Tunisian E-Dinar – Universa Blockchain breaks silence and strikes back – Bitcoin – News 2020

Universa blockchain vs Central Bank of Tunisia, who manipulates whom?

The CEO of the Russian start-up Universa Blockchain has split an explanation on Medium returning to the crypto-psychodrama of last weekend, on the background of the announcement of the imminent release of an E-Dinar dubbed by the Central Bank of Tunisia (CBT). If the CBT will quickly publish a denial of its lack of support for what would have become de facto, the first central bank cryptocurrency (CBDC), everything in this file quickly seemed to be conducive to double reading.

Obviously anxious not to pass for a vulgar organizer of Pump & Dump, Alexander Borodich counter-attacks and returns on the sequence of the events with force documents and some arguments.

Back to the Forex Exchange Club Congress

We mentioned in the previous article, the Forex Exchange Club is a half-century-old Tunisian institution that sees the areopage of the country’s banking and finance world around strategic subjects. In this case, for this 50th edition, the theme of crypto-assets and the upheavals they will induce in all strata of finance had a good place.

Note in passing that there have not been any major events of this type in recent years where topics related to crypto assets are not covered. Even as the average citizen persists in not knowing or perceiving Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as anything other than subversive or criminal instruments, the world’s major money marketers are already on the next day on the subject … discreetly.

The logo of Universa Blockchain, “technological partner” of the FOREX congress

Thus, told by the CEO of Universa blockchain, the first part of the conference was composed as follows:

  • Opening speech by the head of the Tunisian Central Bank,
  • round table on the opportunities offered by CBDC for the countries of the region of Maghreb, with the managerUniversa Hub Africa,
  • live demonstration of the launch uDinar (the digital dinar) by the director of Universa Hub Africa who carries out the first transaction on stage[Between[entre Marouane Abassi, governor of CBT and Hervé Tourpe, representative of IMF],
  • presentation on the future of money by Alexander Borodich and more particularly on the transition from paper currencies to digital currencies via the mechanism CBDC

Note that a Facebook video of the event is available, as well as various interviews and reports on the Tunisian media, including this one, on the channel Nessma TV, which evokes the subject of uDinar, in the presence of a representative of the Tunisian Central Bank.


Live demonstration of a transaction in uDinar (crypto-Dinar) between TCB and FMI

Misunderstanding or manipulation?

Alexander Borodich does not question the fact that a misunderstanding had a snowball effect, but protests its good faith: the company Universa Blockchain did not orchestrate the dissemination of a fake news on the imminent establishment of a CBDC. In this, it joins the position of the Central Bank of Tunisia. The runaway of last week would be the consequence of a media imbroglio between on the one hand the presentation by the startup of the uDinar, and on the other hand the presence and apparent support of the CBT.

“In all of our interviews, we scrupulously followed the position agreed with our partners. We call on the professional community and journalists to check all the facts, videos, photos thoroughly and to draw their own conclusions objectively. ” Alexander Borodich, in his Medium Explanation post

Behind the scenes, however, we wonder: represented during the Forex congress, what role has the IMF played? Indeed, quickly sources close to the file began to speak of pressures emanating from the main world monetary organization.

Difficult as it stands to determine whether these rumors have any basis. Are they simply materializing a Russian desire to set up a counter-fire against the background of supposed manipulation and a global monetary plot? Is Universa Blockchain the collateral victim of a wider battlefield? … The E-Dinard saga will probably not end there!

Tunisian E-Dinar – Universa Blockchain breaks silence and strikes back – Bitcoin – News 2020
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