HODL !! From the origin of the war cry of Bitcoin holders – Bitcoin – Cryptocurrency 2020

“HODLLL! This belching title needs to be raucous, powerful, and punctuated with a look of madness in the eyes.

This word, invented, we will see under conditions that are both murky and perfectly documented, is an integral part of the “pop-culture” of Bitcoin and crypto.

Hold, basically, it’s a pretty harmless English transitive verb. Nothing predestined him to be suddenly seized and transformed into a barbaric cry. Academically, it means “hold / keep, conserve …”. If the words had a temper, Hold would probably be rather placid. But that was before crossing the road to “GameKyuubi”, in a dark alley, on a cold evening of December 18, 2013 (it was a Wednesday).

Almost instantly, from this meeting between a drifting and a little bit broken human and a word that asked nothing of anyone, was going to be born a legend declined in multiple .gif and other Internet memes, whose echoes continue to resonate until nowadays.

Let’s go back today in a few lines on the origin of this term, which is now an integral part of the vocabulary of the community.

December 18, 2013, on the Bitcointalk forum

That evening, having probably started hostilities a lot, but then much earlier in the morning, the coder and guitarist Mike a.k.a Gamekyuubi on the web, comes back from a session rather wet and which seems to have ended short: his girl preferred to stay in a bar frequented by homosexuals, rather than to return with him.

As often when the Force is with us (popopop, don’t deny, unless you’re the Dalai Lama or two or three of those kind of the fire-laughing Caliph of E.I Al Baghdadi, it’s ALL happened to us), so find an outlet, worthy if possible (spoiler: it will miss).

Mike tells the keyboard of his computer and thinks it’s the perfect time to explain to the world why he prefers to keep his Bitcoins. Here is what he does then, in a state that we politely call second:

The (relatively) summary translation of this mythical text could be as follows:


“I typed this title twice because I knew it was wrong from the start. Always wrong. We do not care. Girlfriend is out in a lesbian bar, Bitcoin crashes WHY I KEEP IT. I WILL TELL YOU WHY. It’s because I’m a bad trader and JI KNOW THAT I AM A BAD TRADER. Yeah, you good traders you can spot the highs and lows just like that: snitch, shit, beanbag, bing, bang and make a millino dollars of course, worry brother. Likewise, “weak hands” * are like “OH NO IT WILL NOT LOWER I WILL SELL” ah ah ah and then they are like “ OH MY GOD, I HAVE ASS ASS “When the good TRADERS who KNOW WHAT THEY’RE WHAT THEY ARE FUCKING ABOUT redeem but you know what? I am not part of this group. When the traders buy out I am already part of the financial market then GUESS WHO ARE YOU FALING the “day traders” * (speculators) NOT ME ~! These mocking posts “OHH YOU WOULD SELL” NO? NO KIDDING . WITHOUT JACKING I WILL SELL IT. I WILL HAVE SELL A LITTLE LITTLE LITTLE BEFORE EACH SALE AND BUY JUST BEFORE EACH PURCHASE OPERATION BUT YOU KNOW WHAT EVERYONE IS NOT AS COOL AS YOU WANTS. You sell on a bear market * only if you are a good day trader or an illusory young blue. People in between keep. In a zero sum game * like this one traders can only take your money if you sell.


so I took some whiskey

in fact on the bottle it was written whiskey

w / e *

put me on trial

(but only if it is payable in bitcoins)

an illusory blue ”.

The birth of “HODL” (reconstruction)

NOTE : The stock market and trading world like crypto has a number of specific expressions that you may want to have an explanation for.

  • weak hands : in the stock market jargon it is traders or investors who lack conviction in their strategy or means to carry them out
  • day trader : person practicing day trading (yeah, it’s technical you have to follow). The goal of the Day Trader and to go back and forth during the day, purchases and sales are always closed before the market closes, so as to have a completely liquid portfolio during the market closing hours.
  • bear market or ” bear In financial jargon, is a further fall in share prices for an indefinite period.
  • zero sum game : a game where the sum of the winnings and losses of all players is equal to 0. This means that the gain of one necessarily constitutes a loss for the other.
  • w / e: text abbreviation for whatever which in this context means “we don’t care, we don’t care etc”

The start of a legendary saga

This post, but especially its shell, instantly marked the beginning of a long series of responses and comments where HOLD was taken up until it became the meme we know. The initial post dates from December 2013 the last response of July 14, 2016, that is 132 pages of discussions. This is telling you how serious crypto and blockchain are, seriously, don’t believe it. If you want to get a concrete idea, it’s here.

Thus ends the little story of HODL the most famous typo in the world of cryptos.

Not all diction errors end up, alas, entering the digital pantheon and the “do you want me to help you?” “That a good friend (yes Laurent it is for you that one) offered as assistance to his wife at the end of a muscular aperitif, it is not her, not passed to posterity. It’s unfair, but failing to resonate in eternity, it will have made friends laugh.

HODL !! From the origin of the war cry of Bitcoin holders – Bitcoin – Cryptocurrency 2020
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