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More and more of you are giving us the pleasure of visiting Bitcoin. In less than a year, your newspaper has experienced a real explosion in traffic, becoming a benchmark media on Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and what is generally referred to as the tokenization of the economy.

And, in addition to making us blush with contentment, your renewed loyalty motivates us to offer you always more content, but also different experiences.

2020 is still young, but promises to be an important year for TCT. Difficult to reveal too much, but know that we have many surprises and great projects in store for you! The recurring watchword: to offer an ever-widening audience access to quality information and solid reading grids in order to understand and reap the benefits of the emerging crypto-economy.

And always a creed: make it simple, but not simplistic, complex, but not complicated, so that the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is accessible to everyone.

And in order to be patient, the opportunity is good to offer to follow us on different networks, so as not to miss a news, but also to be able to interact with the team, suggest a subject, make a comment, or even moan on occasion … And why not, offer us your talents!

Bitcoin on social networks

Bitcoin is a bit like Bitcoin : unique but protean, central but distributed. Thus, the editorial team, but also the main feathers of the newspaper are accessible to you in order to debate on a particular point, or return to an article.

So, whatever your habits of “consumption” of social networks, here are the main platforms where you can be informed in real time of French and international crypto news and interact with the rest of the community if you wish.


Your favorite crypto duck obviously couldn’t save itself from compromising on the hegemonic creation of uncle Zuckerberg.

We are not going to tell a story, both the ultra-centralizing vocation of the blue thumb network that its “fluctuating” policy in terms of crypto-economy, yet place Facebook light years away from some of the most important values. of the crypto sector.

Bitcoin in Mark Zuckerberg's shop
“Bitcoin on Facebook? Biggest buzz since Cambridge Analytica ”. Mark. Z.

However – and before migrating to solutions more in line with its values ​​(we’ll talk about this again) – Thecointribune, has a dedicated page on Facebook to which I encourage you to subscribe now.

But more importantly, take the plunge and join the “Bitcoin corner” discussion group, on which you will be warmly welcomed by the moderation team, but which presents a most suitable place to exchange (including with your servant).


Fewer cases of conscience to be present on Twitter for crypto media. Indeed, Jack dorsey (the founder and current boss of the sparrow network who tweeted) never hid his affection for Bitcoin, and even his desire to develop his creation towards something more decentralized.


It’s also traditionally on Twitter that you’ll find fundraising debates more easily – sometimes livelybetween the actors of the French and international crypto ecosystem. This is the network where information travels the fastest, fake news and approximations included. Sure Thecointribune’s Twitter you will however be safe from the tumult and will be able to comment, follower and re-twitter at your ease


Historically the most “natural” network for crypto addicts and perhaps not the easiest to grasp when starting out …But nothing too bad in the end.

Bitcoin on Telegram

Telegram initially it is an application of messaging (as Messenger, or WhatsApp) with extended functions which allow the setting up of large discussion groups.

And above all, Telegram was founded by the pair of brilliant brains of Durov brothers who are behind the crypto project YOUR which you regularly hear about in the newspaper columns. The communities around Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and in general all blockchain projects, in principle have a Telegram channel or discussion group

Note that Telegram offers an encrypted communication tool which emphasizes anonymity and the protection of personal data. You will understand why it is a communication medium particularly appreciated by the community.

Bitcoin recently set up its own channel, which you can join anytime and on which interactions have the advantage of being natural and very instantaneous.


Another very “geek” network but whose potential is particularly broad. The network Discord provides “servers”, well suited for creating and managing discussion topics. It is a playful system and it’s on Discord that the newspaper will launch its first games and contest (what? I hadn’t told you about the games? hum).

Bitcoin on Discord

To join the Thecointribune Discord, here is a superb invitation link.


The newspaper is also present on Linkedin, the “Facebook of Professionals”. More “corporate”, Linkedin presents a different tone with a network intended more for the search for economic convergence, partnership, sourcing … This does not prevent you from being welcome on the official page of the newspaper! If you want to offer us a skill, this is the royal road.

And after ?

As soon as soon (I like precision), we’re going to talk about – actually re-tackle – the incompatibility between the products and services offered by GAFAM (Google, Facebook, Amazon and others) and the “New Deal” offered by the crypto ecosystem. As such, it would be hypocritical for a specialized media like ours, not to test new alternatives, as they develop. I will keep you informed of these necessary developments.

Finally, last but no least, Bitcoin is also a newsletter to stay up to date with the basics of Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Looking forward to trading with you soon, I now leave you the choice of weapons!

Understand everything about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies through the community – Bitcoin – Cryptocurrency 2020
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