John McAfee will release his own cryptocurrency! – Bitcoin – Cryptocurrency 2020

Bitcoin? overwhelmed!, Ethereum? has been !, all the values ​​on Coin Market Cap? a very, very large pile of Shitcoins! Have you dreamed of a cryptocurrency based on nothing but a delirious puff flavored with marijuana? this good old John McAfee will do it for you: get ready for the launch of the Freedom Coin!

John McAfee, the Man, the Legend

John McAfee is a real conundrum : his career and some of his achievements command respect: doctoral student in mathematics, engineers for NASA, security expert, entrepreneur behind the creation of the eponymous antivirus company …

If this background rather evokes that of a researcher that we would imagine with a corduroy jacket and an onset of baldness, John, it is rather that:

“Sobriety and temperance”, allegory

Because here, at some point, something between John’s two ears came into contact with an inappropriate thing: McAfee plunged into Bitcoin and cryptocurrency with a zest, determination (and a complete lack of sense of proportion) , who – whether we hate or adore him – now make him a living legend in the sector.

To properly assess the lifestyle of the person concerned, it should be remembered thatcurrently he lives in exile on a boat (to escape the American authorities), while preparing his future candidacy for the elections (American too). He’s like that John, the absolute archetype of libertarian cypherpunk, able to show his buttocks to anything that might seem ready or far away to a form of authority, while greedily conforming to very classic rules of the most outrageous capitalism … at the same time, have you seen the price of cocaine?

A crypto influencer, under influence

If everything is far from being thrown into what John McAfee says or does, it is difficult not to notice how he never balked at defending or promoting the most scammy crypto projects, paying very little attention to the disappointments of its hundreds of thousands of followers on social networks.

It is rumored that, at the height of the hype of ICOs in late 2017, a tweet in support of a project by our crypto-kardashian could cash up to 50,000 dollars!

We will especially remember with emotion his promotion of B2G (“Bitcoiin2G”) alongside Steven seagal (Yes Yes),


I put it there, you can do what you want with it

Forget Bitcoin, Freedom Coin is coming to town

Difficult to determine if this statement follows an awakening even fogger than usual, or an umpteenth search for buzz (it will be recalled that he recently claimed to have discovered – by social engineering – was Satoshi Nakamoto, was about to declare it to the world … and then finally no, “his lawyer having advised him“), But anyway, he announced it himself: the world will soon discover McAfee crypto, the Freedom Coin !

So, according to John-John’s first statements, what could the Freedom Coin look like?

To nothing“, You may be tempted to answer and oddly, you would fall perfectly right!

  • Scheduled for fall 2019, the McAfee Freedom Coin, won’t be shabby,
  • There will not be of ICO, let alone Airdrop,
  • no need of investors,
  • no value intrinsic
Here is the beast

“The McAfee Freedom Coin is designed to confront the problem of exchange, using a unique paradigm and a new structural concept. the token will not be backed on any goods and not linked to the value or behavior of an external element or entity. The value of the coin will still be zero compared to any other currency, but its natural market value will be free, and able to grow. ”

McAfee, asked about the Freedom Coin value proposition. get by with this.

And the White Book ? Well, according to John, you can read it … when it is published!

In the meantime, you can always treat yourself to one of these splendid credit cards which, if they are not intended to be as disruptive as the future Freedom Coin, will allow you to show off at the corner shop.

“John for President!”

John McAfee will release his own cryptocurrency! – Bitcoin – Cryptocurrency 2020
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