Coronavirus, Bitcoin crash, apocalypse of the markets … The peaceful path of the holder – Bitcoin – Bitcoin 2020

Let’s continue this morning as if the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency had not just passed through a quantum flaw or had been the victim of some snap from a Thanos infected with coronavirus. The idea wouldn’t be that crazy, though, since Bitcoin Marketcoin – but also that of all crypto values – literally comes to see itself cut off for half of its existence … in a snap of a finger (or a cosmic sneeze, just to be connected). I mentioned a few hours ago how the different categories of traders could position themselves vis-à-vis the cataclysm. As dawn breaks over a carmine-red battlefield, it’s time to talk about the second big category of Bitcoin owners: the holder and his precious ability to not panic.

Bitcoin hold upside down

For the few who would have landed here by chance, remember that the “Bitcoin holder” (often spelled hODLer, for reasons which are explained to you in detail in this article) is characterized by its desire not to have acquired – or mined – Bitcoin, only for the sole purpose of keeping it for a particularly long time.

This duration is rarely clearly defined, but it goes without saying that it is counted at least in years, even decades. In the most pathological cases, the real holder may have to seriously consider that only his heirs will end up Actually use the preciously stored Bitcoin.

And in any case, one of the certainty of funds of Bitcoin long-term holders is that they will not mobilize their precious satoshi only when Bitcoin has reached a colossal value, even finally fulfilled its destiny as the only true universal currency.

Since we like to cause Bitcoin whales in the ecosystem, we must imagine the holders as moving far into the great depths, caring very little about storms and the vagaries of the surface. And as such, what has just happened in the last 24 hours, will simply be likely to strike a yawn of boredom to the real holder.

Bitcoin holder, a state of mind as much as a strategy

Financial crash, coronavirus crisis, dramatic loss of 50% of the value of Bitcoin...If the Bitcoin holder remains informed of the vagaries of the market, its wide fluctuations – up and down – leaves it relatively marble. Indeed, for a true Bitcoin hoarder, the BTC will, in a certain and irremediable way, gain tremendous value in the future.


hodl, more than a strategy, a state of mind

As such, the very recent Bitcoin crash is just a ripple on the surface of things, in no way submitting a more general plan and to the mechanics perfectly accommodating such hazards.

So of course, to keep this zenitude of a Buddhist monk under tranxene, the holder followed a certain number of investment rules, among which the most important are:

  • It works according to a established plan, in strategy wider heritage,
  • he did not immobilize funds which he would need quickly,
  • he is used to the idea of be able to lose everything.

What has just happened is also a perfect test: a true holder at heart is not currently in the midst of an anxiety attack, but on the contrary says that the moment is perfectly chosen to think about something else or take advantage of the multitude of other facets of existence….even to reinvest!

Note that overall and according to a recent study, investors in Bitcoin tend to be rather supportive, demonstrating that this approach is not a form of exception which would confirm the rule of speculation.

Whatever your state of mind today, do not get carried away by emotional reactions that will systematically be bad counselors. You might not be a holder at heart and it is your most absolute right, but the context is perhaps particularly well chosen to understand why, despite such circumstances, so many people remain confident in Bitcoin.

Coronavirus, Bitcoin crash, apocalypse of the markets … The peaceful path of the holder – Bitcoin – Bitcoin 2020
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