The company that wants to offer Bitcoin to 21 million people for Christmas – Bitcoin – News 2020

The American company GiveBitcoin, founded by Cory Klippsten last week launched a fast and user-friendly service allowing as many people as possible to offer Bitcoin (BTC) to relatives and families, starting at the equivalent of $ 5.

In the form of a coupon, the Bitcoin gift has a lockout period of 1 to 5 years. In the meantime, the lucky winner is regularly sent information to learn and understand all the intricacies of the queen of electronic currency.

The goal of the young company: push for adoption and allow 21 million – obviously – newcomers to own and then use Bitcoin

A shortcut on the long road to democratization

By his own admission, Cory Klippsten the founder of GiveBitcoin sweated blood and water to convince his own parents to finally buy some Bitcoin: “It took me hundreds of hours, books, podcasts, articles, and I finally managed to convince my parents” he explains during an interview for Bitcoin Magazine.

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Cory Klippsten, evangelism pegged to the body

He is the one who likes to use the rhetoric of Matrix (the red and green pills, the rabbit hole, the Trini leather suit …. brief), to talk about the potential of Bitcoin dreams of himself an evangelist. His credo: take as many people as possible on the way tomonetary emancipation and the resumption of power confiscated by centralizing powers.

“? Itcoin Morpheus” as he calls himself on Twitter, thus began by refining its ability to “Pitch” Bitcoin in less than 20 minutes, from 0, in order to convince an interlocutor. No will to refourguer an encyclopedia or a vacuum cleaner, but the hope that at the end, an individual is sufficiently sensitized to seek to learn more.

Already not so bad! But our blond entrepreneur decided to take it to the next level by launching GiveBitcoin, a site that is supposed to facilitate the donation of Bitcoin, with conditions that Klippstein hopes likely to encourage adoption.


21 million or nothing

Concretely, GiveBitcoin offers the possibility to anyone who goes through its site, to send a sum in Bitcoin to any designated recipient.

The proposed amounts start at $ 5 and can go up to $ 5,000 (that is to say soon 1 round BTC if we continue on the current streak…).

Small subtlety: donations are necessarily accompanied by a locking period of 1 to 5 years, so that the recipient can taste the joys and subtleties of the concept of HODL!

In detail, the BTC are held by a trusted third party (in this case Prime Trust, a bank in Nevada), which will make the funds available on the agreed date, via a regulated platform such as Binance, Huobi or Bittrex (and the KYC which is going well, of course). The fees for this service are quite modest: $ 2 for any amount less than $ 100 and 2% for any transaction over $ 100.

Cory Klippsten is ambitious. He hopes by this approach to bring in 21 million new members in the less and less private club of Bitcoin (I’ll let you find out why 21 million eh). The challenge is significant, it is estimated that about 7 million people worldwide own more than $ 100 worth of Bitcoin (do you feel the breath of pride there or not?). GiveBitcoin therefore hopes to multiply by 4 the number of BTC holders.

the coming weeks and the upcoming holidays will make it possible to quickly see if the GiveBitcoin offer (whose services are only available in the United States) meets its audience.

The company that wants to offer Bitcoin to 21 million people for Christmas – Bitcoin – News 2020
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