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The French start-up VeraOne has already been mentioned in our columns. Both the value proposition (a stablecoin backed by audited physical gold and held in a vault) and the profile of Jean-François Faure, its founder, should encourage the wise investor to take more interest in this solid project. VeraOne’s ambition is nothing less than to achieve a perfect synthesis between innovation in the crypto environment and authenticity of the precious metal.

And who, better than this experienced French company using blockchain solutions for years to comply with its regulatory obligations, could meet this challenge?

Today in the Stablecoins Tribune, Bitcoin invites you to descend into the vaults of VeraOne!

This article is offered to you in partnership with society Vera One. Crypto investments are risky in nature, do your own research and invest only within the limits of your financial capacity. This article does not constitute an incentive to invest.

Originally, was

30,000 people in France trust Jean-François Faure for over 10 years for buy, sale and keep physical gold and precious metals. After a decade of activity, this is several tens of tonnes Golden and silver, but also from diamond that society keeps – just as preciously – in accordance with some of the most demanding safety standards available.

Fun fact: VeraCash and AuCOFFRE combined would be ranked 79th country if they were a central bank. This is something to think about.

Jean-François Faure, creator of VeraOne stablecoin
Jean-François Faure, an ultra-connected CEO

It was in 2009 that the founder of AuCoffre decided to launch 1er website for buying gold online.

In doing so, it is already done innovative on a sector where the conservatism is almost a occupational hazard. And yet, this landing in e-commerce will only be the first act in a long series of leaps forward, allowing physical gold and its trading, to fully enter the digital age and become accessible to as many people as possible.

aucoffre com

If the purpose of today’s article is not to make an exhaustive presentation of, we will notably discuss the deployment by the team of the system VeraCash. VeraCash establishes a bridge between precious metal assets kept by AuCoffre and everyday purchases, via a dedicated bank card.

From the sale of gold to Blockchain, quite naturally

Selling gold is a millennial profession. However, even as heir to an immemorial lineage whose first transactions date back to the Bronze Age, the AuCoffre team strives to make available to the market and lovers of precious metals. the latest innovations.

And among these innovations, the potential of blockchain have not escaped them.

So Jean-Francois Faure Explain :

” NOTWe were the first in our sector in 2016 to set up our police register on the blockchain ”.

So it’s only natural that AuCoffre very early on saw the full potential for the future of finance and the heritage of precious metal tokenization. If the company has weighed a long time the possibility of organizing a ICO, the technical and regulatory uncertainties associated with this method of raising funds in cryptocurrencies prompted him to reject this option.

On the other hand, the idea of ​​a token in the form of stablecoin remained. The company was certain of that: the future of investing in precious metals necessarily lay in the tokenization of precious metals.

This is how the VeraOne token was born, a stablecoin of which 1 unit now and forever equals 1 gram of 24k gold!

vera on Gibraltar and packaging
Who said that a cryptocurrency should only be virtual? The VeraValor, materialization of a VeraOne

The VeraOne stablecoin, the perfect dematerialization of gold metal

We discussed in recent weeks the different types of stablecoins available. On these occasions, you have read on Bitcoin all the benefits of stablecoins backed by tangible precious assets. The VeraOne token is therefore the perfect embodiment of this concept.


Nature and value proposition of VeraOne

The VeraOne (VRO) is a token ERC20 based exclusively on gold. This token uses the blockchain Ethereum to work. Gold used as collateral for stablecoin is stored in highly secure areas on the base an integral counterpart in precious metal (100%). This counterpart on which the concept and stability of VeraOne is based is regularly audited by trusted third parties whose reports are available on the site (see below).

Virtualize physical gold, true transmutation?

As we recall, the primary objective of VeraOne is to offer a stablecoin. This stablecoin embodies an alternative robust and reliable existing options which are largely based on classic currencies (like the dollar, with all the uncertainties that one imagines: think of the serious doubts concerning the reserves of Bitfinex and his USDT) or on assets tangible.

