Craig Wright (Bitcoin SV) has he finally received his “private keys” opening access to 1.1 million bitcoins? (spoiler: probably not) – Bitcoin – News 2020

In the incredible case mixing tulips, million bitcoins, lost deliveryman and legal quibbles on funds of fight for the succession of his ex-college of work, Craig Wright has just produced before the court what he describes as “key slices” private ”. The creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Vision has just sent a long list of what he believes would be the key to gaining access to the famous 1.1 million bitcoin trust.

Problem, this list would actually consist of only 16,000 public addresses.

The key to Bitcoin fields

Roll the drums, sound the trumpets, the courier was finally just a little lost on the way! The brave delivery man was finally able to give his legitimate owner the private keys giving access to 1.1 million bitcoins (BTC).

In any case, what the unsinkable suggests Craig Wright, authentic founder of Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV), failing to demonstrate that you have never created any other crypto, if you know what I mean.

So of course, Craig Wright being the innocent victim of a global plot and a form of bullying widespread (jealousy no doubt), and in accordance with a form of tradition now well established, it did not take long before the first unfortunate report some doubts, both on this story of deliveryman, but more annoying, on the relevance of this new “evidence” (we will recall that all of the documents given to justice by Craig Wright since 2015 have been revealed either grossly counterfeit, backdated, or inconclusive).

Thus, the long list presented on a document submitted by Craig Wright to the court in the context of the dispute against the estate of the late colleague Kleiman, supposed to demonstrate that he finally has – and as expected for a long time – access to the trust of 1.1 million bitcoins, would not actually be …than a simple list of 16,000 public addresses.

Bitcoin Satoshi Vision’s Dad Sees Trouble

So listen, I’m not saying that the list is or isn’t authentic. I’m just saying that he’s the guy two federal judges basically called a liar and just opened a new Pandora’s box. So it could end badly

This little rant, which sums up the situation fairly correctly, comes from the lawyer, specialized in crypto Stephend Palley.


And this statement itself comes in reaction to that of Craig Wright’s lawyer team who just sent the court the following message:

“Dr. Wright informs the court that a third party provided the information and the key necessary to unlock the encrypted file, and Wright today produced a list of his bitcoin holdings, as ordered by the judge, to applicants ”.

“A list of his bitcoin holdings “, and not “Irrefutable proof that he is able to access the funds “, therefore. A distinction which avoids having to demonstrate anything, but which on the other hand saves precious time.

Indeed, in view of these new elements – and even as Craig Wright’s lawyer team spammed hundreds of new documents it will take months to analyze – it’s as much time available for Bitcoin Satoshi Vision’s dad to continue his small business quietly, before the judicial ax finally suddenly falls down.

In the meantime, the Kleiman estate has demanded that specific details regarding the name of the famous courier, the company that employs him, as well as the routing details, in order to check – just as a precaution eh – the veracity of this liberating delivery. Craig Wright has 10 days to send this information, just enough time for the BSV to quietly continue to swell its speculative bubble.

I don’t know you, but instead of Craig Wright, put in a situation of this kind and anticipating complicated tomorrows, maybe I would be tempted to artificially pumper 300% the cryptocurrency on which I have some influence … simple assumption.

Craig Wright (Bitcoin SV) has he finally received his “private keys” opening access to 1.1 million bitcoins? (spoiler: probably not) – Bitcoin – News 2020
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