VeraCash, the card that is worth Gold and makes the Banks cheesy – Bitcoin – Cryptocurrency 2020

Operating the synthesis of two worlds, that of physical gold and everyday payments, the VeraCash card is a unique hybrid. A product so innovative that it deserved to be highlighted in this first Alternative Investment Tribune!

Indeed, by relying on an entire ecosystem that allows you to acquire physical gold in a few minutes transparently and under optimal security conditions, VeraCash gives you access to two superpowers:

  • allow you – finally – to invest simply in physical gold (but also silver, and even diamonds!)
  • Associate this precious reserve with a payment card, allowing you to carry out all of your daily purchases.

And also discover how stablecoin VRO – another major innovation – will allow you to bring a dose of additional efficiency, by bringing to the device all the power of the blockchain.

Use your gold to make everyday transactions. How the hell is this alchemical miracle possible? We go around

This article is offered to you in partnership with society Vera One. Crypto investments are risky in nature, do your own research and invest only within the limits of your financial capacity. This article does not constitute an incentive to invest.

From the Gold Bar to the Baguette

Have you ever tried to go buy a baguette with a gold coin? And after being politely shown the exit, did you try your luck again the next day, by proposing a transfer of a few thousand satoshi (the decimal of Bitcoin), in return for a well-cooked tradition, please ?

The answer is most likely no, in both cases.

The world is like this: physical gold, despite its 5 millennia of use for commercial transactions between humans, and now doomed to sleep in bank vaults, or some collectors showcases.

Louis d'or 2020
that makes them tubs that will never be bought….

As for Bitcoin, strong of its decade of existence, it is possible that it may be necessary to wait another equivalent time before it is really traded daily, if ever it should happen one day.

The situation of the investor at the head of a small heritage in gold or Bitcoin is therefore most uncomfortable : it has assets with an undeniable financial value, while being unable to mobilize him for his daily needs. Frustrating.

Frustrating all the more, that in these two hypotheses, it is nothing less than the possibility of doing without the services of a bank in question!

In other words, the possibility ofoperate over-the-counter commercial transactions, without requiring the services of a third party bank.

Your banker hates it

If the purpose of the paper of the day is not to hit the banks because it’s a little too easy – we will agree: essential for several centuries for essentially logistical reasons, the relevance of the banks’ value proposition (playing the role of a trusted intermediary between parties in a financial transaction), is increasingly difficult to justify.

Thus, more and more bank customers are gradually becoming aware, both of the declining usefulness of financial institutions, but even of the global Ponzi scheme of which she is the (un) worthy representative…

However, bad news for the banking cartel, initiatives are multiplying to propose alternatives.

And VeraCash is part of the avant-garde.

VeraCash - Precious metals backed bankless account

VeraCash follows the same global approach as VeraOne and its VRO token, which we have already presented to you recently.

If the subject is both complex and sensitive (gold, crypto banks, you imagine huh …), the company’s current success is very directly linked to the expertise of the company Aucoffre.Com, French leader in the sale of gold to individuals for more than a decade.

And for those who slept at the bottom, we will remember that VeraOne is the dedicated FinTech branch from VeraOne is notably behind the creation of the token VRO, a stablecoin backed by physical gold, the noble metal being kept under guard in the Free Ports of Geneva., VeraCash, VeraOne… Behind these multiple initiatives, we find the same entrepreneur, a bit the French “Monsieur Or”, Jean-François Faure.


Jean-François FAURE, creator of VeraOne and Veracash

Jean-François, it’s a bit of a bug in the matrix, where the demonstration that even today, an individual can make a difference on their own, even in an area as apparently irremovable and locked as the business gold.

Jean-François Faure founds society AuCoffre in 2009. It then offered for the first time the possibility for any individual to buy, have stored, or receive physical gold, as simply as we would buy the last Marc Levy sure Amazon (which was titled “Children’s Dreams”, do what you want with this information).

If the company is today the industry leader, the team has never ceased to be systematically ahead of a revolution, especially with the release of the service VeraCash in 2015, a bankless payment card directly connected to YOUR reserve of gold and precious metals.

