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Bitcoin for the beginner. This topic merits a dedicated site, so to speak, rather than a simple article in favor of what appears to be the thrill of a new bull market for the BTC.

However, today I present to you 3 crypto communities that it is possible to integrate immediately, so as to benefit from a secure context, far from crooks of all kinds, while receiving disinterested advice from pillars of the ecosystem. From the budding trader to the soulful holders, everyone will find something to start in the best conditions.

Being a beginner in the Bitcoin community

Bitcoin is a complicated subject. If you discover it thanks to a market that is regaining color with a price just over 10,000 USD, or that you are a little more seasoned, the observation remains: Bitcoin is not easy to understand, as it involves rapidly absorbing a large mass of new information and sometimes exotic concepts.

And even if the path may seem a little winding, even vaguely scary, believe the community: he deserves your efforts!

However, it should not be naive: the subject lends itself perfectly well to proliferation crooks of all kindss and your epic in the footsteps of Satoshi Nakamoto should be careful, if possible surrounded by members of the community who will light the path. And I promise, I stop there with the metaphor of hiking, you have caught the gist of it.

Today, I present to you 3 communities around Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies where the beginner will find welcome. Very different from each other, these groups are characterized by the fact that they will welcome you warmly and you will find there quality information.

Also, be aware that their respective taulers keep scammers at bay, fortunately for us, Bitcoin scammers are generally even dumber than villains.

Cryptoloco’s Telegram group

The Telegram group of locos, Bitcoin and shitcoin galore

If you don’t know Telegram and when you land in crypto, you should quickly be up to date. Besides that this messaging secure is widely used in industry, its founders are also behind a huge project blockchain appointed YOUR (which keeps putting off its launch, but that’s another story).

Cryptoloco is a little a mysterious trading legend rolled into a taco.

No one knows if the animal is alone under his sombrero or if they take turns, but what is certain is that the friend Loco is concerned to guarantee the warmest welcome to anyone interested Bitcoin and the crypto economy. Bitcoin has already had the pleasure of speaking about him for a airdrop more loco, it was good.

If the person concerned easily confesses a shameful love for shitcoins (minor cryptocurrencies which, if not useful, are interesting to trade) sa casa Digital hosts among its more than 600 members, some big names in the industry who come to share wise analyzes and advice.


You will find his Telegram group here

Max’s Facebook group: Bitcoin, Ethereum and financial news

One of the Facebook groups the most dynamic and updated, especially thanks to the investment of its administrator Max. Many news and advice are shared on this group. The community is particularly mobilized and friendly. Topics often go beyond just the crypto topic, and that’s a very good thing.

Max's crypto group, ideal for Bitcoin beginners

To register, this is where it happens. And to be complete, we can also cite the group of Bes Tabasco, one of the moderators: World Crypto 1

Master Rakoon, Bitcoin pros available to beginners

If you are used to Bitcoin, you could not miss the landing of a friendly professor in the person of Master Rakoon, which gives us the pleasure of sharing its educational files on the site in its dedicated Gallery.

Master Rakoon, accompanies you as a beginner who discovers Bitcoin

Master Rakoon, it started out as a self-help Facebook group which, despite its youth (it was created at the end of the year) and already very crowded.

No wonder, because what we know little is that behind the playful and disinterested approach is actually hiding big names in trading !

The team that leads the group thus sees it as an opportunity to put a little lightness in sometimes very serious days. A damn meritorious initiative at a time when self-proclaimed anonymous “experts” will explain to you throughout post on social networks with a learned air how to “trade well”, most often at the expense of your assets, and rarely for free…

Master Rakoon’s group is where you will find it.

To conclude this non-exhaustive list, note that you will also find a “beginner” section on the historic Bitcointalk forum (which for the record was founded by the creator of Bitcoin himself!).

New to Bitcoin? 3 essential self-help groups – Bitcoin – News 2020
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