S.L Benfica will accept payments in ETH, BTC and UTK – Bitcoin – News 2020

Great news for soccer fans! One of the biggest European clubs, SL Benfica has just announced a partnership with UTRUST, a payment intermediary in cryptocurrencies. The supporters will be able to pay immediately on the club website Portuguese in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETC), as well as using the native UTRUST token (UTK)!

A first in Europe

Seeing blockchain and cryptocurrency sublime around a concrete use case is always great news for the entire industry. To notice that this achievement is put forward by one of the biggest European football club, it’s even better!

The SL Benfica, its fans around the world and its 7 million followers on social networks thus take the step of crypto. In addition to the traditional means of payment, the Portuguese club will henceforth offer its supporters the possibility of paying with the main cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). The range of services will range from access to the ticket office to the possibility of acquiring club clothes and Goodies from the online store.

A partnership with UTRUST

Based in Switzerland, UTRUST (UTK) is a crypto payment intermediary, allowing traditional businesses to have a gateway to offer their users crypto transactions. If UTRUST offers to serve as an interface for many cryptocurrencies, only BTC and ETH were therefore selected by SL Benfica, to which is added UTK, the native UTRUST token.

The club welcomes this partnership in a press release dated June 5:

“SL Benfica recently won the Premier League for the 37th time. The launch of UTRUST as a partner for crypto payment solutions will strengthen the Club’s e-commerce strategy and, in particular, will widen its global audience, bringing together fans and users of cryptos, from Portugal and abroad (… ) We recognize that many of our fans are digital users first, so we want to be at the forefront when it comes to embracing new technology and providing our supporters with the best online experience. ” Domingos Soares de Oliveira, CEO of SL Benfica


Same story from UTRUST, well aware of the positive exposure that this kind of news brings:

“This partnership with the Portuguese champion is an important step for UTRUST and for the blockchain ecosystem as a whole. Benfica is one of the biggest clubs in the world and we are very pleased to be able to make cryptocurrency payments for its millions of supporters around the world. “ Nuno Correia, co-founder and CEO of UTRUST

Also according to the press release, the UTRUST payment solution will allow the Portuguese club to open its digital ecosystem to payments in cryptos. Thus, transactions will be more secure, faster and limit the problems of fraud. In addition, in line with blockchain technological promises, these transactions will generate less fees for the parties. Furthermore, UTRUST’s own architecture will aim to protect the club against volatility specific to the crypto sector.

The beginning of a bottom slide?

If the announcement gives a wind of optimism on the sector, it can also be perceived as thehe harbinger of a phenomenon that will gain momentum. Indeed, sports clubs in general, and the football sector in particular, are particularly in demand for modern and efficient payment tools, as well as for means to monetize their huge fan base.

As such, it will be recalled that several other European clubs are also involved in similar initiatives: the Juventus, the Paris Saint Germain and West ham united , these 3 clubs having announced their partnership with Socios.com, a mobile application for football fans, allowing them to launch their own fan tokens.

S.L Benfica will accept payments in ETH, BTC and UTK – Bitcoin – News 2020
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