VeraCash the card without concession

You get to know me, I don’t like anything as much as digressing but let me on this particular subject go for once, straight to the point.

What does it actually consist of the VeraCash proposal and how are things going?

Depending on whether you already have physical gold – or not – , the path will be a little different.

Case number 1: You have gold, and want to obtain VeraCash

VeraCash transmutation infographic
  • You entrust your precious metals (coins, jewelry, ingots…) at VeraCash
  • In accordance with a scale transparent and known in advance, This quantity of precious metal is converted in VeraCash (HRV)
  • This process is called “transmutation”(A term that you will find prominently in the reference manual“ The Little Alchemist ”)
  • And speaking of transmutation, VeraCash also offers the transform your metal gold into metal silver. Do you have 1 kilo of gold? If you wish, VeraCash transmute it into 70 kilos of metal silver!
The transmutation of 1 kilo of physical gold into 70 kilo of metallic silver, by VeraCash

Case number 2: You do not have gold, and wish to obtain VeraCash

It is an interesting situation, because in the event that you do not have the slightest stock of the barbarian relic buried at the bottom of the garden, you will not only be able to enhance your heritage by acquiring metal gold, but also in the same spirit, benefit from the VeraCash system!

  • Create an account on the VeraOne platform
  • Go to “credit” and choose the distribution of your investment (GoldPremium, GoldSpot, Silver).
  • Pay by bank transfer (compulsory for the first purchase) or CB (means of payment available after a first successful transfer and a 2-month observation period, within the framework of compliance with industry security standards).
  • Your HRVs will credited and manageable on your customer area
VeraCash transfer and payment application

Whatever path you choose, you will only have to ask your payment card. This will work in exactly the same way as a traditional bank card.

The Vera Cash card, the link between your gold and the world of payments

I emphasize a point that seems important to me: the gold reserve which, in the form of HRV currencies, will allow you to carry out your daily operations YOURS. This physical gold is stored and placed under guard by VeraCash, which puts all its expertise and logistical capacities at the service of its customers.

Your heritage is inaccessible to data entry, in particular State, protected by the tax and customs statute specific to the environment of the Geneva Free Ports. No government, tax or banking service is able to have any action or influence on your heritage reserve. Take a moment to weigh the implications of this situation, at a time when there is more and more question that the savings of individuals can be subject to seizure and in a post-COVID-19 world which promises to be most unstable …

How to spend VeraOne (VRO) with the VeraCash card?

I reminded you a little above, Bitcoin has already had the opportunity to discuss the VRO token, a stablecoin backed by physical gold collateral. At this point, you should understand how the – VeraCash – VeraOne architecture is thought of in a global way, with alpha and omega, the return of metal gold to the center of the economic and monetary game.

VeraOne and its Veracash system puts gold back at the heart of the financial system

And of course, if you now know how it is possible to credit your VeraCash payment card, you will not be surprised to learn that it is also possible to do the same with house cryptocurrency, VRO!

The conditions are absolutely simple:

  • Having created and validated a VeraOne account
  • Have created and validated a VeraCash account
  • Own a minimum of 100 VRO on her VeraOne wallet
  • Request a transfer to your own VeraCash card. A commission of 0.5% on the amount of the application transfer.

Thus, the participant in the ecosystem can spend his VRO stablecoin, itself purchased with BTC or ETH, for a purchase as simple as that of a baguette!

And if you want to learn a little more, friend Owen committed a very solid video on the project:

Conclusion Cash

Discovering this project, we should congratulate ourselves for several reasons: on the one hand, because VeraCash has forged a tool that will allow anyone to do without banks very largely: Your gold – your means of payment.

In the end, this is a precious piece of additional freedom that you tear from the system.

And on the other hand, how can we not be satisfied that, despite the stereotypes regarding national regulations and taxation, such a complete and functional project is French? VeraCash is labeled FrenchTech and it is not forbidden to take some pride in it.

VeraCash, the card that is worth Gold and makes the Banks cheesy – Bitcoin – Cryptocurrency 2020
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