Dash, Tezos, AVA … 9 high-potential crypto projects by the co-founder of Ethereum – Bitcoin – Cryptocurrency 2020

When you want to invest in the crypto industry, you sometimes find yourself spending a lot of time looking for the crypto projects with the most potential among the thousands swarming on the web. And if you too have asked yourself the same question, this article will probably give you some answers. It presents the crypto projects that Charles Hoskinson, co-founder of Ethereum and CEO and founder of IOHK – the company that develops Cardano (ADA) – said in a recent interview that he particularly appreciates for reasons he has not failed to specify.

Charles Hoskinson to some high potential crypto projects to submit to you


Ergo was created by Alex Chepurnoy, the “Preferred technologist” of Hoskinson who also contributed to the development of Cardano (ADA). This PoW blockchain platform (Proof-of-Work) integrates smart contracts Turing sets with advanced features such as:

  • The zeroknowledge proof, a secure protocol that allows authentications digital without the use of passwords or other sensitive data so that no information, both from the sender and recipient side, is compromised in any way;
  • The ring signatures that hide user address during transactions by mixing the account keys with the public keys of the blockchain, so that it is absolutely impossible to distinguish the user key from the public key;
  • The oracles, which allow you to integrate data from the real world in smart contracts;
  • The possibility of adjust block size.
The Ergo project (ERG), promising according to the co-founder of ETH

Charles hoskinson think Ergo crypto (ERG) East “One of the most potential and most powerful cryptocurrencies revolutionary never created ”. Ergo’s price is around $ 0.14 at present.


Focused on confidentiality, Zcash (ZEC) is a token that allows you to perform transactions transparent and private. Hoskinson seems to have a lot of respect for this token because “they [Zcash] have advanced discussions related to proof to zero knowledge “.

He notes that Zcash offers two things of crucial importance in thecrypto industry : ” the private life and the inclusive responsibility And had no problem revealing that ADA “Borrowed some things from Zcash and innovated on others”.

Clearly, a crypto that does not lack potential. Maybe you should take a look at the roadmap that Zcash built according to the next bitcoin halving to know more.

ZCash, a big potential according to the ETH co-founder

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Co-founded by Eli Ben Sasson, one of the founders of Zcash, StarkWare set itself the goal of enabling chain scalability through the use of zero knowledge proofs.

StarkWare, a promising crypto project with great potential

Hoskinson claims to have added StarkWare on his list because the company’s technology has proven itself and has been especially useful in improving the scalability of crypto ADA. He therefore believes that its potential is undeniable.

Lightning Labs

Founded to provide users with a way to send and receive money as efficiently as possible, Lightning Labs is best known for designing the Layer 2, a management tool for the benefit of bitcoin network.

Hoskinson finds the development approach used by the company perfect “for scalability [et] for interoperability between cryptocurrencies and that sLightning Labs has everything to arouse interest.


You remember that we presented the Dash like “Bitcoin of masternodes ? Well, Hoskinson think the same. Indeed, as privacy token, Dash uses a consensus on two layers, with masternodes sitting above the base layer of the Proof-of-Work.

Hoskinson think Dash demonstrated “Its financial power”. He mentions in passing that he appreciates the Dash community, who has “Even helped fund research at Arizona State University

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Created to provide the security and the code precision required for assets and other important use cases, blockchain Tezos based on Proof-of-Work and characterized by chain governance is one of Hoskinson’s favorite crypto projects.

The potential of Tezos crypto, one of Hoskinson's favorite projects

The latter admitted to having great respect for the philosophy and the technology built around the XTZ, even if it “Don’t like too much” his community.

Note that we have already explained to you all the good that we think of Tezos and even how to recover some fractions of XTZ via a secret airdrop.


Founded by Silvio Micali, the recipient of Turing award, the blockchain based on Proof-of-Work, Algorand set a goal to create a transparent system in which all users can succeed via the decentralization. A solid project that we were already talking about last June.

Algorand, a solid project according to the ETH co-founder

Hoskinson added Algorand to his list of his favorite projects because although being a competitor of ADA, his technology always incited ADA to maintain a relationship of mutual support with her.


Avalanche (AVL) was created by a distinguished academic, the professor Cornell Emin Gün Sirer. Hoskinson believes very much in this token, which in addition to promising scalability and operability, pays fees and provides a single basic account between multiple blockchains deployed on the big AVA network.

He notes that AVL “has some merit, especially in IoT space [l’Internet des Objets] “And concludes that he is a “Very interesting token”.

Basic Attention Token

Created by Brendan Eich, creator of JavaScript and founder of the project Mozilla, Brave is a popular crypto-browser who distributes Basic Attention Token (BAT) to users who watch advertisements offered by publishers on the platform.

BAT Brave Token, a crypto with great potential

Hoskinson believes that BAT crypto has enormous potential and the ability to “Disrupt cartels” who control the online advertising industry, especially thatits growth curve and its adoption were just phenomenal. “

He feels that “cryptocurrency could become a major player in the browser market » in the Next 5-10 years, and therefore reap “Several billion dollars advertising revenue

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As you will have noticed, Hoskinson’s list of high potential crypto projects – who studied number theory and built Cardano with a research-oriented philosophy – is mainly composed of crypto projects themselves research oriented and concerned with the protection of privacy, two essential pillars of growth in the world of web 3.0. Clearly, these projects could –should – interest you. One cannot deny their potential.

Dash, Tezos, AVA … 9 high-potential crypto projects by the co-founder of Ethereum – Bitcoin – Cryptocurrency 2020
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