VeraOne, investment, security and financial inclusion

Invest in the VeraOne token allows you to both benefit from the intrinsic protection of a stablecoin, but also to act in a falsifiable manner the ownership of a certain amount of gold, held and kept on your behalf, in the coffers of the company.

And beyond a simple heritage logic, thanks to the ecosystem of which it is a part, VeraOne’s mission is to promote the development of a money change that can be used by anyone, anywhere on the planet, who wants to be able to send value to other people, instantly and for free, including in underbanked areas.

How to invest in VeraOne tokens?

It has always been relevant to place part of its heritage in gold and its derivatives. From the Napoleon gold of our grandparents to the “gold-paper” that has appeared much more recently, gold just like real estate finds a place of choice in the investment panel of “good father”

VeraOne offers in 2020 the opportunity to perpetuate these heritage convictions, adding the unparalleled resilience and technology of blockchain. No possibility ofaccount error, transparency absolute processes and transactions, possibility of purchase and withdrawal 24/24 7/7.

It is therefore already possible to acquire VRO tokens by creating an account on using various means of payment. To note that Bitcoin (BTC) was recently implemented.

The particularly readable dashboard will allow you to manage your assets as soon as possible.

Preview Buy-sell.JPG

The solidity of VeraOne, 10 years of monetary fortress

If you regularly browse the columns of Bitcoin, this will not have escaped you: badly crafted projects, dubious proposals and other promises of indecent returns, we are not frankly amateurs.

Now, we have to agree, the crypto + gold mixture is particularly conducive to making the eyes of the somewhat naive investor shine, and that was not lost on the sharks!

So why promote VeraOne? And what guarantees you that the company will not pass out one day with the funds of its customers, a tragic situation of which the crypto industry is unfortunately customary?

We go around in a few points:

  • Because the company and the professionals that compose it expose more thana decade of verifiable activity,
  • because VeraOne, as a subsidiary of AuCoffre is subject to particularly heavy regulatory constraints ; As such, precious metal reserves are subject to regular monitoring, audits but also random checks.

“The few tens of square meters used by VeraCash and AuCOFFRE to store your gold, are, in turn, subject to regular and precise controls by the regulatory authorities. On the one hand, the safes are audited once a year by an external company employed by VeraCash (ALS Global), but they are also subject to unexpected inspections by a Swiss and French auditor and customs, who ensure, among other things, the consistency between the goods declared by VeraCash and their physical presence “ Source: VeraCash Official Site

  • Because the company does not let you settle for its word: you can consult the documentation and the audits concerning the funds held (in gold, silver, diamond… and even Bitcoin).
  • Because, stored in Switzerland (Free Ports and Warehouses of Geneva) the precious metals which guarantee VeraOne (and more precisely, your share of these reserves) are both safe from bankruptcy, but also inaccessible to states.
  • Because VeraOne, a subsidiary of AuCoffre a storefront in France: you can move in store, meet and discuss with those to whom you entrust your heritage and it is reassuring in an environment where everything tends to become virtual. A telephone and email hotline will assist you in case of difficulty.

And the prices? An offer that has a safe!

With regard to the level and sophistication of the service, it will be agreed that the fees applied are particularly reasonable.

Indeed, VeraOne retains 0.5% commission at a the purchase and 1% in a sale. Otherwise, 1% management fees is retained per year. A universal tax, specific to the conservation of precious metals called “oxidation tax” of the same amount applies. Note that this tax is refundable in cashback subject to account activity conditions (see details on the VeraOne site).

Conclusion in gold

We will have the opportunity in the stablecoin forum to return soon to several aspects that undeniably make crypto investments in gold-backed stablecoins relevant. In the meantime, taking 30 minutes of your time to find out more about VeraOne’s value proposition could be a wise investor decision!

Physical gold at the heart of your crypto heritage? VeraOne opens its safes to you! – Bitcoin – News 2020
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