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Satoshi Nakamoto's identity revealed

Mystery essential to the legend of Bitcoin for some, source of an initiatory quest for others and… goodwill for some who will recognize themselves. The emergence, then the rapid disappearance of Satoshi Nakamoto, creator of Bitcoin, never ceases to fuel the curiosity of the crypto community.

But thanks to a communication error committed by the interested party a few days ago, the truth is finally about to burst: Satoshi Nakamoto never left the crypto scene (and even occupied it more that in turn in fact!).

Pride probably will have finally got the better of the edifice of mystery and anonymity patiently maintained for more than 10 years. Attention: scoop in sight!

Foreword: this article is for fun, so we remain flexible on its supports, comfortable in the Charente, and we relax (especially since this hypothesis – the 153rd of its kind – was actually more than debunked during years).

The Grin and Mimblewimble incident

The November 11, 2019, the corner project led by Grin and putting confidentiality at the heart of its protocol Mimblewimble received a donation.

Nothing but very ordinary, so much this project knew how to attract the sympathy and the support of a large part of the crypto community because of its approach particularly in accordance with the founding values ​​of Bitcoin. It is therefore quite common for these types of projects to receive collaborative contributions.

Yes but here, this gift was exceptional ! By its amount already: 50 BTC (not far away half a million dollars at the current court!), but especially by its origin. Indeed, these 50 bitcoins were quickly presented as coming from one of the first historical wallets, of the race of those of pioneers from 2010-2011. Antediluvian therefore!

Moreover, without going into convoluted theories (not at all the theme of the article eh), the amount is not trivial: it corresponds to the original block reward, the one affected by the first miners of the Bitcoin blockchain before the first halving (if the word seems exotic, bring your butt on this article to review).

Well, the 50 BTC transaction that you can trace here, actually comes from … the exchange Coinbase. Now, we might have imagined a more authentic process than the mobilization of a third-party centralized platform, true Nemesis of the maximalists.

Text from across the Internet

But what’s interesting is that the founder of Grin Daniel Lehnberg, was able to exchange a few words with the mysterious – as much as generous – donor who would have said this to him:

“I know how you handled the last donation, that’s why I’m contacting you. I am not judging you on how to spend these funds, I just want to make sure you can process and distribute it as you need. It’s like 2009/2010 is back. Do not worry, you are doing very well. It’s wonderful to have GRIN now, the motivations are not economic! It’s about technology and protocol. Thank you for using these funds wisely for the development of GRIN. You continue to work as in the past. We have seen your work and your ethics towards the project and your selfless work.
This is what we are honoring right now with these donations so that you can work freely on GRIN. Without economic dependence. Thanks again for your work and please continue like this. I hope our judgment has been good, time will tell. “ Statements from the anonymous donor of 50 BTC to GRIN

Frankly, does the style mean anything to you? This kind of improbable semantics born from an automatic vocalization program manipulated by someone asocial but philanthropic? This complete lack of humor or lightness? The effectiveness of the subject and the economy of words?

This text is from Satoshi Nakamoto, I would put mine to cut (reasoned update: I would bet 1 million satoshi).

Satoshi, the mysterious donor?

Who puts us on the trail of an old wallet even when the funds come from Coinbase ? Well it is Charlie Lee, the “dad” of Litecoin, one of the oldest cryptos on the market, created on a fork of Bitcoin, elongated with a faster sauce, and more coins (48 million to be exact).


So it’s on Telegram Charlie drops a bomb: He reveals (in great detail) that the bitcoins offered were extracted in 2010, and transferred from a portfolio that had been inactive for almost 9 years.

Even if no one is unaware of the existing links (and to be honest, troubles) between Lee and Coinbase, the information is nothing less than overwhelming: Satoshi would be 1. Living, and 2. Able to interact with its Bitcoin wallets, all announced by one of his “contemporaries”, the most credible.

So of course the sad minds will remember that Charlie Lee, failing to know where he is, the community tends to be wary of it. Indeed, the creator of Litecoin has multiplied the sometimes fanciful declarations over the years, also not hesitating to dabble in the vicinity of insider trading or wild dump with the LTC…

And in fact, it didn’t take long for Lee to admit it: it was … a “joke”!

Lee-Satoshi, Charlie-Nakamoto and vice versa

Except that the damage is done, sorry. Satoshi has just revealed himself before our eyes, under which he has been trumpeting and vociferating via social networks interposed for 10 years. Satoshi Nakamoto never actually left the stage. Satoshi Nakamoto… IS Charlie Lee! (drops the microphone on the floor and looks defiant).

And everything in his attitude calls out to us from the start. Look at this message for example:

“Satoshi Nakamoto has brought to the world an open-source, decentralized currency, allowing to dispense with confidence, resistant to censorship, based on mathematics and cryptography. If Satoshi wanted to reveal himself, he would sign a message with the Genesis key. Everything else is most likely fraudulent. “

And There you go. Very exactly what the real Satoshi would say with the air of not touching it! As if by chance. You are unmasked Sato-Charlie!

10 years. 10 years to remember. Not to make the mistake that would have revealed his true-false pseudonym identity. Charlie Lee-Satoshi deserves our respect.

So of course there is also sadness in this revelation. Firstly because I taste everyone’s disappointment, at the prospect of knowing that it is there, the mystery is solved. But also for Charlie and his obvious dissociation of personality (you have to admit that you really think you are reading two different people, hat the artist). We give him a big kiss and wish him the best of therapists.

Nakamoto challenge – Satoshi finally unmasked, he never left! – Bitcoin – Bitcoin 2020
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