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HEX is perhaps one of the most remarkable projects in the crypto-sphere… at least according to its designer Richard Heart, a Bitcoin evangelist (BTC) well known in the community, including for his somewhat sulphurous side. According to the interested party and the developers of the project surrounded by delirious fans, HEX, would be nothing less than the equivalent of Bitcoin in its beginnings and, as such, promised to a future at least as glorious. A special feature of this project is that the HEX tokens will be free for all Bitcoin wallet holders (but potentially paying too, and that’s where it starts to scratch).

Thus, many are the detractors of the project who see in HEX only one more ponzi, likely to fill only the pockets of Heart with the money of the naive, all under the cover of an obviousness: free money does not exist !

What is the HEX project and how does the bazaar work?

To put it simply, HEX tokens are primarily term deposits based on the Ethereum blockchain. In other words, if Bitcoin is supposed to embody the heir of digital gold, HEX can be seen as that of digital term deposit. In a way, you get or buy HEXs that you will block on the blockchain for a specified period (minimum one year) to receive new tokens as a reward.

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HEX works on a smart contract based on Ethereum in accordance with ERC-20 standards. Heart claims to have used the Ethereum protocol because it is better and safer than Bitcoin. Indeed, although its arguments are questionable, Ethereum has the argument of flexibility and gives the possibility of executing additional functionalities.

How do I get HEX tokens?

There are two ways to get HEX tokens. The first and the most advantageous is to have a Bitcoin wallet to receive HEX for free. For this, you must sign a transaction proving that you own the private keys of your addresses. The steps are as follows:

  • Install MetaMask on your browser,
  • Go to wallet.hex.win then the tool ” Claim “,
  • Then open your BTC wallet and sign the declaration provided by the Claim tool
  • Paste the signature in the capture page of the site and click on ” Submit

The second method is to send Ether (ETH) to a smart contract (Adoption amplifier) ​​which automatically converts these ETH to HEX.

How will the price of HEX evolve?

To understand how HEX will go about gaining value, it’s important to understand how tokens work universally to see their prices go up. Demand is what drives prices up. If people are encouraged to block their chips longer, this could create significant leverage. In any case, that’s Richard Heart’s conviction. It’s hard to make it simpler : HEX will grow in value because people will tear themselves away, easy.


What if it was all a big Ponzi?

This is generally the question posed by a (very) big part of the crypto community which, question promises free money generated magically from nothing, begins to have a certain experience.

Indeed, if the mechanism seems to involve little risk (after all, it would be enough to have BTC on a wallet to be eligible for rewards in HEX after one year), it is the possibility of buying HEX in exchange for ETH that worriese. And given the buzz of recent weeks on the Heart project, it did not miss : there are already many who have thrown ETH in numbers in the HEX spitting machine, for fear of missing an opportunity! $ 3 million in this case, as of this writing, probably a lot more when you read it.

Note that the project already has an entire site dedicated to its denunciation, hexscam.com, haters gonna hate supporters of Heart will surely say… the fact that the site’s argument of funds is deeply relevant : “Free money does not exist, it does not work”

The HEX project brings together all the ingredients for future epic twists … it’s been a long time since the community had known the conditions for a good drama (actually not at all, just 3 days). More soon on Bitcoin.

Why does the HEX project spark passions in the Bitcoin community (BTC)? – Bitcoin – Cryptocurrency 2020
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