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Choose your Ripple Wallet

Once obtained, you can store your Ripples through a wallet, either online or on an external storage space. Several types of wallets are available and made available to you according to your expectations. It is therefore quite easy to find specific portfolios suited to the digital currencies you want to place there.


What is a cryptocurrency wallet like the Ripple?

In order to better visualize what a Ripple wallet actually represents, it is useful first of all to define what a wallet intended to host cryptocurrencies represents as well as to understand how it works.

Definition of a wallet

The wallet is a wallet that allows its holder to store cryptocurrencies in order to subsequently carry out current transactions secure or just speculate. In other words, once your cryptocurrency is in your pocket, you will be recommended to place it in a safe place before using it.

Even if a “physical” portfolio does exist for cryptocurrencies, we will mostly hear about wallets said “?digital? ”, Represented as:

  • Software;
  • Applications;
  • Encrypted files.
Ripple protection with a digital wallet

For example, you will download a software on your computer or laptop which will allow you to store Ripples and generate addresses to receive them. These special portfolios have a secret key, a password that only the user should know.


The advantages of using a wallet

Own a wallet securing your cryptocurrencies has significant advantages. Even if it is a digital currency, the aim being not to lose it, it is legitimate to want to protect it. Although Ripple attaches great importance to the development of the blockchain, which can reduce the number of thefts, it is still necessary to play the card of precaution by obtaining a wallet. Discover below the advantages of using this kind of wallet, if for example you wish or plan to place your Ripples in a safe place:

  • Everyone has their private keys : it is therefore extremely difficult for a hacker (hacker) to hack large amounts of cryptocurrencies ?;
  • Safer than online platforms ?;
  • Total control of your money?
  • Using a wallet is just choosing toisolate your cryptocurrency and its devices of all risk potential for online piracy;
  • Affordable purchase price : there are good wallets for less than € 100.

The different types of wallet

The panel of portfolios existing in 2019 to store cryptocurrency is wide and varied. Here are the main types of wallet used by cryptocurrency holders, including Ripple.

Hardware wallet, or cold wallet

Effective and recommended for y keep large amounts a long-term cryptocurrency, the hardware wallet acts as real safe and is more and more used by investors as its performance is relevant. Portfolio presented as USB key, it allows you to leave no link on a computer connected to the internet or on a network (online platform).

Cold wallet for Ripple

We could then speak of a total isolation for your cryptocurrency and data. You leave your cryptocurrency on your address, which is only accessible with a password, but which no longer appears on the network. This type of “physical” portfolio remains the most secure.

Online portfolios

The online portfolio

You access it via your browser web. Even though these wallets are easy to create, however, you cannot control the private keys yourself. In other words, they prove to be relatively insecure and, therefore, very taken nearby hackers.

Software wallet or desktop wallet

Sometimes also called hot wallet (in opposition to the cold wallet). It’s a software to download on your computer or laptop. Then synchronize blockchain of your cryptocurrency in some cases, some wallet software does not necessarily require its download. We will then differentiate full wallets (francized full customers) who will download it, like Bitcoin for example, and lightweight wallets (thin clients) who do not impose it.

Paper wallet

Paper wallet

This will involve creating and printing a sheet of paper, sending the cryptocurrency into that sheet using a “?”key? ” and an address. This leaf East especially not to lose ! Why ? Because to lose it would be to lose your cryptocurrency. This was the main wallet used when electronic wallets did not yet exist.

The 3 best wallets for Ripple (XRP)

Here are the top 3 wallets Ripple that The Coin Tribune recommends to store your XRP, in se basing on features proposed, the notice users, reference sites, but also the security level that the product / service presents.

Ledger Nano S

The essential Ledger Nano S comes in the form of USB key and is therefore a cold wallet. It’s physical and tangible, allowing you to take it anywhere. With a price of € 59, it ensures the security of your XRP optimally compared to others wallets existing.


Hardware Ledger Nano S

Recommended by the vast majority of specialized sites, this little marvel of technology created and manufactured in France has even won over Americans as its performance seems perfectly suited to the digital currency that is cryptocurrency. We place the Ledger Nano S at the top of the list because it surpasses the majority of its competitors with brio. But then, where does this success come from even leading to shortage of stock quickly and what are the advantages of using a Ledger Nano S as an XRP wallet??

If the Ledger Nano S is so coveted and used by cryptocurrency holders, it is surely thanks to the ease of use combined with a almost impossible to bypass security. It will be up to you to determine a 8-digit password in order to use it as well as download the Ledger Live application to control all of your transactions. A 24-word private key only and exclusively personal is entrusted to you in order to reset the device if you ever lose the password. The Ledger Nano S then works like any other wallet and allows you to keep hold of your XRP anytime, anywhere. The device, having screen and buttons, East directly manipulated.

