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French Fintechs Blockpulse and Lemonway have just announced their association, as part of the creation of the first shareholder tokenization platform. In doing so, this new player offers a service that is both new and with virtually endless possibilities: hosting the broad spectrum of financial securities on blockchain, for the benefit of companies of all sizes.

Partners who intend to move the lines take this opportunity to announce the emergence of the first French platform authorized to issue STOs (Security Token Offering), the famous “Next Big Thing” that the entire sector is feverishly waiting for. Everything is carried out under the benevolent gaze of the Banque de France – sorry – and with all the necessary authorizations.

The birth of a Unicorn

It is a national saying that says “That in France, we have no oil, but we have ideas”. This flash, which we owe in 1973 to a certain Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, then finance minister in full oil crisis, was then supposed to recall that, without being the most advanced on one subject or another, the France strong of its entrepreneurial strengths – was still able to make the difference thanks to his creativity and the energy that his national community is sometimes capable of.

This parenthesis “OK Boomer” closed, what relationship with the very modern industry of crypto and some blockchain you may wonder

Well, it turns out that two of our national nuggets from the Fintech, I named Blockpulse and Lemonway, have just joined forces to allow the emergence of first platform authorized to issue STOs on behalf of companies using devices shareholding, whether these systems are internal (stock options or employee profit-sharing in the form of BSPCE or AGM for example), or purely scholarship (share issue …).

Blockpulse launches with Lemonway in STOs

But the main thing to remember – and more particularly still in our time where the respect of the ambient hyper-regulation conditions very directly the life or the death of a project – is that the service offered by Blockpulse and Lemonway is dubbed by the Bank of France, under license number 84407.

Obviously that I have been checking out, you must get to know me

Security Tokens and shareholding blockchainization

Obviously, this title sounds excruciatingly and unnecessarily technophile gibberish, and it turns out that this is one of the pitfalls that the financial and crypto sectors should consider dealing with one of these days …

But meanwhile, Thecointribune is there to clarify things a bit.

And considering the underlying economic issues and the importance of this news, it is worth while to dwell for a moment on the implications of what Blockpulse and Lemonway propose to do (under the benevolent sponsorship of The Swave, the innovation platform dedicated to cutting-edge technologies Paris & Co and Hodefi , a seed partner for start-ups in France).

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Tokenize shareholding

Much of the life of a company is structured around issuance of securities.

These can be shares who found a society, stock options, various devices of incentives benefiting employees… and of course, we will think about shareholding traditional, the famous introduction on the stock market of a company, accompanied by all the devices specific to the operation of the shares.

All this is as old as capitalism and the market economy itself. These procedures are long, they are written, and sometimes fallible.

lemonway and blockcpulse, STO champion

So, what Lemonway and Blockpulse are proposing is to use blockchain and smart-contracts in order to virtualize all of these processes, by making them benefit from the unequaled qualities offered by blockchain technology: infallibility, speed, process automation … In the end, it is all the titles that can be injected on a blockchain, with key multiple benefits, and potential savings of operations.

Security Token Offering

Everyone has heard of ICOs, the famous “Initial Coin Emissions”, an innovative fundraising technique in cryptocurrencies which has known moment of glory in 2017 (before demonstrating all its limits then).

The problem of ICOs – and tokens issued on this occasion – revolved in particular around regulatory uncertainties concerning status tokens issued and to be honest, on some evanescence : subscribers invested, recovered tokens, the latter giving them no rights whatsoever in the further operation of the start-up.


This disconnection would partially sign collapse of a part of this new ecosystem, right now or of regulators like DRY were going to put their inquisitive eyes under the hood (even Steven “The legend” Seagal paid the price, that’s to say).

Despite what should be described as berezina, the model however deserved to be preserved, while being improved: thus were born the STO (Security Token Offering), a sort of hybrid between ICOs and the traditional shareholder world.

The token issued during an STO looks like it is mistaken for a classic stock security. Its characteristics may vary, but it is most often accompanied by a right of oversight over the operation of the entity that it has enabled to finance. The perfect marriage of classic titles and blockchain.

And this is very precisely what Blockpulse and Lemonway are now proposing: allowing companies to issue securities by taking advantage of the power and innovations of the blockchain, all in a perfectly regulated context.

An ergonomic and integrated offer

The operation is simple: the client company sign up on the Blockpulse platform, selected the operation (fundraising, employee shareholding program, etc.), models its operation, generates the necessary documentation (contract management), then checked in his titles on the blockchain.

With an intuitive, all-in-one interface, customers control the show and the distribution of their titles and can follow their operation in real time. Blockpulse facilitates the negotiation and signing of documents, and thus allows its customers to be able to follow the investments linked to their activities through the dedicated and separate portfolio of Lemonway.

Marien Irzykiewicz, co-founder and COO of Blockpulse explains:

“We allow more flexible, faster and much less expensive corporate financing. Our first financial instrument on BSA AIR, inspired by SAFE American, allows you to finance yourself without having to carry out a capital increase immediately, thus saving costs and cumbersome administration.

In addition, our freemium offer allows a company to access its capitalization table for free. ”

The blockpulse team
Marien Irzykiewicz (In the center)

And as an idea is good, including beyond its initial borders, Blockpulse aims to quickly expand:

“Blockpulse is currently only available to French issuers, but investors from other locations can participate in fundraising under the guise of compliance with financial regulations. In the future, we aim to expand into the European Union through the Benelux and Spain. “

Blockpulse aims to become a veritable “start-up marketplace” within 18 months. In addition, after having recently raised 330,000 euros, the start-up plans to organize a new fundraiser soon. A fundraiser in the form of an STO which will obviously go…. Through its own platform!

STO and tokenization, Blockpulse and Lemon Way put France into orbit – Bitcoin – Cryptocurrency 2020
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