Bitcoin mining in Canada – Cryptocurrency 2020

As you are aware, because you are the most loyal readers that a newspaper can dream of, our fellow travelers, the Grenoble residents of the company Feel Mining had planned to take whoever would like to mine Bitcoin with them in Canada. .

They said it, they did it, and by the time you read these lines, Chloé and her team will be either tasting a rare vintage of maple syrup, or in full configuration of Asics, in the mining farm that hosts their facilities.

If like me, you took the opportunity to be (virtually) part of the trip by purchasing a machine or two, you will be happy to hear that our beloved miners are being installed. For those who have not yet taken the plunge, this may be an opportunity to better discover the reasons that pushed this French specialist in Bitcoin mining to choose Canada as a rear base and, perhaps, to take advantage of the next tour!

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This article is offered to you in partnership with society Feel mining. Crypto investments are risky by nature, do your own research and invest only within the limits of your financial capacity. This article does not constitute an incentive to invest.


Why is bitcoin mining in Canada so relevant?

Bitcoin mining, we talk about it regularly on Bitcoin in the dedicated Grandstand that you are surveying right now.

We talk about it, because on the one hand the operation can be profitable, even very profitable if a certain number of conditions are met, but also because mining Bitcoin is to participate concretely in the common work that Bitcoin embodies as a concept: restore power to the individual and restore rights that had been gently confiscated in recent decades by states, centralized monetary institutions and – it’s new – GAFAMs over the past decade.

But even if the societal debate is interesting, it will be agreed that what is of primary interest to the Bitcoin miner, is to find the perfect place to carry out these mining activities, in the most cost-effective way possible. A place which will have to correspond to a certain number of fundamental criteria whose meeting is not obvious.

Feel Mining has therefore carefully selected several sites around the world, meeting certain very specific criteria. The team we mentioned is currently on a mission to its mining farm in Canada, the opportunity to explain why this country was chosen by this French leader in Bitcoin mining.

Economic and political stability

It is possible to find many interesting sites around the world to set up a Bitcoin mining farm.

Cool places, inexpensive energy, with space. But if your industrial installation can be suddenly regulated at any time, or worse shut down as in China, or that the activity is subject to constant fluctuations, as in Iran, say goodbye to the quality of your sleep.

Canada, the dream country for Bitcoin mining

Faced with this risk, Canada offers solid guarantees. 10th economic power in the worldis a democratic power politically and socially stable. The rights of individuals and companies are guaranteed and investors find a rare and essential commodity: the possibility of projecting themselves confidently over decades.

Comfortably installed in Canada, your Asics is thus certain of being able to work quietly for years.

Canada’s Climate Delivers Bitcoin Miners

The chip of a Antminer S9 is planned to be able to reach 135 °. A S17, 80 °.

Generally speaking, adventurers embarking on mass production attest to this: no more heating in the room if you put some Asics there.

Bitcoin too many

As such, you will not fall from your chair if I inform you that your machine will feel much better in a fridge than in direct sunlight. Good news, Canada is a bit of a country fridge. The freezing paradise in which a Bitcoin miner can mine at ease.

In addition, in a conventional environment, a large amount of energy must be mobilized to cool equipment that rotates at very high intensity, 24 hours a day. This energy is as much used to turn the miner’s powerful fans that cool the chips, as it is to supply any necessary air conditioning.

None of this in Canada where miners even find welcome use in warming the atmosphere. A rather virtuous circus circle which is only possible in a country whose temperatures regularly fall below -20 °.

Hydro-Quebec and electricity prices

At the head of 63 hydroelectric plants and not less than 681 dams, Hydro Quebec fully exploits the energy potential of the province’s natural environment. The state-owned energy giant is not only in great economic shape, but is even rising among the world’s giants in the production of renewable energy.

Hydro-Québec logo

This macro-economic talk is quite fascinating, but let’s be honest reader friend: to what extent is all this of interest to the Bitcoin miner?

Under the very particular angle of Bitcoin mining, we will especially remember some structural information:

  • Energy cost is low. For companies (like Feel Mining), the cost of KW / H is 0.055 euros (something like 2 or 3 times less than in France with equivalent context),
  • Following an arbitration by the Energy management of Quebec, Hydro-Quebec was forced in 2019 to keep preferential rates for the benefit of companies linked to blockchain and cryptoactive mining (more details in this very comprehensive report, which had allowed the status quo to be maintained)

It’s worth remembering that‘There is a fund debate in Quebec on the future of mining profitability. Indeed, if the situation is currently particularly favorable, with abundant and inexpensive energy, things could evolve. In fact, Hydro Quebec does not necessarily look favorably on the mining sector which mobilizes a substantial energy which the company emphasizes that it could be more usefully employed (the argument is often considered fallacious, Hydro Quebec losing up to $ 500 million a year in unused hydro power). Above all, the energy giant would be taxed a little more heavily this new industry whose dynamism has not escaped anyone.

