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As the crypto-economy unfolds and digital currencies grow in value, mining for Bitcoin (or other major cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) or ZCoin (ZEC) attracts an increasingly large audience, and France amateurs are legion. That’s good, activity long reserved for a small caste of pioneer hackers, mining is now accessible to everyone, including a non-tech-savvy audience, attracted by this new class of assets that embodies Bitcoin.

Attraction of novelty, exoticism intoxicating the ultra-technological adventure, possible promise of significant gains … Bitcoin mining is attracting more and more. Today’s article will explain in simple words and supporting illustrations, to what extent and under what conditions is an individual in France able to mine Bitcoin profitably.

And as a bonus, you will discover the French company which offers to take you to mine Bitcoin in Canada, in order to explode your profitability!

This article is offered to you in partnership with society Feel Mining. Crypto investments are risky in nature, do your own research and invest only within the limits of your financial capacity. This article does not constitute an incentive to invest.


Bitcoin mining in France in 2020, a realistic inventory

Forgive my brutality, but I’m going to start with bad news: for an individual, mining Bitcoin in France in 2020 is not profitable.

This is it done.

This overall observation results from the economic, energy and climatic situation specific to French territory, all related to the unsurpassable constraints of Bitcoin mining (said constraints themselves being the guarantee of the resilience and of invulnerability of Bitcoin as a value).

Bitcoin mining in France, major rules and rare exceptions

If you are a complete beginner, Useless for the moment to pretend to understand the variables of this equation (it will come later, do not worry), be satisfied with its result: France is not, and will most likely never be an Eden of Bitcoin mining, and certainly not for an individual.

This general observation obviously suffers from a few exceptions if you fall into one of the following rare cases:

  • You have been a minor for several years, and your machines are profitable since a long time,
  • you don’t pay electricity (or at an ultra-preferential rate),
  • you found a palette Antminer S17 brand new by doing the bulky (remember that it will be necessary to give up your soul in 10 years and enjoy while waiting),
  • you have particularly specialized technical skills, enough budget to start making economies of scale, and a lot of time to devote to the maintenance and monitoring of perfectly calibrated equipment.

Apart from these few situations, which will in any case place you outside the readership of this humble article, you must confront the real: apart from the intellectual satisfaction of undermining yourself and constitute a small link in the great blockchain adventure, you will gain nothing financially (or even be out of your pocket, rich only in the pride of the thing).

The costs (not only financial) to take into account

Despite everything, you decide to persevere. Before you even consider watching your first satoshi accumulate, like everyone else you will draw a spreadsheet Excel and a lot of coffee and aspirin. And like everyone you will quickly come to understand that certain constraints will be unavoidable.

So, to start indulging in the joys of Bitcoin mining in France (and anywhere else for that matter), you will need:

  • The centerpiece of the system: a bitcoin miner and its computing power (a very specialized IT unit, dedicated to this unique task),
  • a solid and stable Internet connection (and its associated monthly cost) in order to transmit the results of said calculations to the Bitcoin network (if possible via fiber),
  • very good quality electricity, continuously, and in large quantities in order to satiate your Bitcoin miner in permanent overheating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

And even if it is less easy to quantify, these parameters will also be added:

  • The search for the coldest environment possible, the cooling of the material counting for up to 30% of the energy expenditure. Hydrometry must also be brought under control, condensation being the deadly enemy of computer equipment.
  • And to avoid seeing Greta Thunberg appear in a demonic circle and observe yourself with a black eye, it will not be scandalous to try to get green and renewable energy, so as to make lie one of the clichés which would like that Bitcoin is an ecological monstrosity (which, like any self-respecting and false cliché, or at least very exaggerated).
Bitcoin mining explained from 0 to a beginner? Nothing easier !
One more day at work. Allegory

And all that without forgetting…. the noise ! An Antminer S17 miner? it is 76 decibels noise congestion.

The equivalent of a mower or a perpetual horn in terms of volume in the middle of your living room.

You see, to the financial costs is added a logistical cost and a more subtle cost made up of your energy and the significant amount of time you will need to devote to the subject. And the time is … Bitcoin!

All these parameters now taken into account, it is time to finally take an interest in your Bitcoin production.

O joy! Short-lived however, in fact until you realize that in the state of the difficulty of mining the network and the current price of Bitcoin, it is impossible for you to be profitable in France as an individual with your limited firepower.

Are your dreams of mining Bitcoin successful and Lamborghini (rental) carelessly parked in front of your country house definitively compromised?

Rest assured, options exist in the French ecosystem. And this is when the friends of Feel Mining come into play

Feel Mining’s all-inclusive offers: mine Bitcoin at the pros’ price!

Feel mining, the French mining company that you are starting to know well, is not content to offer a panel of mining services in fields as varied as masternodes and the cloud mining.

feel mining

The company also offers turnkey solutions allowing you to own your mining machines: hardware hosting offers.

Order, mine, profit immediately.

You know it now: society has made ergonomics and the quality of user experience his priorities.

As such, the company’s commercial offer can be summed up to say the least simply:

  • 1. Select and acquire the minor on site among a range of machines and prices
  • 2. log into your dashboard and see the production of your Bitcoin mining machine increase in real time.

And your part of the job ends there.

Feel mining takes care of ABSOLUTELY everything else: installation at the heart of a mining farm, handling, setting up and configuration, management of breakdowns or malfunctions, the environment, energy flows, any updates …

The choice of Asics by Feel Mining
These beauties are reaching out to you

In short, your beloved machine will be pampered and surrounded by attentions in an environment specially dedicated to this activity (in the company of thousands of girlfriends).



