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In a few hours, we will kick off a particularly awaited sale, both in the crypto ecosystem and in that of the monetization of sports content. In a few hours, the pre-sale of MyTVChain will allow for a handful of days, to benefit from exceptional conditions for the purchase of MyTV tokens.

Comfortable discounts will be granted for a limited time, to the few “early adopters” who will have been able to (sportily) grab the ball.

This presale will be followed on February 28 by an IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) on ​​several crypto platforms, in the event that the target of 8 million euros is not reached.

As for the soft-cap? This already operational project, the team of which is made up of big names in the sports and new technologies sector, has already achieved it.

History, ambitions, economic model… solid potential of the project with its innovative and generous masternode approach, we tell you everything about the MyTVChain project

Warning : This article is offered to you in partnership with the company MyTVChain. Crypto investments are risky in nature, do your own research and invest only within the limits of your financial capacity. This article does not constitute an incentive to invest.

There is going to be sport in the crypto ecosystem with MyTVChain!

The convergence between the sports world and the crypto-economy has not escaped anyone in recent times.

Indeed, the sports industry in its broadest sense is particularly suitable for technological experiments and provides an ideal context for the development and democratization of innovations.

From giant ultra HD flat screens, to VR headsets, to the explosion of broadcast channels, betting networks, and monetization modes, the sector is showing insolent growth. Socios and Chilz are currently the most emblematic representatives of this strip of funds which will return the sector in the next few years.

And it is in this environment particularly prone to disruption that MyTVChain proposes to impose itself in a strategic sector : that of questioning the modes of monetization by placing certain players at the center of the game, the clubs – including the most modest -, the players, and the fans.

MyTVChain launches its presale on February 15, 2020

By clubs, for clubs

MyTVChain offers opportunity to the entire spectrum of sports clubs and sports teams from regain control over the monetization of their content, bypassing the current centralized intermediaries.

Municipal Football Club enthusiastically supported by the dads of the town, at leading league professional club 1, MyTVChain offers everyone the possibility of create your own dedicated sports channel, of professional quality, in order to offer content to the widest audience.

An already operational solution

Do you remember the hysteria of the thousands of ICOs from the 2017-18 period : Projects conceived last week, carried out by teams of anonymous exposed you then how they were going to disrupt any sector with great reinforcement of blockchain and tokens.

Obviously, once the money was collected, there were few projects that really resulted in the slightest realization. Investors were patiently waiting – and essentially in vain – the release of the famous “Minimum Viable Product”, or even the simple listing on an obscure platform, tokens issued during the fundraiser.

Things have changed since then. The profile of the MyTVChain project is a perfect embodiment of it:

  • The project was launched in 2018
  • MyTVChain already claims 33,000 users
  • Sports clubs 50 countries are represented
  • In January 2020, the official website received more than1.5 million visits
  • The platform is operational and receives and broadcasts daily multiple contents.

And beyond the virtuality of the figures, the company announced last September that the chain “Sport in France”, launched at the initiative of French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF), had joined the platform to develop the promotion of all disciplines, all federations and their clubs. A sacred pledge of credibility.

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A hybrid IEO

In the end, the sale of MyTVChain tokens tends to be closer to the more traditional calls for savings made by traditional companies. It seems to be a sign of the times, including a giant like Ripple who recently mentioned his desire to organize an IPO all that is most common!

MyTVChain aims in this operation to raise 8 million euros via pre-sale who is about to start, possibly followed by an IEO details of which you will discover a little further down.

Furthermore, it will be useful to point out that the original soft cap for fundraising, amounting to 2 million euros, has already been reached.

Precious info in passing: MyTV tokens sold on this occasion are subject to locking via smart contract, effectively neutralizing the devastation in the exchange rate, caused by the release of large quantities of tokens suddenly thrown on the market. Anyone who has encountered the phenomenon know how important this aspect is!

The use of the MyTV token

Fuel Of all the crypto and blockchain mechanics that underpin the project, MyTV tokens will have several functions:

  • They will be distributed in awards for the benefit of users and the community, encouraged to more interaction and mobilization for the benefit of their favorite clubs
  • They will act as dividends for the benefit of users who will make their IT resources, network capacities and storage spaces available to the community (see below)
  • They will allow the acquisition advantages, goods and services related to the sports ecosystem (subscriptions to channels, exclusive content, etc.)
  • Finally, the tokens will exchangeable on specialized crypto platforms.

Your network, your rules of the game

MyTVChain play the game of blockchain and as such conforms to industry standards and values.