Even if the atmosphere is calm, the future is never written in advance. This is the reason why it is important to remember that Feel Mining has a plan B (and even a plan C, to be honest), which would allow it to adapt to any unfavorable development, on the front of tariffs in particular by a strategic redeployment on the sites of Siberia and Kazakhstan.

The different Bitcoin mining sites of Feel Mining: Canada, Siberia and Kazakhstan

Feel Mining in the ice, code “Bitcoin and maple leaf”

We already talked about it previously, Feel Mining therefore offers its customers to exploit Bitcoin miners on their behalf, on farms around the world, on strategically chosen sites.


Remember that you just have to choose your favorite miner from a selection on the site, then wait for its installation in one of the mining farms, before enjoying a daily production of Bitcoin, manageable from your table. of edge.

It is rumored that it will not be long before Bitmain’s latest war machine, the Antminer S19PRO is offered on the site …. You can find here a presentation of the monster.


Canadian Friends of Feel Mining

The mining partner of Feel Mining in Canada thus offers part of the capacities of its mining facilities to French people, so that French customers are in a position to benefit from part of its ultra-modern facilities, in an environment tailored to the activity.

Here are some pictures of these installations. These photos will show you that the activity clearly belongs more to NASA’s operating room than to the semi-geek’s poorly organized cellar, which is wreaking havoc amid empty pizza packaging, specialty magazines and mutton of dust.

Mine are on the top right
Temperature management is a particularly mastered local art

Nicolas, Technical Director of Feel Mining does not hide being impressed by the infrastructure:

“The quality of the infrastructure and the perfect management of heat flows, the equipment on this farm is truly incredible.

It is not a question here of simple “extractors” but rather of a complete piloted and autonomous management which ensures an optimal temperature in the whole of the infrastructure in order to guarantee a longest possible service life for the equipment in operation. .

Monitoring is ensured 24/7 by technical teams who take turns constantly in order to be able to respond to any malfunctions as quickly as possible, here the uptime is guaranteed at 99.97%, a figure worthy of the best data center. “

Air extractors, “expert” model
The advantage of having a psycho-electrician

Chloé, live from Quebec

Chloé Desenfans, founder and CEO of Feel Mining, kindly gave us an overview of the smooth running of operations, between a mulled wine and the search for a (fake) bear skin:

Why did you go to Canada? Getting around Canada, meeting our real partner became obvious during discussions.

That’s why we decided Nicolas (director of operations) and myself to go there. This is our process in setting up our partnerships, each site must be carefully visited and inspected by us, be sure.

It is not a simple courtesy call so many miles from home but it is above all for us, to control, verify, ensure that our entire process is respected on site and that our (your) machines are pampered.

The meeting with the local team was very rewarding. Whether it’s our way of doing things, local climatic and geopolitical conditions, it was a real moment of sharing.

It’s nice to be able to talk about our passion among miners.

It was really worth it, everyone was happy to bring a human side to our agreement, more important than a simple contract signed by mailbox and countries. Real “Peer to Peer” and that’s something essential for me, in my long term exchanges.

I also think of our customers who need to be reassured, which is absolutely normal. Knowing the destination of their machine, knowing under what conditions it will be installed, as much information as we consider essential to have at their disposal.

So rest assured: this beautiful Canadian farm is impeccably maintained, Nicolas was able to check all the installations within the building. Everything is under control.

The temperature is moderate, we are far from the heat of our French facilities. We can breathe there, move around quietly without having the air of leaving the hammam !

There are a lot of machines, but they are perfectly organized, everything is organized. A lot of machines mean a lot of noise, but there is nothing for nothing! Asic it makes noise I don’t teach you anything! “

Take advantage of the next mission to mine Bitcoin in Canada

The machines purchased on the Feel Mining site are regularly prepared for installation on the Canadian site. The next mission will take place in April, then regular shipments will be made every month.

Warning : places go quickly, so don’t delay positioning yourself to be sure that you can benefit from the exceptional conditions offered by Feel Mining for mine Bitcoin profitably. To remind you of the approach tariff and the quality ofclient experience from Feel Mining, you can update yourself with this article.

And to be profitable even faster, do not forget to use the code TAHITI in order to benefit from 5% on your order (including on asics!)


Bitcoin mining in Canada – Cryptocurrency 2020
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