Main advantages:

  • It is your material, you can have it delivered, or have it delivered host by Feel Mining (see details and conditions on the site).
  • The machines are equipped with a energy optimization software and a device for monitoring their performance in real time on the site dashboard
  • Machines Plug & Play : you plug them in, they immediately undermine


  • Complicated to make profitable if you do not benefit from inexpensive energy (or the advantage of hosting by the company in its mining sites)

Prices :

  • From 1029 euros including tax for the electron, the ideal machine to start and mine ZEC

Purchasing and hosting Bitcoin mining ASICs


You are purchasing one of the machines offered on the site. Feel mining takes care of installing it in one of its French (Alps) or international (Kazhastan, Siberia, Canada)

Bitcoin minor Asics available at Feel Mining

Main advantages:

  • You own your machines
  • The site dashboard allows you to monitor their condition and production in real time
  • Bitcoin generated every day
  • Option probably the most profitable, even more in international hosting (fees and conditions apply, see the site for more information)


  • Time between purchase and start of production
  • Your darling minor is not in your living room

Prices :

  • From 1189 euros TTC for an Asic Antminer T17 +

Masternode acquisition


You invest in one or more masternodes in the selection offered by Feel Mining. These generate dividends which are credited in real time to your account.

Profitable Masternodes from Feel Mining

Main advantages

  • Playful and very simple
  • possibility to subscribe onlya part of masternode
  • Income starts at once after payment
  • A great way to to diversify his wallet
  • Conversion to Bitcoin or other crypto directly on the site


  • Bet on the future on cryptocurrencies that are not the stars of the sector
  • Apparent complexity and possible confusion on the concepts of ROI, reward, collateral, etc (but this article in the form of lexicon is there to enlighten you!)


  • From a few tens of euros for a place in shared masternode

2nd step : Create a Gold level account

As practical as the option that we are addressing today, it implies that the company that offers it respects a number of standards in terms of financial compliance in order to be fully in line with KYC / AML standards.

If you are used to ecosystem practices, you can immediately move on. If you disembark, go and update yourself on what an AML / KYC verification is for. In the meantime, here is a quick reminder of the basics:

As an intermediary working in a field involving financial flows, Feel Mining has the’Obligation to verify that their customers are who they say they are (and not vile identity thieves, patent crooks, or worse, demonic raccoons).

The KYC feel mining procedure, necessary for setting up a transfer in euros to a French account

As such, the platform will guide you to verify your identity, successfully passing these simple steps:

  • Sending copy ofa front and back ID
  • the transmission of your most beautiful selfie

Sending this information will take you to the level PREMIUM of the platform (verification takes approximately 24 hours).

And in order to see GOLD level doors open, you will have to send the following additional document:

  • Proof of domiciliation less than 3 months (Electricity, gas, telephone bill …)

Once white leg shown and your user profile validated, you will be in possession of the domain keys, and will be able to access its smallest corners and functionalities.

This status is the one that will allow you to lift the level restrictions PREMIUM and STANDARD, and offer you withdrawals in crypto, but especially in fiat currency, directly to your bank account.

The validation of the GOLD level of Feel Mining, opens the option of transfers in fiat currency

Important detail: obtaining GOLD status is shipping. Each transfer transaction is invoiced at a flat rate of 5 euros, regardless of the amount. This service is reserved for residents of the Euro zone.

Your life as a crypto investor has just changed

If you have followed all the steps of this initiation quest, you are now at the head of a panel of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining services that will allow you to benefit from recurring passive income.

And even more comfortable, thanks to this new option offered by Feel Mining, you now have the possibility of making occasional or recurring transfers as you wish, thus transforming Bitcoin and cryptocurrency into euros. Your banker will be happy … that he profits while he still has a job !

Take advantage of 5% on any order (machines included!) Placed on the Feel Mining site with the code TAHITI


Bitcoin and crypto transferred in euros to your bank account in 3 clicks – Bitcoin – Bitcoin 2020
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