If the project is thus carried by a solid and clearly identified team (which, by the way, has everything from the Dream Team and more to do with 2017 practices in terms of amateurism and artistic improvisation), the structural functioning of the project is by design calibrated so guarantee wide decentralization, as well as real distribution.

As such, the very structure of the blockchain of the MyTVChain project, and more particularly its Masternode approach, deserves to be stopped for a moment.

MyTVChain Masternodes, passive income in MyTV

The MyTVChain network is built on a blockchain architecture called “Proof of Stake”(Proof of stake) which, for its proper functioning, relies on a network of Masternodes.

We have already talked about Masternodes very recently, especially in terms of their profitability for their operators. We therefore simply recall that in exchange for the immobilization of a certain amount of a given cryptoactive (in this case MyTV tokens), the operator of a masternode becomes eligible for rewards (interest) being automatically and regularly redistributed to it.

A hybrid PoS System

Where the masternode approach of MyTVChain presents an originality, it is that the classic PoS is enriched with a logic of Proof of Service (proof of service). Indeed, the operators of Masternodes do not just passively retain an amount X of cryptocurrency: it is these operators who are the keystone of the power and resilience of the network by hosting so decentralized MyTVChain services, depending on their technical capabilities and their level of investment.

So each collateral (“Bond”) in quantity of MyTV tokens will also be accompanied by the hosting of part of the architecture. In this configuration, the masternode operator has a clearly identified function and “works” in an eminently more concrete way for the community.

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Conditions for obtaining a MyTVChain Masternodes (collateral + computing power)

And like all work deserves wages, MyTVChain Masternode yields are very solid:

The reward levels of the 4 types of MyTVChain Masternodes

Masternodes for all

Remember: you will be allowed to operate a Masternode ” Platinum »By immobilizing 300,000 MyTV token (accompanied by the provision of 150 GB of storage + bandwidth).

If you benefit from the private sale, as part of the pre-IEO offer from February 15 to 28, the entry ticket will amount to 1500 dollars (around 1376 euros), with a ultra-preferential rate of $ 0.005 per token (instead of $ 0.067 during the public sale, a reduction of… 90%).

This investment (in addition to the intrinsic value-taking potential of the MyTV token, which will be recalled only the market will determine its future price), will make you eligible for the highest masternode rewards in the network with a ROI (Return on Investment) of 109%.

In other words, beyond your immobilized collateral (which continues to belong to you and which you can recover at any time, see the details on the official website), you will be eligible for dividends of 27,300 tokens per month if you operate a “Platinum” masternode.

After a year, you will have more than doubled your wealth in MyTV cryptocurrency.

Note that if you are not looking to become a whale or do not have significant resources, the architecture of MyTVChain offers you the possibility of having a Masternode upon the immobilization of 10,000 tokens.

Turn your TV into a Masternode and earn MyTV tokens!

Finally, within the framework of the peer-to-peer logic specific to the DNA of the project, any spectator or consumer of content can, if they wish, create a “ Ephemeral Masternode, from browser to browser », allowing to streamline and secure the network even more, and to be eligible for rewards in MyTV tokens.

A flexible, friendly and innovative option which even works on a smartphone or even … on your television ! Refer to Masternodes White Paper for more details.

To conclude this chapter, note that an offer of staking co-exists in parallel with pure masternode management, with a ROI of 21.84%. Does staking mean anything to you? Visit this article to update yourself!

You will find more details in the White Paper of the project.

IEO and private sale conditions

The pre-sale, therefore opens on February 15, in a few hours. you will find its conditions in detail on the official website.

Different levels of pre-sale bonuses

Quite conventionally, this private sale will operate on a model “first come, first served”, each bonus level comes with a minimum amount of MyTV tokens to acquire.

Thus, on the condition of acquiring 300,000 tokens, you will benefit from a reduction nothing less than masterful by paying only $ 1,500, in place of the more than 20,000 necessary to purchase MyTV at their public price of $ 0.067!

The conditions of the public sale, within the framework of the IEO

In order to benefit from the private sale, you will need to create a wallet directly on the site, go through the box KYC, then acquire MyTV tokens via a wide range of payment methods.

A word from the CEO

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“The growth of the platform in terms of audience allows us to accelerate its monetization with the launch in a few weeks of a set of services for Sports Clubs and Fans, based on the MyTV token which will be listed on the exchanges after the IEO. Several media groups have contacted us and wish to join us, we will certainly have the pleasure of making announcements soon. ” Xavier Gesnouin, President of MyTVChain

Private sale of MyTVChain, Sport and Cryptocurrency, the perfect Classico! – Bitcoin – News 2020
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