The French Cruxpool mining pool raises 475,000 euros – Bitcoin – Bitcoin 2020

Cruxpool; French mining pool, completes 475,000 euros in funding

Good news for the French mining ecosystem! ILIIUM, the parent company of the Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) Cruxpool mining pool, has just announced the completion of a € 475,000 fundraiser. The management of ILIIUM now plans to focus on the growth of Cruxpool – the leading mining pool in France.

Under the French Tech label and with strong support as serious as BPI France, Crédit Agricole or the École Supelec school, Cruxpool perfectly demonstrates that the mining of cryptocurrencies is not the domain reserved for Asian powers or giant American farms. . (Press release)

Sovereignty and profitability

Concepts willingly antagonists that’s it. And yet, being a sector too strategic that the blockchain mining, France will be keen not to be left behind by certain emerging powers, or more “crypto-friendly“. It is that the subject is of importance: of the capacity not to depend on Asian or American giants of the sector, will flow part of the future national and European monetary sovereignty.

So, if the raison d’être of Cruxpool and its parent company ILIIUM, like any business, is to generate profits for its own benefit and that of its customers, the main thing may be elsewhere: prove that it is possible in France in 2020 to offer profitable cryptocurrency mining services and lead the way for the sector to flourish.

The team of Cruxpool recalls the importance of the function of minors : “Without the mining pools and miners, there would simply be no blockchain” and highlights its 2 objectives: “To make Cruxpool a benchmark player and to encourage the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies”.

Fundraising in a regulated environment

If it is traditional to invoke the “far west” to talk about the crypto ecosystem, Cruxpool wanted to do it right.

So Julien Gourlet, founder of ILLIUM and Cruxpool explains:


“This fundraising represents a decisive stage in our development. We are now going to start a new chapter in our adventure by welcoming new talents to accelerate our growth. Our goal is to evolve the Cruxpool platform, develop new functionalities and new products to become a benchmark player worldwide. ”

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Julien Gourlet, founder of ILLIUM and Cruxpool

Founded in 2017, ILIIUM has grown gradually and steadily, thanks in particular to support from the BPI and some Grand-Est region as well as the finalization of a first fundraiser in 2018. The company now has French, Belgian and Luxembourgish investors among its shareholders.

The ILIIUM team has given itself a mission: the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are two essential revolutions that will play a central role in the economy of tomorrow. They allow the exchange of values ​​without a trusted third party (without banks) and have applications in a very large number of business sectors. This allows everyone to reclaim their privacy and their purchasing power : the aim of the company is to make this technology accessible to everyone. The best way to acquire cryptocurrencies is to produce them, and ILIIUM will offer a complete and accessible range of tools for this purpose.

It will be time to come back to Cruxpool’s commercial offers a little later, but we will already note that the company offers Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) mining, in a Windows environment (Linux to come).

The French Cruxpool mining pool raises 475,000 euros – Bitcoin – Bitcoin 2020
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