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Everyone has understood that the last few weeks of confinement devoted to sorting smarties by color may well have been only a pleasant warm-up in view of what is looming.

And if you know the famous expression, this is a whole load of lemons that fate has just unloaded on your doormat. And of course, it will be up to you to determine if their acidity should spoil your life, or if it is just the perfect opportunity to make lemonade!

In short, you are going to have a few hundred hours of forced free time at your disposal in the coming weeks. Why not take advantage of them to train you in your future post-containment profession?

And more specifically, why not start to benefit from training, distance if necessary, provided by an approved French structure which will allow you to choose to become a blockchain developer or project manager, and all this in 10 weeks?

This is precisely the value proposition of Alyra’s friends, the Blockchain school, who are on a mission to promote the appearance of the next generation of crypto-professionals!

Alyra’s promise

We talk about it quite regularly on Bitcoin, the professional blockchain sector – unlike Bitcoin price – does not know the crisis, and even shows an obvious dynamism as technology is taking hold in more and more sectors.

Finance, insurance, supply chains … but also tokenization potential of assets, from the most traditional to the most … surprising, the blockchain is conquering more and more territories. And to support this conquest, the needs today, but especially tomorrow are nothing less than colossal.

The China or India are not mistaken, the latter country currently training nearly 20,000 professionals to dominate a sector that promises to be more and more strategic.

And even major crypto projects are accompanying this movement, devoting resources to supplying skills to a sector that will need it in the next decade. We are thinking in particular of Tezos and his past deal with Singapore to train young engineers.

And the France in all of that ? If our beautiful country occasionally manifests its ambitions for “Blockchain-Nation”, you and I will not be fooled: the “Blockchain Engineer” course is unlikely to spread before a little while in the great national schools (in Italy, however, the step has already been taken allegro for example).

And this is where this news comes into its own. In the absence of a structured public offer, a training platform already offers you to build your professional future: Alyra Blockchain School.

Two sectors, a future

If we will discuss in a moment the particularities of the two formations, let’s start with list the essentials that you need to know:

  • Face-to-face training lasts 10 weeks (2 days per week in Paris premises, the rest remotely)
  • It is possible to follow the entire training remote
  • Free try of a week
  • the platform remains accessible for 1 year
  • learning takes place at your pace
Alyra | Blockchain school

Blockchain and smart contract developer training

10 blocks of approximately one week, constituting a training course by skill.


This training requires some prerequisites in terms of programming and of development, at least on one of the major languages ​​(Js, Java, Python, C ++, Ruby…).

At the end of the training, you will be able to:

  • deploy distributed register technology (DLT)
  • design a decentralized application (Dapp)
  • audit and evaluate a smart contract…

Among the jobs that will be available to you, blockchain developers, smart contract coders, blockchain consultant… Will open your arms to you.

Blockchain Project Manager Training

350 hours of training in 10 weeks to be able to lead and coordinate a blockchain project, from its inception to its integration.

The training offers as much a panorama on existing technologies, as on the state of the financial markets, the assimilation of skills in terms of smart contract, energy approach, issues around privacy and P2P networks …

Excluding development and programming, you will be at the end of the training in ability to master, and present an integral blockchain project. You will also be rich in a global vision of the industry, but also able to present a PoC (Proof of concept).

“We have brought together the best ecosystem experts to give you, in 10 weeks, a 360 ° vision and practice of advanced blockchain technologies”

Jérémy Wauquier

Prices and assistance

Note that from 50 to 100% of the training can be covered by Pôle Emploi or other support organizations. Alyra’s team will assist you in building your funding application.

Training Blockchain and smart contract developer and Blockchain project manager have a cost for the face / distance mix from 5,396.40 euros. Regarding the distance learning, this cost is 2,996.40 euros.

Last minute

There is little time left to register for Alyra's blockchain training

If Bitcoin welcomes these few lines today, it is because the deadline to integrate the next promotion which returns on May 4 ends in a few dozen hours!

Even if other sessions will be scheduled, you still have little time to position yourself so that the coming months will be decisive for embracing your future career! Registrations for back to school, it’s here!

Project manager or blockchain developer in 10 weeks? It’s still possible for 48 hours – Bitcoin – Cryptocurrency 2020
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