Does a watch with a Bitcoin wallet link a crypto-crime to a Prince of the United Arab Emirates? – Bitcoin – News 2020

On Monday, social media star Alex Hirschi revealed in his Tweet thread the launch of a limited edition Bitcoin watch. Presented as “the first functional Bitcoin watch in the world”, it would be linked to a most infamous wallet, one of those containing some of the evaporated BTC from the Mont Gox platform. The influencer raises a thorny question: is the owner of the watch, probably a member of the royal family of Saudi Arabia, linked to the Mont Gox scandal?

A shocking revelation

Monday, in the car fanatic tweeter thread, Alex Hirschi, we could see a photo showing a limited edition Bitcoin watch, the Vanguard Encrypto from Swiss watchmaker Franck Muller. The watch, presented in Blush Gold version, has the particularity of being linked to a Bitcoin wallet, hence its status as “ world’s first functional Bitcoin watch

The scoop ? It’s not just any wallet. The Bitcoin watch is linked to a MtGox wallet, which was the subject of a scandal a few years ago. The influencer has revealed that she will be associated with the highly influential Saudi royal family’s legal counsel Turki al-Sheikh.

Very well known as Blondie Supercar, social media star Alex Hirschi probably opened Pandora’s box with the display of this Bitcoin watch (BTC). Residing in the United Arab Emirates, Australian influence was visiting Abu Dhabi on Sunday for the 2019 Formula 1 Grand Prix.

According to a report, it appears that his presence in the southern city is no coincidence. Several heirs of Saudi Arabia and Dubai were there to discuss the launch of a common cryptocurrency. If there is not yet concrete proof on the implication of the Saudi royal family, it must be admitted that these revelations question all the same. Could it be possible that even one of the royal family is the owner of this watch? How would it relate to Mount Gox?


The piracy of Mont Gox at the heart of the controversy

In 2014, the whole world was shaken by what will be one of the biggest scandals in the world of cryptocurrency: the piracy of Mount Gox. It was about the largest Bitcoin exchange (BTC) in the world, liveddoes concentration of 70% of Bitcoin (BTC) transactions worldwide.

The CEO of the Japanese Bitcoin Exchange (BTC) then revealed that nearly 850,000 Bitcoin tokens had been stolen, or 6% of Bitcoins available at the time. The value of these tokens was then estimated at 460 million euros. If 200,000 Bitcoins could have been recovered, 650,000 were not found until this day.

Now a quick sweep QR code of the portfolio of this Bitcoin watch (BTC), shows that it has been in existence for 5 years, ie since 2014. It currently contains more than 2,400 Bitcoins (BTC), whose value is estimated at $ 17.7 million. The watch comes with a sealed USB key which stores private keys. Laser engraved, a QR code allows you to make funds deposits as well as balance checks.

Gox wallet address info
The object of the offense

Media responses to Alex Hirschi’s Tweeter post were immediate. Several owners of other copies of this ultra-limited edition Bitcoin (BTC) watch have posted images of their versions on social media. One of them is Dutch Didi Taihuttu, become famous for having sold all these goods to acquire a maximum of Bitcoins (BTC). According to another watch holder, it was unlikely, however, that its version was linked to the Mont Gox wallet.

Will his replies be enough to dispel doubts or do they rather raise more questions?

Does a watch with a Bitcoin wallet link a crypto-crime to a Prince of the United Arab Emirates? – Bitcoin – News 2020
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