Do you want to work and have a career in blockchain? Some ideas for 2020 – Cryptocurrency 2020

How to build a career in blockchain

Blockchain is the trend of today and will certainly remain so. The concept is a big hit with the press and all media. Today more than yesterday, more and more people see great career opportunities. It also offers a new space for freelance enthusiasts with the added bonus of very attractive salaries.

A sector full of future

There are several ways to make a career in blockchain as this technology is at the convergence of several sectors of activity. Thus, we can find software engineers, developers, system administrators, among others. It goes without saying that in view of its increasing involvement in the economy, non-technical profiles are also involved. We can therefore notice that for blockchain projects we will need accountants, lawyers, marketing specialists and many others.

After these few lines you are certainly convinced that blockchain can change your life. You already see yourself making a career in the sector but you don’t know how to go about it? Thecointribune offers you some avenues to start a career in blockchain.

Learn programming

It’s without a doubt the most basic way to get started with blockchain. Learning at least one programming language is the easiest or even the most accessible. The blockchain industry always needs more technical profiles and programming is the basis. Having a good level in IT would be an undeniable asset. Fortunately, the web also offers the possibility of self-training and filling in the gaps. So if you want to develop smart contracts, having knowledge of HTML and JavaScript is a good start.

Learn cryptography

This is another technical profile that the blockchain needs and which is also essential, because we will remember that blockchain technology works entirely on this principle. Cryptography deals with all the means implemented for the Data protection. It is therefore normal that cryptography is the very pivot of this technology, because security above all. Having skills in cryptography therefore gives you a definite advantage since it is also a highly sought-after technical profile. And to perfect your culture, why not consult one of the cult books in the field (Mastering Bitcoin 2nd, Andreas Antonopoulos) which you can easily find on Amazon.


Become a financial or accounting expert

Training in finance or accounting can really be useful for a career in blockchain. This technology has many implications in the finance industry. Strong knowledge of all technical aspects of finance and the stock market is also an asset. You can choose to become adviser with companies or investors on the stock market, but whatever your choice, you will certainly be able to take advantage of your skills.

Learn the jargon of blockchain

Knowing how to talk about the blockchain with the words and expressions used will certainly help you. Talking about blockchain with the right words keeps you up to date on related topics and concepts. You can keep a blockchain information blog or be a consultant to talk about blockchain, among others. If you don’t know how to do it, start with Youtube which offers quality content on the subject. You can also visit this B9Lab website which offers courses to follow at your own pace to get started.

In the end, there is no doubt that advanced training in the field or in related fields will benefit you. The financial benefits that you can derive from it strongly depend on your experience, but also on the structure for which you will work. It is also evident that both companies and governments have a growing attraction for this technology. This suggests that the future will be with the blockchain and those who have succeeded will come out the big winners.

And if you want to get started even more rigorously, don’t forget that in France the Alyra school offers high-end blockchain training.

Do you want to work and have a career in blockchain? Some ideas for 2020 – Cryptocurrency 2020
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