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Bitcoin halving is on the horizon. Moment of celebration for some (it is an event that occurs only every 4 years), source of concern for others because of its consequences on the remuneration of minors, it does not leave in any case indifferent person. And since Bitcoin mining is – let’s not be hypocritical – also a history of big money, particular or professional miners see two big options:

  • cross their little fingers very hard so that, by the holy magic of a supply cut in half and an increase in demand, the price of Bitcoin in the same momentum is multiplied (at least) by 2
  • Or show initiative, and decide that since the race has become more intense, the time has come to buy a new big racing car with breathtaking performance

If you belong to the second school, the article of the day is cut for you! Discover the two new Bitcoin mining war machines: Bitmain’s Antminers S19 and S19PRO.

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This article is offered to you in partnership with society Feel mining. Crypto investments are risky by nature, do your own research and invest only within the limits of your financial capacity. This article does not constitute an incentive to invest.


Understand the essence and challenges of Bitcoin mining

Buying and owning Bitcoin is good. In reality, it is even essential in my opinion and a few others to prepare more calmly for the future of your children.

But even better than holding Bitcoin, nothing is more satisfying than mining it yourself, with its own equipment!

This is the whole point of this Mining Grandstand (which otherwise would just be called the Bitcoin Grandstand, it’s smart huh): show you the different options that will allow you to make money from bitcoin mining (and other cryptocurrencies too, in these places not only maximalist).

However, Bitcoin mining (profitably means), does not suffer from approximation, any more than amateurism.

For exciting and potentially lucrative as it may be, the activity now requires specialized skills and – probably more importantly perfect energy efficiency (an elegant way to qualify a place where electricity is not too expensive, and if possible from renewable origin).

And of course, there is no point in having managed to bring these parameters together if it is to deploy equipment obsolete which will simply generate noise and heat in the polite indifference of other competitors.

We could of course open the debate on the endless arms race that Bitcoin mining represents, between on the one hand the increase in the difficulty of calculation and on the other hand the appearance of ever more powerful machines to overcome it.

However, if you decide for yourself that Bitcoin mining is for you, it seems essential to me that you bring the equipment as efficient as possible.

And performance level, Bitmain so we spoil us, with its brand new bikes that are just waiting to be connected!

A new generation of Asics, a major event

The undisputed giant in mining equipment Bitmain announcing the imminent release of new machines and the earth is shaking under the feet of the entire Bitcoin mining ecosystem.

Because let’s be clear, this is not about the last one iPhone 13 GTI which a new iteration comes out every 8 months, and whose supposed “innovation” does not deceive anyone.

Indeed, the release of a new generation of Bitmain Asic miners is in essence an event, in the sense that the deployment of this new strike force will directly impact the entire mining architecture on a global level.

We can take the opportunity to worry about so much power of influence concentrated in so few hands, in an environment supposed to seek more distribution of cards, but that is another subject.

Today we’re talking about firepower and horses under the hood.

The search for ever more efficient computing in parallel with keeping energy consumption under control is a perpetual challenge that the manufacturers of Bitcoin mining equipment are trying to meet.

The exercise is so compelling and improbable that the slightest bit of progress in solving this equation is a victory against the statistics. A kind of Moore’s Law squared with its own constraints:

  • The more powerful the miner, the more it will mine Bitoin BUT the more energy it will consume
  • The more energy it consumes, the less profitable it will be

The whole difficulty therefore consists in reaching a point of balance between a permanent search for performance, which should not be done at the expense of electrical expenditure. A real challenge.

We note in passing that this operation of designing and making available ever more powerful and always less energy-consuming machines is already an allegory of the mining operation on the Bitcoin blockchain …

In other words, taking out a new generation mining machine is the culmination years of R&D work and hundreds of millions of dollars invested. In the end, a phenomenal concentration of computing power in a large scrap box, available in a single color (another difference with iPhone here).

Bitcoin S19 and S19PRO mining war machines

Here they are, the new behemoths that will rule the city for (at least) the next two years: Asics Antminer S19 and S19PRO. You can find the more complete presentation that I devoted to them when they were unveiled by Bitmain a few weeks ago now.

Antminers S19 and S19PRO from Antminer offered by Feel Mining

I will thank you for the technical notice for which only the real nerds techs will fall in love (and let’s be very honest, they’re not there right now, too busy stacking Raspberry Pi powered by R9 batteries to mine Monero, – ah, by the way, you knew you could also use a simple phone to stack it, Monero ?).


No, according to a well-established tradition, we will rather try to determine if it is profitable to buy one of these new monsters and if so, under what conditions.

Warning 1: The simulations which follow are understood within the framework of the subscription of an offer at Feel mining hosting your machines in one of the international mining sites operated by the Grenoble company, with a price of Kw / h of 0.055cts (shipping and set up fees apply, see the official website for more information). To better understand this offer, you can also refer to the following article: “Why I am going to mine Bitcoin in Canada with Feel Mining”.

Warning 2: in a few weeks, the halving of Bitcoin will halve the block premium, or the reward given to BTC miners, every 10 mins or so. This will drop from 12.5 to 6.25 bitcoins. So many people agree that the price of Bitcoin will compensate for the phenomenon, as it has always done in the past, the future is never written in advance. Invest only in a calm and informed manner, and only funds that are not essential to your needs.


Profitability study of the Asic Antminer S19

With its 95 TH / sec, for only 3250 Watts of consumption, the AntMiner S19 immediately poses the situation.