Theelectricity at pro Feel Mining rates

Subscribe to hardware hosting offeris therefore to benefit from the infrastructure and mining conditions that only professional players like Feel mining can traditionally access.

But it also means having access to inexpensive energy from renewable sources (in this case hydraulic), thing unthinkable for an individual.

This tour de force which allows us to intervene on the “nerve of the war” of Bitcoin profitability that represents the cost of energy, Feel mining does it by having of installations in France taking advantage of negotiated rates, but above all, the Grenoble company has a master card: mining farms in countries where electricity prices are 3 to 4 lower than in France.

Hypothesis 1: You want to mine Bitcoin in France

At this point, it’s useful to remember that in France, electricity prices for individuals vary between 15 and 20 cts / Kw / h. As we saw a little earlier, at this price, it is impossible to be profitable in mining Bitcoin, even if in terms of price, France is not the worst student in Europe.

Electricity France tariff table

Feel mining has preferential rates that will make a real difference to your Bitcoin mining profitability. The company offers a simulator that will allow you to check the level of savings achieved. Below, an illustration on a Antminer S17 +

Hypothesis 2: you want to mine Bitcoin internationally

On its international sites, Feel mining has electricity at prices as low as 0.055/ Kw / h. And, there we can start to consider the serious things: these are prices 3 to 4 times lower than the French national average.

You will discover a little further down why the timing is perfect to position themselves on this offer, and more particularly at the Canadian mining site. Before that, I suggest a simulation from publicly available data concerning a device well known in the industry and whose performance is predictable.

And this simulation will show you one simple thing: thanks to the turnkey offers from Feel Mining, mining Bitcoin (staying in France, with a French company) in 2020 is profitable, even for an individual!


Case study: investing in a Bitcoin Antminer S17 + miner

Among the panel of machines available on the Feel Mining store, my choice fell on the Antminer S17 +

Why this model? Besides that this miner straight out of the giant’s workshop Bitmain has a reputation for quality that is undeniable, it is the beginning of the high-end offered by the Grenoble company.

In other words, not the beginner minor who does his scales, but not the war machine whose power would be felt – all of this makes great sense – on its price.

The beast

Profitability test of the Antminer S17 +

About the article of the day not being to carry out an integral test bench, know that I used the well-known Coinwarz site, which calculates profitability and ROI (Return on Investment) of a Bitcoin miner with great precision.

To carry out the simulations, I integrated the rate including VAT of a Antminer S17 +, his power of 67 TH / s (= its capacity in quantity of calculations per second) and its electrical power (2680 Watts). The result of this simulation is available here.

For an Antminer S17 +, the daily net return is 7.46 USD
With a yield of 108,933 satoshis per day and a full Return on Investment within 13 months, the Feel Mining offer on the AntMiner S17 + presents solid arguments

On this specific offer, the Bitcoin Antminer S17 + miner, offered at € 2,662.80 (excluding promo) pays for itself in 390 days (13 months).

Key points to remember

  • ROI is a fluctuating value by nature. It depends on multiple parameters and NO ONE is able to predict the future
  • Simulations do not take into account the future halving of Bitcoin, which will divide block rewards by 2 (although it is generally considered that the price of Bitcoin will be strengthened in parallel)
  • Feel Mining’s offer is turnkey, and all-inclusive : electric rents are taken directly from the minor’s production
  • Feel Mining is paid via a 10% direct debit mining power
  • The condition of your machines and accessible live on the dashboard of the customer area (performance, yield, temperature …)
  • Bitcoin mining revenues are paid continuously and immediately available on the dashboard
  • An option allows you to disconnect the miner free of charge for 1 month, if necessary

And to be even more profitable…

And for an even better ROI, take advantage of 5% discount on your purchase with the code ‘TAHITI”!


Cold, Bitcoin Miner’s Best Friend: Head to Canada with Feel Mining!

As you understand by now, the Bitcoin mining industry is unlikely to thrive in the Morocco, in the United Arab Emirates or in Thailand. Bitcoin miner loves the cold, the AntMiner is more Snow Queen than Vaiana, that’s how it is.

Anyway, this is the perfect time to acquire a minor from Feel mining and have it hosted at Canada. Why ? It is Chloe the CEO of the company that best explains it:

Chloé Desenfans, CEO of Feel Mining

“Bitcoin mining is not profitable enough in France and it is possible to find much better environments. This is the reason why Feel Mining settled in Canada, in Siberia and at Kazakhstan.

It is important to have the best possible mining context right now, especially with the next one halving which will divide the block rewards by 2. Relocating the equipment is therefore logistical and strategic evidence.

For reasons of efficiency and cost reduction, shipments are groups and it’s my pleasure to announce that the next trip is planned for March!

Why Canada? It’s a country where the conditions for security and of stability are perfect. Whether from a geopolitical or regulatory point of view, our activities are perfectly guaranteed.

We use clean energy (hydroelectric). Note that the distance does not change anything for our customers: the platform is identical, the monitoring tools work in real time, owners have live visibility into the operation and condition of their beloved machines!

The whole Feel Mining team will be on the trip, which will make it possible to control the infrastructures, set up the new miners, etc.

If you wish to be part of the trip, send us an email as soon as possible at (note that only the Asics are affected by this offer). Please note, to be part of this tour, your order must be confirmed before February 22 ”.

Want to be profitable in bitcoin mining in France and convinced by one of the hardware offers? Trust Feel Mining and embark in a few weeks with the team on its Canadian journey! And don’t forget: -5% on your entire order with the code “TAHITI”


the complete guide – Bitcoin – News 2020
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