Russian secret services embezzled $ 450 million in crypto on WEX – Bitcoin – News 2020

According to one of the former employees of the crypto WEX memory platform, the giant exchange hacking that led to the freezing of $ 450 million in digital currency did not benefit ordinary hackers. This is indeed the trace of the FSB (ex-KGB, the Russian secret services), which must be discerned in this file with sprawling ramifications. Double-game, hacking, on the run, revelations … back on this extraordinary case.

From MtGox to FSB

Raising a corner of the carpet of this file, it is to catch in the nose the stale dust of years of embezzlement of all kinds, real-fake hacking of millions of dollars in Bitcoin (BTC), and other cavals around the world, all haunted by a gallery of semi-mafia and notorious crypto-businessmen.

Because indeed, to evoke the platform WEX is impossible without reminding that the platform was a rescue of the exchange BTC-e, previously closed by FBI in 2017. And what did BTC-e represent? Nothing less than the worthy heir to the mother of all the hack’s cryptocurrencies, I named MtGox.

To re-situate the scale of fraud, the American authorities believe that iup to $ 4 billion in dirty money has been sent around the world to the BTC-e platform. With such parentage, it’s hard to do things like everyone else and, more fundamentally, to inspire the least confidence in anyone. And yet.

Coolitude, Russian. But the harder will be the fall. Dmitri Vasilev, former CEO of WEX, arrested in Italy last summer

WEX, cavalry, secret services and Russian salad

On the run, Dmitri Vasilev WEX CEO will finally be arrested in Italy in the summer of 2019. As for Alexander Vinnik, the well-known operator of the platform, he was arrested in Greece in 2017 and threatened with extradition to several countries, including France and the United States, having regard to the international proportions of fraud.

Note for the record that when things started to genuinely smell bad, Vasilev still went into negotiations to sell WEX to Dmitri Khavchenko, a militiaman war veteran in eastern Ukraine which we’ll talk about in a moment. A very nice bunch of characters completely recommendable in short.

But this dossier would not still smell moldy enough if we did not add to it a ladle of conspiracy and manipulation. It’s now done: If 450 million dollars have disappeared from WEX, it is clearly to reappear on offshore accounts, controlled by the FSB, the Russian intelligence service, worthy successor to a KGB that it’s useless to present further.

It is in any case the revelation Friday November 15, ofAlexei Bilyuchenko, a former anonymous administrator of the BTC-e and WEX platforms, which he had reconstructed using the parameters and user databases of feu-BTC-e.


The former administrator explains that, shortly after the freezing of WEX’s assets, he was visited by “Igor and Grigori”, two unseemly characters (even from the point of view of a Russian bandit, that is to say). According to Bilyuchenko, not in the least doubt that he was an FSB agent.

In the background, elements emanating from the police investigation, the investigations of BBC Russia and authentication of audiovisual documents, allow us to glimpse a complex web of Russian internal politics, oligarchy and big money business.

Dmitri Khavchenko (the Russian militiaman mentioned earlier, follow the devil) is said to have had links with Konstantin Malofeev, a Russian oligarch close to power, himself a sponsor of the pro-Russian separatist forces in the war in Ukraine. Malofeev, had the idea of ​​getting the WEX user database, supposedly to found a new crypto exchange, called Vladex , who would have benefited from the endorsement of the Russian government (why not after all).

The FSB thus appears to have been successfully mobilized to recover nearly $ 450 million in crypto assets, by having WEX’s private keys delivered to you, by Bilyuchenko. The latter indicated that in the operation, he met intelligence officers several times in 2018 in the building of the FSB and theLotte Hotel in the center of Moscow.

Asked by the BBC none of the actors accused made any comment, as it is weird.

The crypto ecosystem is reputed to be opaque and sulphurous, much to the dismay of legitimate players in the industry who operate against the grain. However, we will agree that we find in this file, all the evils that pull the sector down.

Russian secret services embezzled $ 450 million in crypto on WEX – Bitcoin – News 2020
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