BTU Protocol announces the launch of its stablecoin, bDAI – News 2020


From the French initiative BTU Protocol, everyone is now aware of the value proposition of an entirely new model. His ambition? Nothing less than shaking giants as settled as or Trip Advisor.

To centralize these established players in the industry, BTU thus offers a decentralized alternative making it possible to book a number of services, from the hotel for the next vacation, to the car to go and see stepmom this weekend. And this new alternative places consumers and service professionals in a more balanced relationship, free of costly intermediaries and willingly abusing their situation of de facto monopoly.

Today BTU Protocol takes an additional step on the blockchain continent by presenting its stablecoin, the bDAI. The announcement is important, so we talk about it in the Stablecoins Tribune

Earn BTU crypto cryptocurrencies after each payment in stablecoin

Paris, February 27, 2020 (press release, taken from the original article). BTU Protocol, one of the values ​​of Top 200 of the marketcap, uses its reward token to encourage the adoption of DAI in the real world. The DAI is the first fair currency in the world and the main decentralized exchange currency, backed by the US dollar, via the blockchain Ethereum.

DDAI stablecoin
BTU Protocol’s new bDAI stablecoin

The BTU protocol has designed several Dapps allowing to earn BTU tokens in a number of everyday situations: hotel reservation, car rental, hiring of developers… Consequently, earning BTUs is simple and does not require no risky investment.

In accordance with the underlying principles that underpin BTU, the stablecoin bDAI will reward users with BTUs, simply by owning or paying using bDAI.

In practice, any user will be able to exchange DAIs for bDAIs at a 1: 1 ratio at any time.

1: 1 conversion between DAI and bDAI

The reward rate is governed by the DAI Saving Rate (DSR), which is currently 8% per year. This dividend is distributed in BTUs.


The BTU stablecoin reward system
Screen capture of the reward mechanics on Ethereum

Hervé Hababou, co-founder and president of BTU Protocol, explains:

“BDAI has many applications. E-commerce sites will be able to accept payments in crypto. Consumers will be able to earn BTUs without having to go through speculative trading. They will even be able to optimize their BTU assets by withdrawing their dividends at any time. ”

Hervé Hababou and Vidal Chriqui (left), co-founder of BTU Protocol

But by the way, what is DAI?

Impossible to define the stablecoin DAI, without mentioning its matrix: MakerDAO.

MakerDAO is an organization decentralized which aims to bring more financial stability and transparency to the global economy. MakerDAO gave birth to DAI, the first currency presented as impartial in the world, but also the first truly decentralized stable currency.

Note that the Dai – unlike for example the USDT is not backed by a dollar reserve or other fiat currency, but bases its stability on the subtle mechanics of an autonomous system of smart contracts called the Maker Protocol, as well as decentralized community governance.

The BTU Protocol initiative is commendable. In its very essence, the company already has great ambitions, as well as really functional products (which does not spoil anything in an environment where great promises are sometimes very little followed by concrete effects). As such, foray into the stablecoin industry – who are no longer unaware that they embody an important part of the economy of tomorrow – demonstrates the capabilities and dynamism of a society ready to constantly reinvent itself.

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BTU Protocol announces the launch of its stablecoin, bDAI – News 2020
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