Interview with Jeremy Bendayan, founder of The CoinTribune – Bitcoin – News 2020

“Value does not wait for the number of years.” If this proverb taken from the “Cid” of Crow is not the first freshness and could send you back to the contrasting memory of laborious years of high school, rarely maxim will have been more appropriate to evoke the course of Jeremy Bendayan, the entrepreneur behind the media you are currently on!

Judge instead: at 29 Jeremy has already started from nothing a start-up that he has grown to reach 50 employees, will have managed more than 350 million euros in budget, for the benefit of clients as prestigious as Run, Afflelou, Foncia or Air Caribbean. 5 years later, he agreed, not without a pinch at heart, to resell his company to Qwantplify, a large group listed on the stock exchange!

Obvious embodiment of ” serial entrepreneur “Jeremy Bendayan is now entering the crypto ecosystem by being at the origin of the foundation of the new media The Coin Tribune.

Hello Jeremy, can you briefly describe your background?

It all starts with a casting error! After studying economics, everything destined me to become …accountant ! Problem, not only I am not passionate about the calculator but especially the idea of ​​spending my life locked in the company of Excel tables deeply depresses me …

I would nevertheless make an act of presence by spending 6 months in a cabinet, before resolving myself to a simple observation: it will be entrepreneurship, or nothing!

As often in life, it’s a mixture of improbable circumstances added to a touch of madness that make me meet Franck the one who will become one of my best friends, as well as the partner with whom the company will be founded Adsvisers, a start-up specializing in digital advertising.

Let me keep it short: after we have gone through all the moments of doubt and all the possible and imaginable errors, the company has found its cruising speed, then its legitimacy.

After a few years, I am proud to see that we have been entrusted with some of the most substantial budgets in the sector but also that even Google and Facebook have ranked us among the top French agencies!

Separating in 2019 from Adsvisers by selling the business to a large group was perhaps one of the most difficult decisions of my career. Despite everything, it was essential, both to offer our “baby” a scaling but also to allow me to tackle other projects important to me …. like The CoinTribune!

When are you interested in cryptocurrency?

Much like everyone else, I keep a close eye on the growth of Bitcoin and a bit like everyone else … I don’t start when I should have! (to laugh).

A friend talks to me in 2015 of Ethereum and I immediately see a parallel between the potentials of dApps (decentralized applications) offered by this blockchain and the first frameworks which made it possible at the end of the 90s to easily configure and use websites. The foundations of the essence of today’s Internet.

So I’m investing in Ethereum as well as other projects and ICO whose success will prove to be more mixed… as in entrepreneurship, mistakes are an integral part of the path!

Holder or trader? What is your investor profile?


Deeply holder! Already because I do not necessarily have the time required to be successful as a trader, which is a real job … And then by temperament I prefer to project myself on the long term on solid projects.

From the investment point of view, I apply a simple but effective principle: “During the gold rush, the shovel and pickaxe sellers get rich.” In other words, I favor structuring projects, those which are intended to provide bases, foundations for the crypto economy of tomorrow. In the same logic, I am a holder of exchange tokens like the BNB of Binance or the token of Huobi : these corners have a real function, easy to understand for the user, it is the key to adoption (and a solid investment!)

Tell us about The Coin Tribune, its foundation and the editorial team

The ounce of The CoinTribune appeared in 2015. At the time we had created a group of amateur investors on WhatApp which will meet with some success (it still exists). Very quickly I wanted to create the type of media that I would like to have available: something both community and participatory but also cutting-edge, while offering a gateway to crypto and blockchain for anyone: a not so simple summary!

The CoinTribune is very young, barely a few months and 3 associates joined me in this adventure: Didier Uzan, Mathieu Giraud and Frank Carasso.

The team, structured around Mathieu The Rédac’Chef is really starting to look like something with very varied profiles, from the pure and hard trader to writers with different skills, capable of dealing with current affairs as well as offering in-depth analyzes on crypto issues and blockchain.

We are in full load and will soon begin to offer original formats, likely to make a difference with other media players.

How do you see the French crypto ecosystem in 5 years?

We often hear that France will have difficulty taking the blockchain train, due to its internal heaviness and a certain lack of agility, reported to nations like Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Singapore or Israel.

I do not agree with this vision. Currently France has an attractive regulatory and fiscal context that can make a difference. I also note that if our country is not necessarily the most quick to give birth to a profusion of start-ups and projects (this was already the case when the web boomed 20 years ago), France, on the other hand, is gifted at “transforming testing”, industrializing processes and give birth to service companies exploiting innovation. When it comes to crypto, of course I think of Ledger, a real nugget in the sector, which perfectly illustrates the phenomenon

What positioning for The Coin Tribune in the current French media landscape?

I have no ambition to reinvent the wheel! My first objective is to make The CoinTribune a solid reference, offering quality information with, and for the benefit of the French community.

My former activities push me to understand the media from the point of view of the quality of the content and its total compliance with the most advanced SEO standards. In addition, I have been at the forefront in recent years to see that video content will make the difference. Media like Gross or Konbini represent the future in this regard and The CoinTribune will learn from it.

Interview with Jeremy Bendayan, founder of The CoinTribune – Bitcoin – News 2020
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