Ebay ready to welcome Bitcoin (BTC)? – Bitcoin – Bitcoin 2020

Even as the summit Consensus just opened in Manhattan, against the backdrop of the euphoria of the crypto markets, swept away by a Bitcoin in the form of big days (+ 35% in the space of a week), Ebay take the opportunity to make the buzz inexpensively.

Indeed, if there are offices in which we must currently saber the champagne, it is indeed those of the Marketing Department of Ebay!

The future Coinbase?

Imagine that with a simple and modest 2 m2 poster strategically placed (and which formally says nothing – or almost – on a two-tone background), the auction giant has been triggering nothing less than community hysteria for 24 hours! Already dozens of articles (+1 so), thousands of tweets and RT, a multitude of more or less authorized comments and analyzes based on simple conjectures, announcing an event that is both major, and in the same harmless time as it was predictable: Ebay is about to dive into the big crypto bath!

Ebay in the starting block (-chain)

So it’s by a tweet evoking a form of “ leak (Seriously? Guys, this is a poster on the subway), let the media storm start.

Ebay auction giant So seems to teaser a possible announcement to come during the three days of Consensus (the company is a sponsor). This announcement would be quite fitting with the theme since it would be related to cryptocurrency. In what sense should we take this promise of connection with the crypto sector ?, Will it be, like the imminent Facebook Coin of an internal token with a commercial vocation ?, A partnership with a existing project? Mystery and gum ball for now.

Why not to get carried away

Even if Ebay is not formally part of GAFAM, the Californian company is nonetheless a behemoth of the sector.

Difficult in this sense to imagine the imminent launch of a project – necessarily major in its economic and strategic implications – without anything having been filtered upstream. Indeed, as exciting and bubbling as the subject is, human resources for blockchain remain scarce and expensive and skills are tearing up (a report by the pro social network LinkedIn indicates that jobs related to AI and blockchain have experienced the strongest growth, all categories combined).


So ” tokenize »His business model or DIY mainnet house, whether internally or by calling on outside expertise can hardly go unnoticed in the tiny Californian world of Fintech. It’s also for this reason that Facebook crypto had been suspected for a while, notably due to massive recruitment of blockchain engineers by the blue thumb company, essential steps and difficult to pass unnoticed …

In summary, it would be doubtful that Ebay would come out of the hat a project likely to revolutionize its operation to shake the industry on its foundations.

But why this is a significant event for the whole sector

Ebay, very early in its history understood the need to offer an integrated and user-friendly means of payment on its site, so as to facilitate and support the ultimate act of purchase on the platform, the nerve of war of any e-trader .

This is the reason why the auction giant in 2003 will acquire Paypal for 1.5 billion dollars, before separating in 2015, the companies being henceforth autonomous.

Perhaps it is this separation and divergent positions, especially on the Bitcoin, which push Ebay to exhibit its brand new interest in cryptocurrencies. Indeed, if the CEO of Paypal recently explained that his company considered “That it was still a little early” to look into the subject, Ebay has never made a secret of his interest in the subject, and this from 2017.

Anyway, and whatever the revelations of the coming days, in reality, we are only witnessing the simple and logical positioning of a major player in the ecosystem. Others will follow, as 2019 now seems to want to present itself as the year in which the digital giants will, one after the other, take the big crypto plunge.

Ebay ready to welcome Bitcoin (BTC)? – Bitcoin – Bitcoin 2020
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