Halving Bitcoin, Ethereum 2.0, social currencies … Why 2020 will be the year of the explosion of crypto! – Bitcoin – Bitcoin 2020

If you have been in this industry for a few years, it could not have escaped your notice that several major phases have followed one another, like so many successive shifts in the sector. The speed of these changes says as much about our era when everything is working at an accelerated rate, as it does about the small blockchain world, bubbling with dynamism and perpetual innovation.

2017 was the year of bull run and the explosion of ICOs. 2018, that of regulators and “crypto winter”. 2019, for its part, is a year of transition par excellence! It is characterized in particular by a slow infusion among the general public of innovative ideas of the Blockchain, a market which is regaining obvious vigor, and the discreet but irrepressible establishment of the future giants of crypto who are preparing to change everything …

Halving of Bitcoin, Ethereum 2.0, rise of social cryptos… 2020 could represent the real starting point of the reign of the blockchain! So, in order to position yourself as best as possible now, find out what 2020 has in store for us, and why we need to prepare today.

The Halving of Bitcoin

To all lord, all honor, let’s start with our king all: Bitcoin (BTC)! Even though “ digital gold “Is regaining its luster right now, a major event is looming in mid-2020: the Halving !

He was mentioned last week as one of his most direct descendants on Litecoin (LTC), whose own halving will occur in a few weeks.

What is a Halving? Every 210,000 blocks – about every 4 years – the reward granted to miners of the Bitcoin blockchain is automatically divided by 2. Concretely, this reward currently being 12.5 BTC, it will increase approximately in May 2020 to 6.25 BTC, further limiting the number of new Bitcoins coming into the world.

Bitcoin has already experienced 2 Halvings in its decade of existence and its course has systematically found itself multiplied in the months following this highlight in the life of its blockchain. Note that the event is widely anticipated by the market, a halving is only rarely characterized by a strong price reaction immediately before or after the phenomenon. In contrast, when it comes to Bitcoin halving has in the past, systematically seen its value increase in the medium term.

So, as history tends to repeat itself, it is very likely that the price of Bitcoin will experience a significant increase in 2020, passing its recent gains for a nice warm-up! (and that would help a lot John McAfee which we will recall that he bet big – way of talking – on a Bitcoin at $ 1 million in 2020!).

Ethereum SERENITY, a decisive step on the path from PoW to PoS

With more than 28 billion euros of capitalization at the time of the reaction of these few lines, Ethereum (ETH) represents the second market capitalization. This simple status, associated with the solidity of the project and the qualities of its development team, allows the work of Vitalik Buterin take full advantage of the revival of the current and future market.

However, Ethereum does not fall asleep on its laurels and like operating systems, is regularly renewed with new versions, enhanced with new features, even deeply renewing the architecture of its blockchain.

So, after baptizing ” Frontier “Its initial version, did Ethereum switch to” Homestead “In March 2016. The White Paper then provided for a version” Metropolis “, Finally broken down into Bizance and Constantinople. Currently ” Serenity “Represents the next iteration of the project and will involve a total overhaul of the model which will see the Ethereum blockchain go from a so-called approach Proof of Work (PoW, like Bitcoin) to a system of Proof of Stake (PoS). Proof of Stake is said to be more energy efficient and better decentralization and for simplicity, involves immobilizing a certain amount of cryptocurrencies. This immobilization, a veritable “deposit”, represents in a way a guarantee provided by the operators of Nodes of the network, supposed to make the consensus decision more reliable.

Scheduled to be powered from June 30, 2020, ” Ethereum ZERO Is supposed to prepare the ground to guarantee the launch in early 2020 of what is presented by the developers as a Ethereum 2.0.

Anyway, Ethereum has brilliantly demonstrated in the past its ability to establish itself as one of the most reliable players in the crypto ecosystem, this confidence materialized by the great value that has reached the course of ETH (with a ATH of 1432 dollars, reached January 14, 2018). As such, the prospects of implementing the Serenity architecture in 2020 are thus likely to incredibly energize the entire sector, as well as bring to cryptocurrency a significant price boost.


The Bakkt platform

We talk about it regularly, and you can find here a full presentation of the project: crypto emanation of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Bakkt aims for nothing less than bring Bitcoin into the sacred cenacle of the traditional American stock market!

The challenge is daunting and the Bakkt team is forced to advance cautiously, in order to reassure financial institutions that are still wary of sulphurous cryptocurrencies. So the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) multiplies requests for guarantees before granting the unprecedented sesame which would consist in officially considering Bitcoin as ” a commodity like the others “, Like gold, wheat or oil … However, and even if the project has been postponed several times, it will end up being officially launched (and we are even talking about Bitcoin Futures which could be offered at the end of July 2019).

With this first door open, observers agree that many other major players will rush into this new investment territory still virgin and full of promise!

Social cryptos: TON from Telegram, Libra from Facebook, VOICE from Eos

It would be astonishing that you escaped it: the multitude of announcements announcing the impending surge of cryptos known as “social”Is perhaps one of the major events in the whole history of blockchain (including the launch of Bitcoin and the emergence of the concept of smart contract).

In this category, we obviously find the future giant Libra, founded by Facebook, but also the brand new social network VOICE Powered by block.one, on the blockchain EOS (who, to give an idea of ​​the stakes, did not hesitate to spend 30 million dollars…. for his domain name!). YOUR of Telegram is a special case, since the company offers a messaging service, rather than a real social network. However, after a historic ICO that raised $ 1.3 billion in early 2018, Telegram has the cards in hand to incessantly also offer something huge!

Facebook and its application galaxy, in which Libra will be deployed, targets its 2.7 billion regular users. Telegram proudly aligns between 250 and 300 million users. VOICE could quickly reach a community of similar size..

And all of this will happen… in 2020!

TON is contractually scheduled to be launched end of 2019, period when VOICE will also take off. As for Libra, the last official announcements evoke the 1st semester 2020 for the launch of the payment service.

In short, in 2020 it is almost half of humanity who will discover the joys and potentials of cryptocurrency and blockchain!

If it’s always difficult to try a forecast (and run away from anyone who explains to you that you are certain about this!), it’s hard not to see how bright the future is full of promise for those who knew how to anticipate the deep economic, societal and technological revolutions to come.

In any case, it is not too late to take advantage of this period to take investment positions. However, before you get started without a net, take the time to train and become aware of the sector by browsing for example our investor guide, rich with 13 fundamental rules to know before boosting your heritage in cryptocurrencies!

Halving Bitcoin, Ethereum 2.0, social currencies … Why 2020 will be the year of the explosion of crypto! – Bitcoin – Bitcoin 2020
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