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In a statement, the famous Charlie Lee cryptocurrency foundation announced that it was an executive producer of a Hollywood film. The Litecoin Foundation, which manages the development of the currency of the same name, has indeed participated in the financing of the latest film by Marc Meyers (My friend Dahmer, Human Capital). Available across the Atlantic since April 10, “We Summon the Darkness” brings together Alexandra Daddario (True Detective, San Andreas) and Johnny Knoxville (Jackass, Men In Black II) in a medium-budget horror film that promises to be cut the breath.

Pure entertainment

The title We Summon the Darkness, literally “We invoke darkness” (difficult to make more satanic!), announces the color! We are dealing here with a horrific thriller as it comes out very regularly.

In the mid-80s, Alexis (Alexandra Daddario) and two friends go to a concert by the heavy metal band “Soldiers of Satan”. After the show, the friends invite three young musicians to join them for a frenzied after party. This takes place at Alexis’s father’s estate (Johnny Knoxville), a televangelist pastor who considers heavy metal as an offshoot of Satan.

What begins as a carefree party suddenly turns into a nightmare as the guests are killed one after the other. A paranoid atmosphere sets in, each suspecting the other of being the killer.

And the film suddenly turns into a devilishly entertaining thriller.

The trailer for We Summon the Darkness is visible here:

This image is from the movie We Summon The Darkness.

A pro-Litecoin producer

The film producing company, Common Enemy, is presented by Litecoin Foundation as part of the Litecoin family. The producer of the film, Kyle Tekiela, founder of Common Enemy, is even one of the volunteers of the Litecoin Foundation!

Litecoin and the blockchain technology that underpins it, open up huge opportunities for the film funding, the payment of distributors and the team, as well as the marketing of the finished product “says Kyle Tekiela in a press release from the Litecoin Foundation.

“The current banking system, in expensive loans, to the expensive fees and money transfer times too long, is outdated and heavy in today’s digital world. Litecoin and the Litecoin Foundation are avant-garde and actively work to provide solutions to the challenges facing the world of cinema. “

With this film, Tekiela is not his first try. His Common Enemy company is notably behind Mudbound (with Garrett Hedlund and Carey Mulligan, available on Netflix), a major critical success nominated for an Oscar and selected in numerous prestigious festivals. Its association with Litecoin is far from trivial.


An amazing association

If it is not common, and even, frankly, a little strange, to see a company of cryptocurrency in the credits of a horror film, this is not the first time that the foundation has been talked about. In 2018, she had sponsored an UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) MMA (mixed martial arts) match. We could then see the logo of the Litecoin in the octagonal ring of the American MMA organization.

An MMA ring with the litecoin logo printed in the center.

In 2019, it’s the American football team Miami Dolphins that she was associated. Since September 2019, it is indeed the cryptocurrency team official. Miami Dolphins fans can use it to purchase tickets for certain charity matches. 50% of the ticket price goes to the team, the rest goes to a charity.

These advertisements have only one and the same objective: to promote Litecoin as a means of payment and to accelerate its adoption by the general public.

Sponsorship as a tool for conquest

“Mass adoption requires two things: awareness and use cases”, explains Charlie Lee, creator of Litecoin and general manager of the Litecoin Foundation. “The film industry ticks these two boxes convincingly. Litecoin has the potential to become a powerful tool in film financing, and by collaborating with creative and influential people in this sector, we have the opportunity to present Litecoin to millions of people around the world. “

Show yourself to the greatest number to conquer hearts, this is the reasoning of the Litecoin Foundation. Because Litecoin, presented as lighter, faster, has always had the ambition to compete with Bitcoin, often considered his big brother, in the field of instant payments. Lee’s avowed ambition is for his currency to be the one everyone uses to buy coffee, a baguette, a movie ticket. Whereas in his eyes Bitcoin would rather constitute a store of value from which we would only be separated for major purchases. The strategy therefore makes sense for the 7th currency in the Coinmarketcap ranking.


It remains to be seen whether spectators of American football, MMA or horror films are the right target … But after all, isn’t the world of cryptocurrencies in itself an entertainment sector like any other?

Made of dramas, announcement effects and unexpected reversals, the crypto-sphere contains all the ingredients for a good movie … or a good game! No wonder then that a crypto seeks to conquer the world of mainstream entertainment.

The film We Summon the Darkness should soon be available in France on the Itunes and Amazon platforms. For US expatriates, you can watch it on Itunes. And there on Amazon.

The Litecoin Foundation in the middle of a horror film! – Bitcoin – Bitcoin 2020
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