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Dash cryptocurrency has a special place in the crypto community. Besides Dash and one of the most direct heirs of Bitcoin (from which it was originally inspired by the operation, before improving almost all its characteristics), Dash appeared very early in the history of crypto- monetary. Indeed, imagined in 2012, this digital currency was born in 2014. In 8 years of existence, the Dash has not ceased to be a pioneer in many fields, incorporating in its protocol multiple improvements with the concrete ambition nothing less than to become a real “everyday cryptocurrency” at the ease of use and overall transaction speed unmatched.

And because before being a currency, Dash is a crypto, the currency in addition to being ultra-efficient allows micro-transactions as well as preserving the anonymity of its users. These unique features and its unique design make it probably one of the strongest investments in the crypto industry. Dash definitely has its place in a smart investor portfolio.

We often say of the Dash cryptocurrency that it is “the Bitcoin of the masternodes”, you will discover in the article of the day in what this nickname is deserved!

And today is also a big day: Feel Mining has just added Dash to its team of Masternodes! A golden opportunity to invest in a few clicks in the project and comfortably benefit from its dividends with all the ergonomics to which the Grenoble company has accustomed us!

This article is offered to you in partnership with society Feel mining. Crypto investments are risky in nature, do your own research and invest only within the limits of your financial capacity. This article does not constitute an incentive to invest.


Why does Dash deserve its nickname “Bitcoin of Masternodes”?

I’m always suspicious when a project looks like “The New Bitcoin” (to put it mildly: I think this is downright element discriminant which calls for only one answer: “We already have Bitcoin”). On the other hand, if there is a cryptocurrency that deserves a rapprochement with the queen of currencies, maybe it’s the Dash.

One of my beloved writer being in the middle of a Dash project fact sheet, out of respect for his work – and because I would like to continue having croissants at the Rédac ’ – I would not really dwell on the details and the history of this cryptocurrency which aims to hunt on the lands of Paypal and become a real “Digital-Cash” (“D-ash”, and yes, it comes from there).

I will therefore content myself for the moment with setting out some of the arguments which seem to me to justify the fact that the reputation of “Bitcoin of Masternodes” is not usurped by Dash.

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Dash was the first cryptocurrency with masternode

So obviously, born in 2009, Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency – all short. On the other hand, when Dash officially saw the light of day in 2014, it was not satisfied with simply offering a new slightly improved version (for example faster, as could be Litecoin, one of the first heirs to Bitcoin). No, Dash from launch offers a multitude of evolutions which, without denying the heritage of Bitcoin, will revolutionize the sector.

And among these developments, the operation in Masternode, which will be implemented later.

So, as such – and like BitcoinDash is the first of its kind.

I’m not going into too much detail on how masternodes work in the crypto monetary ecosystem. If you are used to Mining Grandstand, you would not have missed this presentation of the concept, and its profitability from the perspective of the crypto investor.

The amount of Dash is limited

As you are aware, the number of bitcoins in circulation cannot exceed 21 million around 2140, when the last BTC is mined (probably to the applause of the planet, it’s Altered Carbon who teaches us).

For Dash, this total will not exceed 18.9 million (why? How? we will talk about it later, in relation to the crescents, see me). Currently, the number of coins in circulation is about 9.3 million.

This limited quantity, in addition to being of paramount importance from the point of view of monetary governance (Dash is a currency deflationary, like Bitcoin), is calibrated to promote the appreciation of the digital currency.

Comparison number of Dash / Bitcoin Nodes

Bitcoin sees its decentralization and his distribution guarantees through more than 10,000 nodes distributed on the planet. The vast majority of crypto projects, despite big ambitions, have to settle for a few hundred nodes – sometimes less – raising serious doubts about their real capacity for resilience and decentralization.

The Dash network is 5000 masternodes at the moment. It’s simply the widest and most distributed network ….just behind Bitcoin.

Community and development

What will make the difference between the genius idea of ​​the last crypto-entrepreneur and the true capacity of a concept to change the world will always lie in the will and heart of a solid and sustainable development team, surrounded by community strong and committed. This principle applies universally, whether you open a bakery, or want to disrupt the crypto economy.

So, just like Bitcoin whose army of developers and an enthusiastic and dynamic community guarantees the upgrade, even the improvement day after day, Dash can count on a foundation whose functioning made it the first true CAD (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) from 2015.

Dash, an increased Bitcoin

One of the strengths of Bitcoin is its ability to run on a system rustic, who demonstrated his robustness and his resilience, probably at the cost of its flexibility and pure performance.

Indeed, even if the Bitcoin blockchain of 2009 and its limited initial capacities (4 transactions max / sec, block size limited to 1 MB every 10 mins) is very inefficient, its community has shown itself capable of upgrading over the years, architecture via specific additions allowing in particular the appearance of high-speed micro-transactions (Lightning Network) or l‘Anonymization, via mixing services.

No need for these devices at Dash, which has long had two central functions allowing:

  • instantaneity transactions with InstantSend
  • anonymization exchanges with PrivateSend (optional transaction mix function)

Investing in Dash, the good idea of ​​2020?

You have thus taken note of some of the common points which make it possible to affirm without blushing that Dash deserves to proudly display its nickname of Bitcoin of Masternodes.

Limited and low quantity, rigorous protocol, real decentralization, sophistication and constant improvements…Bitcoin and Dash shine with similarities, and Dash even fined his elder on the grounds of anonymity transactions, not to mention their instantaneity.

However, in the end the biggest difference between the two currencies is probably in their amazing price differences! Indeed, if Bitcoin is currently evolving around 6000 dollars, the Dash is currently only trading at 70 dollars!

