When Ethereum meets Panini Cards – News 2020

Sorare, the start-up that never ceases to climb in this promising sector that are the collection playing cards engraved in the blockchain, today announces a new team in its stable of International football clubs.

It’s Betis Seville that joins the Sorare ecosystem. The players of the Spanish team will be able to be tokenized, then put into play in the different Leagues where the community clashes. Participants will be able to progress through the championship, gain experience (and value!) On their cards, and even try to win weekly prizes in the form of new cards and Prize Money!

Sorare, the future of collectible playing cards

Compare what does Sorare cards Panini of our childhood (and now that of our children … it stings a little huh?) is both deeply relevant in the mind, and at the same time quite inaccurate

In both cases, the same passion for a sport (in this case football), the same excitement when discovering the cards (“Rhhho no, another double”, “Yes! a brilliant! “), the same desire to join the little comrades to proceed to feverish exchanges, and discover in childish good humor a principle as founding as that of supply and demand

Dare to say it doesn’t speak to you?

However, with its proposal of collectible football player cards, materialized by unique tokens of the type NFT (Non Fungible Token, evolving on the sidechain of Ethereum Loom Network), Sorare follows the same cultural trend by bringing it a higher utility: the possibility of engaging its cards in real leagues, animating an increasingly large community (5000 players in January).


The thrill of the Blockchain power sport challenge

For each player and each season, Sorare issues a player card unique, ten player cards super rare, 100 player cards rare.

These cards are then used in the game to participate in competitions every week or can be redeemed in the secondary market or on other digital collection platforms. Each week, managers form teams of 5 player cards to compete in different leagues of Fantasy football to earn rewards and unlock achievements.

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The managers are ranked according to the real performance of their players on the field, and bonus points related to the power of their cards. The more skillful a manager, the more rewardsé. And this reward is striking and stumbling, since it can currently reach up to 2.64 ethers per week!

And beyond the thrill brought by the sporting challenge, Sorare was able to create the conditions for the emergence of a dedicated market place, where trading, selling and buying the rarest card pack and editions.

In recent weeks, some unique cards have been sold on the Community marketplace for more than $ 2,000 in ETH.


Forgive me for not going into more detail for today, is that the Sorare project is so attractive and full of potential that it will deserve a solid presentation, in good and due form, very soon in your crypto duck favorite!

For the time being, we will simply point out that the players present on the cards offered by Sorare come from clubs and leagues with which the young Parisian company has been able to forge partnerships, so as to continually enrich the card desks of its community!

And today, Sorare is pleased to announce the signing of an agreement with the famous Spanish club Betis Seville!

Betis Seville enters the game

It is through a joint official statement that the Spanish football club and Sorare indicate have signed a license agreement.

Real Betis Balompié

This partnership opens the door to the production of rare collectibles associated with the emblematic players of the Seville club. Nabil Fekir and all the other Betis players will now be available on the Sorare platform, to the delight of the community who can engage them in the different leagues of the Sorare championship.

Betis Seville thus joins a growing list of well-known European clubs which are available in digital player collectibles thanks to Sorare as the Juventus, Schalke, Atlético de Madrid, Porto and Spartak Moscow. Blockchain (Ethereum) technology is used to guarantee the authenticity, provenance and digital rarity of collectibles.

A word from Nicolas Julia, CEO of Sorare

“We are very proud to have signed this agreement with such a Spanish legend. We see this as a new milestone in our vision of integrating the best football clubs in the region, while bringing blockchain games to football fans around the world. “.

And if you too want to try the adventure, throw yourself into the fray (or start smoothly in the “Rookie League”, the best option to familiarize yourself quietly – and for free – during exercise) it’s on the official Sorare website that it’s happening!



When Ethereum meets Panini Cards – News 2020
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