Bitcoin at the end of the roll, driven from its throne by a mysterious new crypto – Bitcoin – Bitcoin 2020

Thunderbolt in the foundations of the cryptosphere! It’s the whole ecosystem that wakes up shocked and trembling this morning. After the crash of the past week, it will indeed have only taken a few hours for the queen of crypto, the beloved creation of Satoshi Nakamoto, digital gold itself, I called Bitcoin to be unbolted from his throne and brought down by a cryptocurrency arising from nothing (or pipes): the Toilet Paper Token!

How could such a thing have happened and – worse – what does it say about the global shortage of triple-layered jasmine scent paper? We go around the bowl.

So springs the Toilet Paper Token, Bitcoin slayer

It is soft, it is perhaps the first real token “utility“, He’s the Toilet Paper Token and if you discover it immediately, you will have to get used to it, or even start to consider it like the real “New Bitcoin”.

This morning, this cryptocurrency emerged for the first time in the ranking, and what an appearance! This new digital currency is directly in first place. By the way, the asset goes straight ahead of Bitcoin, without regard for its elder, in spite of its “only” 77 billion euros of capitalization… it seems that the confinement somewhat confused the calculators of CoinMarketCap.

To the delight of traders and lovers of rare patterns, the Toilet Paper Token offers as a bonus for its first day a curve as rare as exotic, sometimes qualified as “Chubby morning double-bottom”, a very beautiful symbol!

The esthetes will appreciate

A cryptocurrency with real used poop

Who would have thought that a modest ERC-20 token would be able to drive the Bitcoin king out of his throne (striking emphatically)? And throne, it is a question because the team behind Toilet Paper Token understood everything about a situation of civilizational crisis : faced with the collapse, the real ones are not looking to store pasta, water or weapons. No, if there is something that the man of the 21st century has recently shown he cannot do without, it’s good toilet paper. Obviously, like gold, the PQ is therefore THE real safe investment !

Tokenizing this value then became obvious: Toilet Paper Token was out of the box.

Below a modeling of the adoption curve of the new reference cryptocurrency (the diagram is of a certain technicality, but it should be remembered that “it goes up”, the rest is of the order of detail):


A most dazzling progression curve

It is essential that you refer to the white paper (printed on quilted paper, double sheet, as it should be), which contains the fundamentals of the project.

The opportunity to learn that “Having TPT tokens guarantees the integrity of wiping and the equitable distribution of toilet paper worldwide, which ultimately contributes to TPT’s mission: to save mankind from a regression to the first two levels of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs “. The document also describes the operation of complexes “Smut contracts” in order to guarantee the traceability of the smallest sheet of the precious goods.

One of the founding team of Toilet Paper Token

The token will be ” put on sale on April 1, 2020 on the Shitake Exchange. All wipers (TPT holders) must answer the “Ply Count” questionnaire, which will mathematically determine the correct number of TPTs that wipers can buy each month. “

A most credible device which is reminiscent of the approach of the HEX token, like what, great minds sometimes meet when a common subject unites them.

If the total supply and the quantity in circulation can also be viewed, but there is a reason for concern: CoinMarketCap mentions that TPT is already “Out of Stock”, which will not shock connoisseurs. A small red flag for the famous platform which definitely takes center stage this week.

Will Bitcoin stay dangling in the face of affront? Isn’t the Toilet Paper Token going to end up in the bottom of history? A next fork of TPT does not risk it to offer larger blocks (a Sopalin-Coin would already be mentioned with a word covered)? Exciting questions whose developments we will follow with just as much passion.

Bitcoin at the end of the roll, driven from its throne by a mysterious new crypto – Bitcoin – Bitcoin 2020
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