EToro trading platform acquires Delta – Bitcoin – Bitcoin 2020

Great maneuvers in the Crypto sector! The well-known trading platform eToro has just announced that it has acquired the company specializing in portfolio tracking and monitoring the price of Delta crypto assets.

This acquisition further materializes the dynamism of a company which has set itself the objective of making trading practice accessible to as many people as possible. (Press release)

The essential eToro platform

We don’t really present anymore eToro, both the company, founded in 2007 and striving to democratize the trading, quickly became a benchmark in the industry (but if in doubt, take a look around here). Traditional actions to the king Bitcoin, many assets are offered to apprentice traders, through an interface renowned for its ergonomics and solidity.

However, the platform does not fall asleep on its laurels by pursuing a dynamic acquisition policy. Delta is the latest gem to join the company’s war chest.

Delta crypto wallet tracker, latest acquisition of eToro

Yoni Assia, Co-founder and CEO of eToro, explains:

“We are pleased to announce that Delta will be part of the eToro group. This is our second acquisition this year and it reflects our commitment to continue our growth and innovation. When we launched eToro, our goal was to shake up the trading world. We wanted to change the way people think about trading and investing, to reduce their dependence on traditional financial institutions and to make trading and investing more transparent while adding fun. This mission remains our common thread and we will continue to evolve both through organic growth and through acquisition in order to provide our customers with the best possible experience. “

Delta, a solid portfolio management application

Delta is part of these application everyday essentials, for those who want to keep a watchful and vigilant eye on their basket of crypto currencies.


Delta is an application of crypto wallet tracking which lists more than 6000 cryptoactive through more than 180 exchanges.

The app also provides investors with a range of tools to track and analyze their crypto portfolios. With over 1.5 million users and hundreds of thousands of active users each month, the app is known for its high quality.
This materializes through rather glowing user comments (4.8 on average on iOS, 4.6 out Android) and its award-winning user interface (Price Webby Judges Award Best Mobile Interface 2018 UI / UX).

If the amount of the acquisition is not known, Nicolas Van Hoorde, Delta CEO provides some details:

“This acquisition makes sense for Delta, eToro and especially for our respective users. There are strong synergies between the two companies and we share many common values, in particular the emphasis on community and continuous innovation. The two companies have succeeded thanks to united and committed communities and our commitment to put the user first, using advanced technologies. “

This acquisition logic – beyond the company’s own strategic vision – demonstrates how the crypto industry is changing. Furthermore, the fact that eToro can pride itself on having never lost money, despite market conditions that have not always been clear since 2017, allow the company to be legitimately confident for the future.

EToro trading platform acquires Delta – Bitcoin – Bitcoin 2020
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