Advantages :

  • Micro-USB cable;
  • Sheet available to note the 24-word key;
  • Several (and many) different cryptocurrencies can be stored there.

CoolWallet S

CoolWallet S hardware

The CoolWallet S is a physical wallet which comes in the form of a card, similar to a bank card. Having a password to be able to access your XRP, you will have to keep it hidden from view at all costs. The wallet works with a downloadable application only on mobile as well as with the Bluetooth functionality. The card does not insert anywhere, but is activated with a button directly on it, using a small screen inlaid on it. His features are simple and remain rudimentary for a wallet :

  • Navigate within the different currencies;
  • Type them wallets by hand or use bar codes;
  • Receive and send cryptocurrency …

The modernity of the product is based on its wireless mode that can be used anywhere and anytime, as well as its bank card-style format. If the Bluetooth mode could frighten some in terms of security, it will be essential to keep and keep safe from all view the data that you have to access it as well as the card itself. For example, we will not be able to empty the funds of the wallet without having the card.

The CoolWallet S is currently the only existing mobile solution for cold storage and its price is around € 79. This little card:

  • Revolutionize the world of wallets with her advanced technology ;
  • Offer a flexibility for convincing and unprecedented cryptocurrency management;
  • Ensures a optimal use anytime and anywhere.


CoinPayments main page

It is a cryptocurrency payment website that also allows the storage of your cryptocurrency through online wallets. This method is similar to the one used by your physical bank. The available portfolios can accommodate over 1000 different cryptocurrencies, including Ripple (XRP), and are free of use.

Of commissions, amounting to 5%, will however levied during transactions made through the site’s portfolios. One of the main features of the site is that you can pay by cryptocurrency with over a hundred online stores. Regarding the Ripple, we would come to question the reliability, and especially the safety, to go through such a platform, almost ideally exposed. It turns out, however, that CoinPayments uses the function “?safe? ” for his wallets online, which greatly enhances the security of transactions made from the site. It will be a question of having a specific amount on the account to be able to withdraw it.

CoinPayments can therefore be used to make online purchases, as well as to store XRP. Easy to use, the platform is ideal for beginners wishing to build a Ripple wallet without using an external wallet yet. The payments are fast, the enhanced security to the maximum and the notoriety of the platform as well as its visibility are no longer in doubt today. CoinPayments has therefore succeeded in attracting the vast majority of its users and is listed 3e place of our top 3 the best wallets for Ripple.

What should you remember about choosing a wallet for Ripple?

Ripple, like any other cryptocurrency, needs to be kept safe in a wallet. For holders of virtual currency, it will therefore be essential to have a wallet. The ones we have offered above are, in our opinion, the best for placing your XRP. Of course there are a multitude of different kinds, however for the sake of security we will tend to you recommend the use of hardware wallets.

These physical portfolios are mainly recommendable thanks to their total isolation the internet when you’re not using it. Cutting-edge technology brings its touch by always making the product a little more secure, whether it is connected to the Internet or not. The Ledger Nano S is, for now, at the head of the race, because its functionalities and its efficiency do not suggest to him any adversary as powerful as him. However, we recommend that you make up your own mind about the wallet to adopt to store your cryptocurrency, by learning as much as you can and by collecting testimonials from recent users.

Here is some final tips before you start definitively:

  • A hardware wallet, like a paper wallet (hardware wallets), should be used with caution, because exposed to the risk of loss, destruction, damage, etc .;
  • If you are not thrilled by a hardware wallet, external and physical portfolio, favor the use of a desktop wallet, the latter being directly installed in the hard disk ?;
  • For large sums, prefer the hardware wallet (hardware portfolio) like the Ledger Nano S ?;
  • You will surely discover that almost everyone praises the Ledger Nano S and you will wonder if all this is really worth it … Know that yes.

Own a wallet wallet in order to store and keep its cryptocurrency (s) safe is a essential operation if you want to secure your money as much as possible. Nowadays, more and more wallets always more efficient, effective and attractive emerge. Indeed, holders of virtual currency are constantly looking for the ultimate in keeping their loot in total security. Therefore, the market is adapting and trading platforms too, since they no longer only offer the currency trading, but also the total management of these by keeping them warm themselves. If you have Ripples, you now know what you have to do!

to choose your wallet – Bitcoin – Cryptocurrency 2020
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