The creature weighs 14.5 kilos and discretion is not its highest quality with 76 Db proudly assumed (this is equivalent to the passage of a truck 1m from you, nice for yoga sessions in confinement).

To give you an idea of ​​the power of the baby, its 95 TH / sec corresponds to around 6 old S9 SEs. However, these six S9s would require to operate 7680 Watts, or very literally twice as much energy as the S19 (not to mention the size and potential for breakdowns and equipment breakages, also multiplied by six!).

By pre-booking on the Feel Mining website, the Asic Antminer S19 is offered at 2,649 euros including tax (+ installation costs if international hosting)

You know the music, a little tour on the benchmark simulation platform CoinWarz allows us to have a rather realistic projection of the quantity of BTC that you will be able to mine on a daily basis (but also to determine how quickly the purchase of your machine will be fully amortized).

Profitability simulation of Bitmain's Antminer S19 offered by Feel Mining

In summary, with an energy to 0.055cts / Kw / h if you choose to have your machine hosted in the facilities Canadian, Kazakhs or siberian of Feel mining, your Antminer S19:

  • Will bring you back 0.00162338 BTC / Day
  • Or, once the electricity has been deducted, 6.83 $ net per day
  • 0.0487014 BTC / month, around 204 $ net (price on April 16, 2020)
  • Will be refunded in 421 days (14 months)

Profitability study of the Asic Antminer S19PRO

Okay, this is the time when the whispers stop, the curtain opens, and here comes, shrouded in light in all its raw power, the Godzilla of miners, the King-Kong of hashrate, the … well, in short you got the idea: the Antminer S19PRO

The Antminer S19PRO, Godzilla of Bitcoin miners, available from Feel Mining

Do not trust the common physique of the young first (especially as it is a clone of his little comrade, the S19), everything happens in the bowels of the beast.

Indeed, by over-optimizing all the aspects in the production of this miner, Bitmain managed to produce an Asics which develops up to 110 TH / sec… .For the same energy expenditure announced as the S19, ie 3250 Watts.

Do you remember the comparison with the S9? Well there, you should stack 7 to compete in mining power (while wasting almost 9000 watts, almost three times more).

In short, a Fiat 500-hungry bulldozer.

By pre-booking on the Feel Mining website, the Asic Antminer S19 is offered at 3,549 euros including tax (+ installation costs if international hosting)

In summary, with an energy of 0.055cts / Kw / h if you choose to have your machine hosted in the Canadian, Kazakh or Siberian installations of Feel Mining, your Antminer S19PRO:

  • Will Return 0.00187971 BTC / Days
  • Or, once the electricity has been deducted, $ 8.65 net per day
  • 0.037 BTC / month, approximately $ 259.50 net (price on April 16, 2020)
  • Will be refunded in 445 days (just over 14 months)
Simulation of profitability of Bitmin's Antminer S19 offered by Feel Mining

Conditions of the offer

  • The Antminers S19 and S19PRO are in pre-booking and will be delivered in June according to the principle of ” first come, first served “
  • If you chose the option of international accommodation (which I highly recommend), the machines will be installed on the farms within 10 days on average after receipt
  • Asics will go in wavess, hence the importance of positioning yourself quickly if the offer interests you
  • Payments are possible on the site by transfer, CB and a whole panel of crypto currencies (BTC, ETH, LTC…)

SPECIAL OFFER: And to be profitable even faster (and reimburse your Asic 20 days faster), enjoy 5% on all your orders with the code: TAHITI

Frequently asked Questions :

  • What costs are to be expected?

If you opt for accommodation (French or international), transportation and installation costs apply (see the site for more details)

In addition, Feel Mining is remunerated by directing 10% on your BTC production. Besides that this ratio is among the lowest in the industry, the philosophy of this approach implies that the company has an obvious interest in being as profitable as possible for its customers… .and for its own profits!

  • Am I sure I have my S19 or S19PRO machine quickly after halving?

Bitmain has a reputation for meeting regularly out of stock at the time of the release of the new generations of Asics. The context of halving pushing miners to quickly renew their equipment, I think it should be emphasized: no rushing decisions BUT be reactive. If you need more information, Feel Mining customer service is friendly and available.

  • What is the lifespan of a Bitcoin Asic miner?

Material subjected to severe test, Bitcoin miners have a manufacturer’s warranty 6 months. However, if they are installed in a controlled environment (cool, dust-free, under H24 monitoring, etc.) an Asic will continue to mine for years. The S9s released 3 years ago, for example, are very often refurbished, resold secondhand and put back into service (even if their profitability means they are more for pleasure than a logic of pure and hard performance).

  • My miners are in Canada or Siberia, do I really own it?

100 % ! And if by chance you wish to recover them, Feel Mining will take care of their re-routing (fees apply, nothing but very logical).

  • It’s still pretty expensive for the Asics…

Admittedly, not so easy to go out between 2,500 and 3,500 euros for an investment. But mobilizing this money must be understood as a tactical decision, which is part of your wealth strategy, but which also embodies a simple conviction: Bitcoin is here to stay, and you are still among the forerunners.

If this is not your conviction, do not embark on the adventurous path of crypto investment and remain within the scope of traditional investment (stock market, SICAV, life insurance, etc.). And if this last sentence made you laugh, you are ripe to offer yourself a minor!


Profitable after the Halving! Get the Bitcoin Miners Godzilla (before it’s out of stock!) – Bitcoin – News 2020
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