Confine useful! Take advantage of the drop in Bitcoin to build your future income – Bitcoin – Cryptocurrency 2020

No matter how we talk about all these half-full glass stories, playing the card of excess positivism, being pathologically optimistic … the confinement that we are all experiencing at the moment is likely to upset even the most naturally jovial. And now that you’ve gone through all the bread recipes, re-discovered the joys of the endless parts of Risk and watched all of YouTube (twice), maybe you’re starting to run out of ideas. This is the reason why let me see this period of forced inactivity as a great opportunity: that of (re) discovering Bitcoin, but also of taking the time to understand how to reserve a small place for it – but strategic – in your assets today could assure you future income and a more peaceful tomorrow.

And I even have two other reasons to dare to offer you to rejoice: Bitcoin is currently inexpensive, and it has also just found itself mechanically easier to mine!

Tired of Sudoku? Today we are talking about buying and mining Bitcoin with a view to building wealth!

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This article is offered to you in partnership with society Feel mining. Crypto investments are risky in nature, do your own research and invest only within the limits of your financial capacity. This article does not constitute an incentive to invest.


When all investment products let go, Bitcoin reaches out to you

Okay, I guess everyone understands that the current period was a bit apocalyptic. The worst is probably that COVID-19 is the virus that hides the forest. Indeed, behind the terrible current health crisis, hides in the eyes of public opinion an economic crisis whose consequences will continue to be felt heavily, long after the coronavirus crisis has subsided.

And yet, if you read me from time to time, you may know that I am not really a client of catastrophic forecast that media and influencers sell to us year after year. However, hard not to notice the obvious : with a global economy almost at a technical standstill, a energy war brooding, and the delirium tremens world stock exchanges and markets, against a backdrop of magic money rain, the table is scary.

However, I leave it to the feathers of Thecointribune as Sylvain Saurel or Nicolas Teterel, the care of dissecting for you the mechanics underlying these great movements. For this weekend tribune, I just want to remind you of what now seems obvious to me; it has become impossible to create future wealth and / or income in the same way as our parents and their parents before them.

  • On the one hand because the investments of “a good family’s father”Bring almost nothing anymore: Life insurance, SICAV, Booklets (even“tax free“) …. Wanting to avoid being easy to humor, I wouldn’t even mention the A booklet, “Preferred placement of the French”.
  • Because our generation is seeing the setting up, with a massive injection of liquidity, debt redemption and other great classics of the great madcap race, a nice period of galloping inflation for the years to come. In other words, even an investment with a suitable return of 5% for example will no longer make sense with inflation of 6% …

In this context, and even despite the recent turbulence, Bitcoin continues to make its way demonstrating year after year, block after block, all of its relevance as an investment product and its solidity in terms of value proposition.

If you browse these pages, you already have the conviction, but I encourage you by the way to go take a close look at the last video of our chief pedagogue, I named Master Rakoon.

Our sympathetic little professor explained to us yesterday, demonstration in support, how to introduce between 1 and 5% of BTC in your wealth was likely to boost your wealth strategy, ridiculing in passing all the “investment plans” of the big names in the sector.

What arguments for Bitcoin?

Argument number 1: Bitcoin is not currently expensive

You saw it, maybe you even suffered it … A few days ago, the whole crypto market – in the wake of traditional markets – its collapsed, and Bitcoin lost up to half of its value.

Now that the dust has settled a little, the reasons for this collapse appear a little more clearly: a frantic race towards the recovery of liquidity has pushed many investors to resell, driven by a good big FUD families. It has since been shown that most of the players in this downfall were actually seasoned investors, entered the market in the past 12 months, when Bitcoin was at 10,000, even 13,000 dollars, its 2019 high. They got scared, getting rid of their BTC at low prices (and they probably bite their fingers, even as the currency picks up colours).

In other words, the fundamentals of a Bitcoin valued at $ 10,000 a few weeks ago have not moved an iota. Except that BTC is at the time of writing these lines on sale …at 6000 dollars.

In other words: it’s been a long time since Bitcoin was not as accessible for purchase and as such it may be a perfectly suitable entry point into the market. To buy your first BTC if you are a beginner, do not hesitate to take a look at our dedicated guide, not without having been previously consult the basic rules of caution when it comes to boost its capital to Bitcoin.