The Dash Course January-March 2020

Note that if during the bull run of 2017 DASH exceeded 1,500 dollars, its price has largely unscrewed in recent weeks, as has the entire market cap, making him lose 30% (Dash exceeded 100 dollars at the end of February 2020).


How long will it take for, as part of the democratization of cryptocurrencies, do investors realize that Dash is most likely undercut? Anyway, and remembering that the future is not written, the “Digital-Cash” probably deserves that you devote the few minutes of reading this article!

The Masternodes Dash launched today on Feel Mining!

As you may have guessed, one of the barriers to entry when it comes to setting up and managing a Dash masternode is probably made up of its high price.

Indeed, a Dash masternode requires to be operated, the immobilization of 1000 Dash, or at the current price, around 70,000 dollars (or 11 bitcoins).So even if the project is attractive is its governance particularly lit, we agree that these conditions drastically limit access to the investor lambda.

And even if it is still possible to fall back on more accessible Masternodes and recover beautiful dividends for investments of a few tens to a few hundred euros (take advantage of that, it’s the sales!), Dash is still one of these “beautiful projects” that have the allure in crypto wealth management!

Fortunately, Feel Mining that you are starting to know well has just surprised its customers by offering them from today the opportunity to invest in Masternodes Dash. And in accordance with its values, this investment is accessible in “shared” mode.

In other words, there is no need to invest thousands of euros to take advantage of the quality and profitability of the Dash. “Masternode Bitcoin” is now accessible to everyone, and always at Feel Mining conditions and taking advantage of the perfect ergonomics of the service and the internal dashboard.

Now is the time to discover the contours of this offer.

Invest in the Masternode Dash and get your dividends immediately

If you already know a bit about Feel Mining’s offers, the Masternode Dash will work the same way as its little comrades, under the same advantageous conditions as the company specializing in crypto mining offers.

Feel Mining welcomes Dash, the Bitcoin of masternodes!

If, on the other hand, these are your first steps, here is a small summary of what you should know:

  • So that the investment in the Masternode Dash is accessible to all, it is possible to subscribe to a simple share of the MN
  • This share starts from 5 Dash
  • You can buy as many shares as you want
  • By subscribing, you become eligible for the dividend mechanism of Dash masternodes (currently 6.72% per year)
  • These dividends start at once to be paid to you after validation of your payment!
  • Of many payment methods are offered (VISA, Paypal, transfer, BTC / LTC / ETH, etc.)
  • Dividends are credited every few minutes on your Feel Mining dashboard
  • Feel mining is remunerated by taking 5% of dividends in Dash generated by your Masternodes. A fair and transparent system.

The “KING”(Return on Investment) of the Dash is therefore 6.72%. If there are many Masternodes with ROIs that are much more attractive (tens, even hundreds of%), it is the mark of solid and lasting projects thatoffer reasonable rewards, guarantors of a healthy project and not only there to bump for yet another useless corner for a few months. We’re talking about Dash. We typically find this same level of dividends for projects like Tezos for example, another industry standard.

In other words, if you subscribe to 100 DASH on January 1, you will have 106.72 twelve months later. Obviously, the intrinsic value of the currency is also an essential parameter. Currently at $ 70, impossible to predict at which price the Dash will trade on March 22, 2021!

If the potential is real, remember that an investment decision must be made in an informed manner and that past performance is no indication of the future.


Why did Dash join the Feel Mining team?

Both significant investment for the company and demonstration of the will of Feel mining to open its Masternode offer even further, the choice of Dash corresponds to a well-established strategy.

Chloe and Nicolas, respectively CEO and Technical Director of Feel Mining explain their choice in more detail:

“Obvious at first sight: Dash is at Masternodes what Bitcoin is at Proof of Work ! Even if its “hybrid” network is also secured by proof of work (mining), it is nonetheless a benchmark when we want to combine a solid project with securing by Masternodes.

No doubt because Dash simply invented in 2014 the very principle of Masternode network nodes!

Our customers have been asking us for a long time to set up this Masternode extremely expensive to deploy (several tens of thousands of euros at present), our mode of investment mutualized has been developed in this sense, to be able to offer investments often inaccessible to the greatest number. And the Dash is the ideal candidate!

From the “Masternodes” page of our site, each user can submit a suggestion in the “ Who’s next ?”

Feel mining masternodes, a constantly evolving portfolio

The opinions of our customers are essential for us, they are the ones who allow us to define which direction we should go. Suggestions are always carefully considered during our team meetings and this obviously contributes to the decision to list on our platform a new token secured by the configuration of a Masternode node.

So we made the decision to add the Dash to our products currently offered to our customers, we are convinced that it will be well received on our platform.

This remains a logical choice in view of the history of this project, its seriousness, the stability of its cryptocurrency and the reasonable Return on Investment (ROI) which contributes to consistent inflation of its token over the long term.

Our desire has always been to offer our investor clients the safest projects possible, and this project naturally meets all of our common expectations. “

And if the provision of the Dash masternode on the Feel Mining from today is already a nice gift, Feel Mining does not stop there!

Indeed, with the code DASH8, take advantage of 8% reduction on the subscription of your share of Masternodes Dash! (offer cannot be combined with other current promotions)

The Masternode Dash, a Cash conclusion!

Dash is an iconic cryptocurrency in the crypto ecosystem. As such, it could even find favor in the eyes of a Bitcoin maximalist and will find its place in the portfolio of any crypto investor looking for a little diversification. Again with all the precautions of use, it is not scandalous to consider that the Dash is currently rather one market considering its potential and its solidity.

This offer is therefore timely to acquire a few copies of “Bitcoin of Masternodes”, while taking advantage of its advantageous dividend program!

It’s time to invest in Dash, “Bitcoin of Masternodes” – Bitcoin – News 2020
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