K.im’s missed IEO and 20,000 tonnes of Chinese gold – Bitcoin – News 2020

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New section on Bitcoin!

Tired of waiting for Bitcoin to take off “To Ze Moon” in a roar heralding your next fortune? More and more difficult to continue to defend Ripple against all odds? Just exhausted from your week of a job not really disruptive?

Rejoice! In this new meeting at the start of the weekend, we take a deep breath and take a step back. We especially remember how much if we all agree to consider crypto with all the necessary seriousness, we still evolve in a sacred barnum!

Colorful characters, improbable fundraising for projects that are just as much, rumor, scandal, bad-buzz … This section will return to the bullshit of the week. The real difficulty? Select only one Crypto-Pipeline! (and as we are going to come back to 2 news this week, it is therefore a failure from the start, see that as an allegory).

K.im’s IEO on Bitfinex: Yes, but ultimately no, but maybe later (or not)

Pipeline Level: 4 Dotcom / 5

So of course, mix Bitfinex, probably the most sulfurous crypto platform in the ecosystem, with one of the most crossed out characters on the Internet (and untouchable icon of said Internet for many), I named Kim Dotcom, it was the certainty that things could go into a spin at any time.

And when I say “spinning”, you have to take it very literally.

We will not forget in fact that the interested, eternal creator of Silk-Road, has an astonishing ability to attract assault helicopters and other perimeter special forces to improvised small surprise-parties in one or other of its villa-bunkers, to the delight of its neighbors.

Investors in K.im’s IEO patiently waiting for Bitfinex to open

In short, given this less than favorable context, and the reassuring profile of the actors in this dossier, what could possibly go wrong?

Unfortunately, we won’t know: Bitfinex has just announced that the token’s IEO will be postponed to an unspecified date Kim-Coin because, according to the exchange: ” With the rapidly changing regulatory environment, the risks associated with the IE of K.im tokens have become clear. “


The Mysterious Chinese Golden Cities

Pipeline level: 4 ingots 24k / 5

We were talking about it at the beginning of the week: The famous trader Max Kaiser announcing on the one hand the Bitcoin at 100,000 dollars (it’s been a long time since we had been entitled to a small family divination), but above all a major revelation. Indeed, China would prepare to launch its national crypto (that’s good, everyone has followed), but scoop, it will be backed by … 20,000 tonnes of gold that Beijing is about to reveal to the world!

20,000. Tons. Golden

Xi jinping after his day at work

Besides the fact that our apprentice seer does not quote not the slightest source, Chinese reserves are estimated, in real life, at between 1700 and 2000 tonnes precious metal.

China at the head of 20,000 tonnes of gold would exceed the reserves of the European Union and the United States … accumulated! (11,500 and 8,000 tonnes, respectively).

It would therefore be 18,000 tonnes that China would have successfully cored OKLM, in the nose and beard of producers, markets, specialists and intelligence services, literally reaching MULTIPLY its strategic reserves.

I let you imagine the atmosphere, both on the market, but also diplomatically, if China revealed in such a concrete way how it is capable of fomenting this kind of thing …“Ah yes, by the way … we told you about the Moon base?” “

In short, to conclude this first edition of the Crypto-Pipeline, only one issue seems to me to be necessary: ​​that Bitfinex ensures the IEO of the Chinese national cryptocurrency, on its own reserves in Tether, convertible into audited physical gold.

Until next week and in the meantime, stay critical!

K.im’s missed IEO and 20,000 tonnes of Chinese gold – Bitcoin – News 2020
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