Sales on the Bitcoin S17 + and T17 + Miners! Mine like a Pro for the price of an Amateur – Bitcoin – News 2020

Well, the ground shook with the landing of the Godzillas from Bitcoin mining, I named the S19 and the S19PRO from Bitmain. Without even counting the simultaneous irruption – it’s strange – the brand new Whatminer, also ready to join the Asics octagon (we talk about it very quickly, by the way). All these machines are forged to face the very next halving, while guaranteeing maximum profitability to their happy owners..

The only small problem, acquiring it could unfortunately force you to compromise your food budget until 2022, or even get rid of any non-vital organ (or possessed in duplicate). In simple words: if excellence is priceless, it still has an undeniable cost!

With your budget not scalable, will you have to give up hope of becoming a profitable Bitcoin miner? No, because the arrival of this new generation comes mechanically to lower the prices of the previous one! And these machines (in this case the S17 + and T17 +) remain excellent options!

Asics Antminer S19 and S19 PRO, the day after

Barely a few days after their release for sale, the two new Bitcoin miners Antminer S19 and S19PRO, from the Chinese firm Bitmain are already taken by storm.

Bitmain's Antminer S19 and S19PRO taken by storm after their sale

Nothing more logical, considering that with the very next halving (division of the block reward by 2, this one going from 12.5 to 6.25 BTC), all professionals and individuals a little serious are rushing to renew their equipment.

You can find a presentation of these new machines through an article of circumstances.

Furthermore, we spoke in the Mining Grandstand from last weekend because Feel Mining opened reservations on machines, scheduled to be delivered in June (crossing your fingers, the manufacturer Bitmain being fairly customary for stock outs and necessarily prioritizing orders for several thousand units placed by industry leaders).

But if you did not wish to take the plunge, in particular because of tariffs which one will politely call “solid”, I have 2 good news for you:


  • Previous generation prices (Antminer T17 + and S17 +) have experienced a significant decline
  • The machines are immediately available ready to buy, and ready to mine cheerfully as soon as you acquire it!


58 TH / sec for less than 1000 euros

It’s probably not the most inspired title of the year, but he has the merit of announcing the color!

Feel mining has a small stock of these miners Antminer T17 +, immediately available, either for home delivery, or more efficiently, to have installed on one of the company’s international mining hosting sites (Canada, Kazakhstan, Siberia).

Antminer T17 + less than 1000 euros

1035 euros including tax, which will go down at 983.25 euros, using the promo code TAHITI

The Antminer S17 + at great price

With its overwhelming computing capacity 70TH / sec (not so far from the all new generation), the Antminer S17 + retains all its superb in the current context of mining.

It is currently offered at a discounted price of 1,825 euros. And this price – already heavily storedstill goes down to 1,733 euros with the code TAHITI

Two machines therefore which only ask to fulfill their office by mining Bitcoin for you and whose consequent price reduction suddenly offers them new qualities!


Bitcoin mining, a question of state of mind

Bitcoin mining has become an ultra-competitive industry in recent years. The professionalisation of the industry and the colossal financial stakes thus increasingly distance the activity of Bitcoin mining from the capacities of individuals. In doing so, part of Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision fades. As such, whether with the brand new Bitmain machines or the previous generations still available, don’t forget that we may be living in the last years who will see individuals (rather than corporations) undermining themselves “their ”BTC!

Sales on the Bitcoin S17 + and T17 + Miners! Mine like a Pro for the price of an Amateur – Bitcoin – News 2020
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