Argument number 2: Bitcoin is much easier to mine since the fall of its hashrate

The equation is very simple : Bitcoin price fall (as in recent weeks), so it becomes less interesting to mine new BTCs (the energy expenditure to mine 1 BTC can potentially exceed the value of said BTC, particularly for poorly equipped individuals and small, somewhat aging structures).

Suddenly a lot of miners are no longer profitable (either their equipment is obsolete, or the price of energy where they are is too high), the unfortunate are resigned to unplug their mining machines.

Suddenly there are far fewer machines on the network, much less competition therefore, in the great race to solve the algorithmic equation which allows the unlocking of the block reward.


By the particular design of its architecture and in accordance with its protocol, the difficulty level decrease accordingly (fewer participants in the game for the same reward). It’s the famous “fall of the hashrate “ we’re talking about right now on Bitcoin.

And the magnitude of this fall is, so to speak, historic: – 45% since its highest historic level in 2020!

This drastic fall has nevertheless an interesting side effect for the Bitcoin miner (at least the one that the fall in price did not wash away in the operation): it had been a long time since it had been as easy (well, “less difficult” would be more appropriate) to mine Bitcoin!

Falling Bitcoin mining difficulty, an opportunity?

Obviously, to take advantage of this air call, the somewhat opportunistic Bitcoin miner will need two parameters to be in the green:

  • Its machines must be last generation (powerful and solid)
  • They will have to operate in a suitable environment and having an energy cost ultra-competitive

This sleight of hand is so to speak inaccessible to the individual, for questions of logistics and skills. You don’t improvise as a professional miner, just as not everyone has the time or some skills necessary to swing between these parameters to exploit the least benefits.

This is the reason why it would be in your interest to benefit from the services of professionals such as those offered by Grenoble friends from Feel mining : Not only will you find on the site shop the best mining equipment which is, but above all, all-inclusive hosting solutions and in different locations (French alps, Canada, Siberia..) will guarantee you enjoy the profitability highest, including in hectic circumstances.

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  • Feel Mining takes care of everything else (installation, hosting, maintenance, etc.) by paying for BTC production
  • You watch your BTCs accumulate in real time on your dedicated dashboard, and can retrieve them at any time with a few clicks.

What if I want to mine Bitcoin immediately?

If you are afraid of missing the current momentum due to the incompressible deadlines to put your machines into operation (purchase, transport, configuration, etc … sometimes a few weeks of waiting), Feel mining offers you a nice option, which will give you the opportunity to touch your first satoshi….in 10 minutes !

Feel Mining thus offers an offer of Cloud mining of Bitcoin. To put it simply, the company leases you part of its computing power, for 1 year.

You don’t have to worry about buying your own ASIC, the offer is immediately available and it starts to benefit from mining income so instant. A perfect offer to start discovering the subject without risk, by starting to accumulate heritage in BTC.

Cloud mining is also available to mine ZEC


Bitcoin, and beyond

You may be what is called a “Bitcoin Maximalist ”. In other words, you consider that only Bitcoin deserves the slightest interest as the first and main electronic currency, the only one that has really started to prove itself.

The rest of the entire marketcap is politely labeled “shitcoin fair”, Minor mottos, doomed to a more or less slow extinction in solitude and general indifference (the maximalist is reputed to be heartless).

Again, the point today is not to philosophically discuss these definitions, but we will retain a strong idea: even the Bitcoin maximalists recognize that it is possible to earn money by betting on cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin: the altcoins.

Thus, impossible to complete today’s article without mentioning Feel Mining’s masternode offers: a dozen projects to which you can subscribe instantly, in order to obtain dividends (rewards), which vary from one project to another.

In the same way as the cloud offers, income begins to flow to you at once after validation of payment. In addition, this investment is accessible from just a few tens of euros.

Iconic Dash (which we were talking about last week), up to lesser-known nuggets, the choice is yours!

MasterNodes riot

Take advantage of 5% on any order (machines included!) Placed on the Feel Mining site with the code TAHITI


Let’s face it, time may seem long at the moment … It’s up to you to choose if you prefer to undergo this forced break period, or on the contrary, use it to the best to build your future income. In this second hypothesis, Bitcoin opens your arms and it is not shy at the moment.

And if you are not yet convinced of the importance of taking an interest in the subject, come and discover why the race to own 1 BTC in full has already started!

Confine useful! Take advantage of the drop in Bitcoin to build your future income – Bitcoin – Cryptocurrency 2020
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