The first version of VOICE, the EOS crypto “Facebook Killer” about to be released – Bitcoin – News 2020

After an announcement to say the least thundering a little more than 6 months ago, observers were surprised by the radio silence surrounding the VOICE project of the giant crypto EOS (4 billion dollars raised during the ICO, we will remember).

This silence is now broken: EOS has just announced the launch of the beta version of VOICE on February 14, 2020. The opportunity will finally be offered to test this new model of social network which provides that the monetization of user data will benefit them, rather than fattening the giants of the sector. And yes, it is Facebook that is in the viewfinder.

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This is The Voice

You may remember, in June 2019, the CEO of EOS Brendan Blumer and Dan Larimer, CTO of (parent company of EOS), took advantage of a very spectacular keynote to present their new project: VOICE, a social network with blockchain and crypto sauce.

Built on the EOS blockchain, VOICE was then presented as embodying a paradigm shift, cutting radically with the standards of industry giants as established over the past decade : recovery of control – and monetization – data by their owners, anti-troll device and fake news, promotion of quality content by consensus… all on one public blockchain and distributed, in partnership with society Yubico, the manufacturer of YubiKey, for the security dimension of the whole.

The architecture will revolve around a dedicated token, initially baptized Voice token who will support the content monetization, the remuneration of the attention and encourage quality interactions, that’s what the network’s creators are hoping for.

If this approach seems somewhat familiar to you, this is normal: a service like Steemit (also founded by Dan Larimer) and its community content pay system has already led the way a bit. We can also cite BRAVE, the crypto-browser associated with the digital currency of the same name, which allows its users to select advertisers and recover part of the monetization of their attention.

Beta coming soon

We knew that things were progressing discreetly, the information has just been delivered to those who had pre-registered on the site a beta version of the social network of EOS will be made available on February 14, 2020!


The press release reminds in particular breach (or absence) of social contract between giant platforms eager for personal data from billions of individuals, and the lack of consideration of the rights and interests of these same individuals:

“Social media is corrupt. Designed to use us, our data and attention translate into multi-billion dollar profits for the interests of tech giants, banks and Wall Street as we fight to protect ourselves from the consequences of selling our attention to anonymous actors and against the trade of our personal information. This shift in interest between us and the platforms we once trusted continues to expose us more and more to data profiling, identity theft, cyberbullying, fake news and passive influence. It has never been so difficult to know what is real in this growing sea of ​​fabricated propaganda designed to manipulate our thoughts and control our behavior.

The initial ambitions are confirmed: exit obscure algorithms having the right of life or death over the visibility of content, disappearance of opaque and unilateral auctions around user data … in short, everything that is commonly practiced today by the all powerful GAFAM.

Difficult to determine the future success of the VOICE initiative despite the means deployed by EOS (nothing but the domain name cost 30 million dollars ! And we will not talk about influencers recruited at high prices in recent months).

On the other hand, the emergence of an actor of this new genre, proposing to the user to regain power, in an increasingly decentralized environment, probably foreshadows the face of the future Internet 3.0 that the blockchain and its innovations suggest.

The first version of VOICE, the EOS crypto “Facebook Killer” about to be released – Bitcoin – News 2020
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