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With Poto and Banque du Coeur, Cyril Hanouna could dive into cryptocurrency

And if, by its popularity, its audience and an undeniable ability to stick to the time, the host Cyril Hanouna and his army of “Fanzouses” was big enough to boost the crypto adoption in France?

The C8 host’s “Bank of the Heart” project and Poto electronic money will obviously be built on a blockchain. If the project does not last long, it could make a real difference in the perception of the entire crypto-economy.

Hanouna, founder of a future crypto-bank?

Cyril Hanouna had already spoken about it in the past. Saying he was touched by the situation of many people left behind by the traditional financial system, he hoped to set up a “Bank of the Heart”, sort of financial counterpart of “Restaurants” of the same name. After a little delay in starting up, the facilitator put the project back on track a few days ago.

And the suspense will have been short-lived: the Bank of the Heart being supposed “deploy the most modern technologies“, It didn’t take long to learn that the project would be built on a blockchain, allowing the deployment of a cryptocurrency: the Poto.

And to put the whole to music, the entertainment taulier called on a size of the sector, the engineer Ryad Boulanouar, a recognized specialist in contactless payment solutions (Moneo, Nickel account and solution for the Navigo Pass, it’s him).

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“An account without a bank”, it reminds me of something

The Fanzouzes, these Hanouna-maximalists

Forget Bitcoin and its tens of millions of aficionados around the world, exit Libra yet proudly trained on its more than 2 billion users, and even the future crypto-renmibi as large as the Chinese population may be … and if France were to lead the way for the mass adoption of a cryptocurrency, thanks to … the army of fanzouzes Cyril Hanouna?

Do not mistake yourself : the tone of this article is intended to be light, and it would be comfortable to give in to an easy irony to describe the project of Banque du Coeur as whimsical and utopian, in the same way as some intelligentsia despised Hanouna, accused of being “popular”, and of dragging his audience down.

It would also be tempting to remove this project from the perimeter of “serious” crypto news (even though not a week goes by without the disaster ZyneCoin is not mentioned, not to mention the very recent Sestrel Dieudonne).


Gold, – beyond the fact that as a crypto lover, utopia is supposed to inspire us – spread the reality of influence of the C8 troublemaker, a disdainful raised eyebrow would be a big mistake.

Because indeed, whether one is in adoration before the animator, or sorry for what he embodies, impossible to deny his ability to federate an impressive community: 6 million people follow the moderator on Twitter, enough to hyperventilate the biggest influencers in the crypto industry, including Anglo-Saxons.

And unlike the main French influencers (from Cyprien to Natoo), generally confined to social networks, Cyril Hanouna occupies in parallel each week dozens of hours of aerials, in front of millions of viewers. A war machine in terms of communication surface, which only major international brands are generally able to deploy.

Popular, but not populist

Thanks to the crisis of Yellow vests, Hanouna is perhaps the only public figure to have succeeded in making an improbable synthesis: staying close to the aspirations of the demonstrators, while attracting the executive graces who will not hesitate to use his TPMP broadcast as a platform. A performance by a strategist, far from the image that some may have of the host.

The glorious GiletJauneCoin
And if not, we have the YellowCoin Vest, you are the one who sees

So, whatever form the “Bank of the Heart” or “Poto” takes as cryptocurrency (we are currently talking about a web platform, funding by sponsors, and the possibility of “making donations” by acquiring Poto), it is to this same population that Cyril Hanouna will address , a population that is very loyal to the organizer and could, if the project is tightly tied, lead to something tangible, not far from some of the recurring ambitions of the sector.

It is obviously still too early to say, very few concrete details have already filtered. A special program in early 2020 seems to be scheduled, which will allow us to learn a little more.

Hanouna, his fanzouses and the “Poto”, stronger than Bitcoin? – Bitcoin – News 2020
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