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Just Mining, the well-known company in the French crypto ecosystem, just launched its crypto-active staking services a few days ago. Staking allows you to receive passive income by judiciously placing your cryptocurrencies. Staking is already available for Tezos (XTZ), Icon (ICX) and Synthetix (SNX) cryptocurrencies before other currencies are added.

The icing on the blockchain, this service is offered at an ultra-reasonable rate so that as many people as possible can taste the crypto investment!

Warning : This article is offered to you in partnership with society Just mining. Crypto investments are risky in nature, do your own research and invest only within the limits of your financial capacity. This article does not constitute an incentive to invest.

Cryptocurrency staking, the crypto investment of the moment

It’s here big trend in the crypto industry, and it does investor happiness : the possibility of no longer waiting passively with your eyes on the course – never enough excitings – but to strategically mobilize its cryptos in order to extract from them dividends.

Staking, crypto savings that earns interest

On the rise of the Decentralized Finance (DeFi), the value proposition has what it takes: in return for participating in the security of a blockchain network, via the immobilization of a certain amount of cryptocurrency, the investor is paid in dividends. These dividends are made up of a percentage of the cryptocurrency which it participates in the proper functioning. A device as profitable as it is virtuous!

The profitability of digital currencies in “Proof of Issue” (PoS)

The “Cryptocurrency staking” is specific to corners whose operation is based on a type protocol Proof Of Stake – PoS (“Proof of stake”). This protocol itself has various variants (Proof of liquid stake for Tezos for example).

This is a radically different approach from that of Bitcoin. The crypto boss being based on a system called Proof of Work (Proof of Work).

Beyond the somewhat hermetic and barbaric terminology, the point that the investor must remember is the following: blockchains operating in PoS base the solidity of their networks on a system of knots. The operation of these nodes implies the immobilization of a certain amount of cryptocurrencies associated with the blockchain concerned. This asset acts as bail. Besides that it locks a certain amount of total supply of the currency (which goes in the direction of a valuation of the token price), this deposit materializes seriousness and commitment network node operators.

In return for their efforts, the owners of these immobilized sums are eligible for awards in the form of ” rewards »(Interests) at paces and according to modalities which depend on the governance of the project.

In other words, rather than passively sleeping its cryptocurrencies on their wallets respective, the informed investor has the possibility of temporarily immobilize so she can earn interest.

Just Mining launches its staking offers: get passive income by placing your cryptocurrencies

It should be noted in passing that there’s nothing really exotic about the concept of staking. Apart from the crypto-mechanical technology that works behind the scenes the value proposition is as old as finance itself. Most bank books work this way, including the famous “Preferred investment of the French”, I named the A booklet (do not laugh).

An enticing but sometimes complex staking … Just Mining takes care of everything

The painting would be ideal if it weren’t for the technicality of the operation (clearly not accessible to everyone) and the need to keep a watchful eye to mechanics and news different blockchains in case of investments in several assets, so as not to miss an update or an action to be validated.

Not to mention that each staking system is governed by project-specific rules (minimum downtime, rate of rewards, etc.). Something to pull your hair out, or at least spend time on it that you probably don’t have.

Can you imagine that behind this idyllic image, hides the Just Mining overheating team?

This is no longer a problem: Just Mining has just launched its staking management service, built on a very simple scheme: to them the sleepless nights and the liters of coffee, to you the rewards in cryptocurrencies!


Just Mining is positioned as the French leader in staking

OfOwen Simonin a.k.a Hash, we knew the role of French crypto influencer, via his channel Youtube, rich in tutorials and presentations of concepts and crypto projects.

We may know a little less, but he is also behind several entrepreneurial initiatives, including Just mining which, for more than two years, offers services related to the mining of cryptocurrencies.

Owen Simonin, @Hasheur, surrounded by the Just Mining team
Owen Simonin and Just his gang

“We want to offer a turnkey offer on staking proposals, with a very low margin, a very low cost on the implementation, even for a complete beginner who pays with a Carte Bleue”

Note that we only take management fees on the capital gain, in other words, on performance. The offer is particularly transparent, all costs are known in advance and the client has only one concern to have: recovering their dividends.

We buy the tokens, we secure them and recover the dividends (rewards). If the wallets require updates, Just Mining will take care of them. On their dashboard, the client has access to all the necessary information, and can withdraw their dividends at any time, convert them to Bitcoin, or even to fiat currency if they wish. “

Just Mining’s offers: 6 to 59% profitability in crypto dividends

All this is very encouraging, but it is now time to talk about concrete things!

For the moment, Just Mining offers its staking services on 3 cryptocurrencies: Tezos (XTZ), ICON and Synthetix (SNX).

An emblematic trio of cryptocurrencies in PoS, soon to be enriched with Cosmos and Algorand

You have now figured out how cryptocurrency staking works.

However, as mentioned earlier, each project is governed by its own rules. Note in passing that a universal principle applies: the higher the yields announced are importantthe more they will be matched with some constraints. So even if Tezos (XTZ) and its 6% yield could seem a little pale (so to speak, discuss it with your banker to laugh), the payment system is extremely rare: you get your dividends back …every minute (if your banker does not cheer up, finish it with this information)!

Fees and tariffs

Owen Simonin confirms it, even if the purchase of the different tokens, their collateral placement, the management of the settings, the storage and the transfers of crypto constitute a work in its own right, Just Mining will only apply symbolic fees for the custody (holding cryptocurrency on behalf of the client) and setting up the service (enough to simply cover the exchange costs).

For the most part, the fees will only be taken from the actual performance of your staking. Particularly reasonable, these costs will 10 to 15% of rewards, depending on the projects.

In other words, by investing in staking with Just Mining, in addition to paying nothing for the activation of the service, the investor will keep 85 to 90% of their dividends. More information on the site FAQ.

effortless passive income in cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin – News 2020
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