The impending general money shower will have only one beneficiary: Bitcoin – Bitcoin – Bitcoin 2020

The financial crisis and economic recession provide a good excuse for central banks to turn the printing press. An impression of deja vu? The scenario of 2008 repeats itself before our eyes but the white collar mafia knows that its turning is done this time in broad daylight. So she brought the idea of ​​the “monetary helicopter” out of the closet, to get the pill passed. What are the real reasons behind this sudden generosity? Where does all this magic money come from? What a difference with the Quantitative Easing ? What about Bitcoin?

A system at breathless

To answer all these questions, we must make an observation, and it is very simple: we are at the end of the system. Gargantuan debt obliges usurers (bankers) – reluctantly of course – lower interest rates on the floor. While the mortgage rate was 5% in 2008, it is now lower at 1%… Another notable development: while we rarely borrowed over 12 years in the relatively recent past, the majority of loans are now made to 25 years

Central banks used all the levers at their disposal to try to stimulate demand for credit. Lowering of the rent of money to 0%, redemption of public debts and even negative rates to force the banks to lend. Yes, but don’t drink a thirsty donkey… The new generations – without work, by relocation – can’t, or aren’t very excited about going into debt over 25 years to buy 4 walls and a roof. And what could be more understanding when we know, moreover, that peak oil (for 2025 according to the IEA) and the fight against climate change promise us a world in decline …

Our aging monetary system works by borrowing ever larger sums to repay previous loans + interest, in a mad rush ahead. Our economy is a trust-based ponzi scheme in the fact that this little ride will last forever. When confidence in the future fades, people postpone their plans. Concretely, this translates into fewer births and, in the short term, fewer real estate purchases, among others. Gold, 60% of the money that irrigates the economy originally comes from home loans. Without new loans, the house of cards collapses. The coronavirus, by putting millions of people out of work, for who knows how long, accelerated the emergence of this confidence crisis. Hence, the current slaughter.

Who wants to make billions?

Punchers are the first to cast off in the event of economic depression. 1/3 of the world market capitalization is already “gone up in smoke“. We just witnessed a stock market crash. In other words, speculators take their profits and the thousands of billions printed ex nihilo by central banks are for the sole purpose of allowing players to exchange their chips after leaving the casino (stock market ponzi). Central banks are saving banks from bankruptcy and nationalization (the reverse of what happened in Iceland).

But toss billions into the financial casino will have no effect on the real economy. We are at the end of the debt system so that these oceans of cash will be useless except to keep the purse in levitation. I repeat, you don’t drink a thirsty donkey. # liquids trap.

I add in passing that with the peak oil that lies in wait for us, this crisis may mark a historic turning point. Indeed, the historical maximum of oil production was reached in November 2018. Since then, global production has fallen by 4 million barrels per day (out of a production which was 84 million). It is even possible that the peak oil is already behind us… And considering that 95% of transport runs on petroleum, I let you imagine what will happen, in the relatively near future, to the mountains of debt and the currencies backed by it …

So, unlike 2008, not only do we not have much room for maneuver on the energy front (oil), the debt is already at its maximum, and, icing on the cake, the social context is explosive. France, Iraq, Hong Kong, Lebanon, Bolivia, Algeria, Chile, Ecuador, the world is in turmoil. People will not stay in containment forever and may soon demand accountability as to the origin of all this magic money that we draw to save an oligarchy which destroyed the public service and the hospitals in which it dies.

“It is fortunate that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, because if that were the case, I believe that there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning”

Henry Ford (founder of Ford Motor Cie)

Currency helicopter

The fact that many countries are on the brink of insurgency is probably the boost which encourages the bankers to take out the checkbook for each citizen and not only for the representatives of their caste. But they no longer have too much choice anyway given that the debt system is in its last corner. The currency helicopter, that is to say offer free money which will not have to be reimbursed, is now inevitable.

General airdrop of fiat currency

[WealsotalkaboutUniversalIncomeeven[OnparleaussideRevenuUniverselvoireairdrop in the crypto community. Airdrop = drop, like dropping money from a helicopter, which anyone can pick up without ever having to return.]

The expression “ currency helicopter » was invented by the liberal economist Milton Friedman, in 1969. It was popularized in 2002 by Ben bernanke, then governor of the FED, then taken over in 2016 by Peter Praët, then Governor of the ECB. We are in 2020 and the United States is preparing to offer $ 1,000 to each American.


Nothing to do with “Quantitative Easing” which consists of buying government or multinational debt securities to keep rates low and thus stimulate economic growth. Read our previous article for a full explanation of ” QE

Bitcoin airdrop

A Bitcoin airdrop. The dream 🙂 Unfortunately, most airdrops are mostly about shitcoins

The coin helicopter is a fiat coin airdrop that will land in any pocket. So we technically enter a world where part of life becomes free. Well, it goes without saying that the money is only worth the work behind it. Paying everyone to do nothing usually ends in starvation… That being said, there is ample room to set up a small universal income. Some will cry out for inflation but from the moment everyone has benefited from the newly created money equally, where is the problem?… Do you prefer to go into debt?

We may be at the forefront of a great moralization of the monetary system that Satoshi Nakamoto would certainly see with a very good eye, he who, in 2009, left in the Genesis block of the Bitcoin blockchain one blasting message what central banks are currently doing : bail out bankers who made today’s monetary anarchy possible. Because let’s say it, more than the crisis of capitalism, liberalism or energy, it’s the money creation crisis from interest-bearing debt that we’re fingering.

In a world where a small universal income would be the norm, monetary creation is suddenly at the service of everyone, and not only at the service of bankers who get rich by always lending more money created out of nothing. A constantly increasing debt, the resulting inflation of which makes life harder for each new generation.

Bitcoin would make less sense in such a world but let’s not get carried away…

First, if the pandemic ends soon, slavery will resume as before. The coronavirus will not bring us direct democracy and universal income on a silver platter. We will have to take to the streets to free ourselves.

Secondly, even if the helicopter turns into universal income, the fact remains that our currencies are always backed by a debt bubble whose explosion will result in a reset monetary. To put it another way, we will be robbed of our savings. If you have none, or so few, like the overwhelming majority of us, fear not …

In short, keep your gold and Bitcoins warm…

All this makes me say that the scenario of a Bitcoin airdrop from the mysterious Satoshi Nakanoto would remain the perfect plan… See this article for more information, you will not be disappointed with the trip.

Nothing will ever be the same again. Something bad is good and suddenly planes no longer seem so essential. Suddenly, thousands of plastic gadgets can remain in their containers. Suddenly, CO2 emissions are finally falling. Suddenly, telework seems very desirable. Suddenly we no longer feel guilty about staying at home and basking behind a book or a newspaper. Suddenly we slow down. Suddenly, we are released from our chains. Suddenly money falls from the sky

The impending general money shower will have only one beneficiary: Bitcoin – Bitcoin – Bitcoin 2020
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